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10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Scream “Hire Me!”

Hire Me

Whether you’re just graduating from college and looking for your first great job or a 30-year workforce veteran looking for your next job, your Linked profile – and specifically the ‘Experience’ sections – will make you… or break you.

Here are 10 ways to fire up those sections in your LinkedIn profile, and use this prime real estate to tell your unique “Hire Me!” story!   

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Ask These 3 Questions to Learn from Career Mistakes Made

Career Mistakes Made

Within 2 years of graduating college I had managed to have 3 different jobs that had nothing to do with each other (to be precise: marketing, nannying, and law).

Worse yet: in changing jobs, I did everything you’re definitely not supposed to do…   

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How Does Work-Life Balance Type Affect Your Career? [Infographic]


We hear a lot about how aptitude affects our career choices. Ditto for personality type.

But what about your “work-life balance” type? Have you ever considered how your working style might affect how much you enjoy your work? Or even how efficient you might be?   

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More Than Money: 5 Things to Consider Before Taking the Job

More than Money

When looking for a new job, it’s easy to jump at the first offer or a high paycheck. However, money is certainly not everything when it comes to your everyday employment, and there are several aspects you should consider. Your job is something that affects your life every day. You don’t want to take an employment decision lightly. Here are 5 benefits that you should give weight to when considering a job or internship offer:   

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Why Resume Little White Lies Are a Big Mistake [Infographic]


Ever since the Great Recession, companies are focused on shortening learning curves, building a great culture and doing more with less. This means, of course, they must hire the best.

For job seekers, this means competition has never been tougher. It also means that many are more-than-willing – in order to compete well on paper – to tell little white lies on their resume…   

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The Best Careers Based on Your Personality Type [Infographic]


We each have our own personality types… some of us are more adventurous and gregarious… while others are more low-key and appreciate structure.

So why not, as this infographic from Truity says, pick the best career based on how we think, our values, our preferred lifestyle and how we interact with others?   

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