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Students and Campus Career Centers: Irreconcilable Differences?


The economy still sucks. Employers complain – often – that the skills gap (and now a soft skills gap) is getting deeper and wider. Clearly, students need more help than ever to successfully ascend into the workforce.

And yet very few students ever step foot in their on-campus career center…   

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The 5 Worst Pieces of Career Advice Given to Students

Bad Advice

Running an executive search firm, we come in contact with many recent college graduates. We also coach recent grads who have had trouble finding a job after college graduation.

When we begin working with these students, we have to break some of the bad habits that career counselors have bestowed upon them over the years. While one would assume that career center heads really know their stuff, much of the information given to recent grads searching for jobs is inaccurate… and sometimes harmful.

Here are 5 of those pieces of bad advice that career centers give to students…   

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The Anatomy of the Modern Resume


A resume, as well all know, is a key part of your job search arsenal. As such, you have to know the requirements of today’s resumes. The strategy, positioning, formatting and writing styles are continually evolving – and have significantly changed over the last several years. The traditional resume most of us are familiar with is ancient history – even though many career centers and professors still promote the old format. For example, objective statements are extinct and normal job descriptions won’t cut it in today’s job search. God forbid you just pull a cookie cutter template from the internet,   

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#InternPro Chat: Career Centers 2.0 – Do New Realities Mean New Expectations?

In case you missed this week’s compelling (and fast paced!) conversation about career centers as they move into the 21st Century, here’s a summary of the 1-hour conversation that you – thanks to the #InternPro community – can digest in just 5 minutes.   

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The New York Times’ Ongoing Debate: Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

Once again, the New York Times throws its mighty weight and influence at the topic of unpaid internships, and once again everyone reacts. This time last year, their paper-selling (sorry, “digital subscription” selling) headline was “The Unpaid Intern, Legal or Not”. And, right when the furor dies down – and right before the summer internship season  begins – they throw in this year’s sh*t-stirring entry: “Unpaid Interns, Complicit Colleges”. Really? We’re going there? Calling out college career centers for doing what they feel they must to help desperate soon-to-be graduates find real work? Look, YouTern has pointed out where career   

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Invert your Career Fair: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

YouTern is proud to present this follow-up guest post  from Elizabeth Dexter-Wilson, Coordinator of Career Services at Spring Hill College. Last week I was honored to have YouTern highlight my blog post “Empower Job Seekers: Invert your Career Fair“. Since then, I have received several inquiries regarding the event and am happy to follow up with this post. On March 30, my event titled “Hire on The Hill; Open House and Student Showcase” premiered at Spring Hill College. For a first time event, the student booths were well produced and the recruiter feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So, will I do   

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