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7 Pieces of Bad Career Advice No Longer Relevant in Today’s Job Market

bad career advice

Career paths are not so linear today. Unfortunately, some people still hold onto outdated, bad career advice.

So if you hear any of these old-school career advice tips when you’re trying to find the right job — you might be better off ignoring them.   

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Resume Writing Experts: Job Search Advice from People in the Know

resume writing experts

As resume writing experts, we routinely hear of clients taking a full year after college to land their first real full-time job.

Why? Because they listen to all the well-intended but misguided advice from their college friends. And they make all the same mistakes those friends made. In the long run, they pay for it…   

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A Career Toolkit for College Graduates [Infographic]

career toolkit

For millions of college students across the country, graduation day looms large.

After all, it’s almost time to step out of your life as a student and begin a new one… your career.    

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Career Secrets: Advice No One is Giving You [Infographic]

career secrets

Career advice comes at you from every direction. Much of it, at least the advice that comes from experts, is actually very useful. But did you ever feel there might be something more? Something that just might put you over the top?

Some undisclosed list of career secrets no one is telling you?   

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7 Ways to Greatly Increase Income Without Changing Jobs

increase income

Many people believe that in order to increase income in their careers, they need to change jobs. While that is often true, there are a number of ways that you can work within your current company to increase income.

Regardless of which of these steps you choose to focus on, the most important thing is to focus on increasing the value you bring to the company…   

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Are You Ready for a Startup Job? What to You Need to Know Before Taking the Plunge

startup job

Deciding to gun for a startup job can be a big decision but often the risk is worth the reward. It could be a fat payout and awesome years of experience when the company sells.

But before you make the plunge, ask yourself this: are you startup ready?   

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