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10 Life Lessons for the Recently Employed

Life Lessons for Recent Grads

In the years I’ve been in business, I have hired a lot of new graduates. So after I recently read Jack Welch’s LinkedIn piece on new grads, I was compelled to write a candid open letter to them as well.

Here’s what I would (and do) tell new grads when they walk into Red Branch Media with soul-crushing loans and a desire to change the world with their knowledge…   

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The Dos and Don’ts of Cover Letters [Infographic]

Dos and Donts of Cover Letters

A cover letter is your chance to distance yourself from the competition… a chance to prove you have the right skills, attitude and values for that specific company.

And yet a cover letter can backfire. If not done well, the reader will know – in just a few seconds – that you are not the “detail oriented” and “passionate” professional with “excellent communication skills” that your resume says you are.   

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How Job Seekers Can Handle Rejection Like a Pro

Handling Rejection Like a Pro

Cue the disappointment. Strike up the “boo-hoo” band. You didn’t get the job – and you’re pissed.

Sometimes you’ll have every right to be; at other times you may have been in over your head. But no matter the case, it’s always upsetting to go through the application and interview process only to lose something you cared about to someone else…   

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What One Soft Skill Makes You Most Marketable?

Dave Nevogt

There’s so much talk about soft skills today. And yet we rarely talk about how those skills make us more employable, or how we develop them.

Even more important, it seems very few of us are aware of our most marketable soft skills… so are unable to tell the story of how we mastered those skills. Because, as we say at YouTern, “storytellers make the best sellers,” that puts us at a disadvantage…   

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Land a Summer Job With These 3 Resume Tips

Summer Job Search

Summer is in full swing (Southern Hemisphere readers: come back and read this post in 6 months), and yet many people are still looking for summer jobs.

If you’re among them, use these resume format tips to boost your chances of success…   

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24 Jobs That Are Better Than Yours [Infographic]

24 Jobs Better Than Yours

Every Monday morning, many of us head off to work wondering if we’re doing the right thing. Is this the right job for me? The right industry? The best use of my major? The right fit for my personality type and strengths?

Do I need to make a change?

And on this Monday morning, we at YouTern may be enabling that train of thought…   

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