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10 Actionable Goals Every Job Seeker Should Set

10 Actionable Job Search Goals

When it comes to the Social Age job search, the most successful careerists know: we must create actionable goals and milestones that equate to real progress, and eventually result in a job offer. This means your goals need to be realistic and can be accomplished within a reasonable time frame.

Regardless of the stage you are at in your job search, here are some actionable goals that will help you stay on track…   

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Restart Your Resolutions: Set These 3 Career Goals Today

career goals

We all make resolutions at the beginning of the year to perform better professionally, to get a new job, a promotion and to make more money.

However, by this time in January, those resolutions have lost their momentum. We just don’t quite get around to turning these dreams into a workable plan of action.

Let’s change that. Let’s restart your New Year’s resolutions…   

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Who Needs Resolutions? Let’s Crush Our 2014 Career Goals


Honestly… do we ever stick to those “I’m going to lose 50 pounds by summer” resolutions?

Um, no.

In this week’s #InternPro Chat, the community got together for one last chat in 2013 and said “resolutions are for wimps… let’s talk about how to set actionable career goals and crush them!”    

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Maintain Your Career Health: Perform These 3 Monthly Tasks

Healthy Career

If your current employer doesn’t offer any career development opportunities, take control of your career health. This will provide you with a safeguard for when a job change is necessary. And you’ll be on the right path toward your career goals.

What do I mean by career health? In short, I’m referring to maintaining your current skills, learning new ones, and being present in the industry in which you work. It’s easy to get into a lull and forget new things are happening, new skills can be attained, and new networking contacts can be made.

Here are three monthly tasks to help you maintain your career health:   

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What is Your Formula for Achieving Career Goals?

Achieve Greatness

Here’s what I’ve learned: “Someday” isn’t a day. “Someday” is some arbitrary time in the future. “Someday” is an excuse that precludes action in the present. “Someday” won’t happen until you’ve given yourself permission.

You have to stop waiting for someone to grant you the authority. It’s time to rewrite the formula…   

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Use “Self-talk” to Set Career Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

Instructional self-talk is our internal commentary while we’re trying to complete a challenging activity or task. For example, while completing a difficult report at work, your instructional self-talk might sound like, “OK — open up Powerpoint, make a chart on the recent statistics…”

This kind of self-talk actually helps us in ways researchers are just beginning to understand — especially in regard to goal-setting. Here’s how it can help you:   

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