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These 12 Statements Take Your Resume from Generic to Great


If you want to write the best resume you can, one of the most consistent pieces of advice you’ll get is to frame your experience in the form of accomplishments, rather than responsibilities. This method is effective because it shows hiring managers the specific things you did, rather than a list of things that anyone else would have done in the same roles. It takes more work, but the payoff is a resume that makes it clear you’re a catch.   

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Is the Peter Principle Preventing Your Career Success?


Smart-minded companies will prevent the Peter Principle from happening by finding ways to litmus-test people who are top at their jobs to see if they can equally perform well in management roles or by being promoted.

But what happens if YOU are the problem? How do you avoid becoming the Peter Principle Problem? Here are some tips to make sure you are part of the solution…   

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5 Mistakes Many Young Entrepreneurs Make on Social Media


You’ve been hard at work all day. You finally have a couple minutes to yourself and decide to log in into your social media outlets to post a status about your shiny new job or venture. Next thing you know, you’re completing BuzzFeed quizzes and cursing silently at your friends who just got back from vacation in Hawaii. Does this distraction validate all the naysayers who claim that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be on social media? Absolutely not! While it’s easy to get distracted or even depressed while browsing through a news feed, social media is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs. And what   

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In 2 Minutes: Learn Which Career Path May Be Right for You

which career path

There are a ton of tests and assessments out there to help determine your aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses – and each can be a valuable tool toward determining your eventual career path.

Few of those, however, can be completed in as little as two minutes – and few offer as much immediate value as the simple quiz in this infographic from jobsDC.com…   

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5 Nuggets of Uncommonly Powerful Career Advice

Uncommonly Powerful Career Advice

Good career guidance is often simple, easy to understand and to apply, and at times so obvious when you first learn it that you wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier! The best career advice, of course, is that counsel that actually works; you see tangible success after applying what you’ve learned.   

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What Are the Best and Worst Jobs in America? [Infographic]

What Are The Best and Worst Jobs Today

Now well into the fall semester, you may be wondering: Have I chosen the right major? Will I be entering an occupation or industry that is thriving? Will there be jobs available after graduation?

To help answer those questions, we present this infographic from NumberSlueth. Here, you’ll see the ten best and worst jobs in America – and what makes them a great choice, or not…   

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