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Are You Prepared to Join the Contingent Workforce?

contigent workforce

For the past several years, thought leaders have discussed a critical change in the global economy: the move toward the “gig economy” or the contingent workforce.

Why? Because the returning health of the global economy has led to an increase in workers who prefer to retain more control over their careers…   

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55 Biggest Career Mistakes of Your Life

biggest career mistakes

I think it’s pretty safe to say that navigating through the working world isn’t super-easy and isn’t really fun all the time.

In fact, many of make some of the biggest career mistakes possible…   

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50 Productivity Tips to Help You Finally Get Ahead [Infographic]

productivity tips

Ever feel like you’re in multi-tasking hell? That no matter how hard you work, you aren’t as productive as you need to be? That if you just had a few productivity tips at your disposal, you could finally get ahead?

How about FIFTY productivity tips?   

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5 Easy Ways to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset at Work

entrepreneurial mindset

So how do you develop and entrepreneurial mindset even while employed? How do you and the employer benefit from your ability to think beyond the job description and solve problems?

Here are five ways you can build an entrepreneurial mindset at work…   

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Millennial Career Myths: What to Really Expect After College

Millennial Career Myths

According to a new study conducted by Accenture, the expectations of young professionals’ as they enter the working world don’t always align with reality.

Some of those expectations, it’s fair to say, are approaching status as “Millennial career myths.”   

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44 Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity [Infographic]

boost workplace productivity

The workplace is a hectic, fast-paced world. Especially for young professionals, it can be hard to keep up.

So, in an effort keep up, we continually try to work smarter. And to work faster, we resort to work styles now proven to be ineffective, like multi-tasking.   

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