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How to Create and Manage an Outstanding Online Reputation

Create and Manage Your Online Reputation

How does the world see you? How does your “personal brand” differ from your reputation? What changes do you need to make in your online presence?

Maintaining control of how you are perceived is easier than you might expect…   

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5 Steps to Choosing a Mentor Just Right for You


We’ve been thinking a lot about mentorship lately. The value of having someone who’s looking out for you; the power of an influencer advocating for your success.

The right mentor changes everything…   

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5 Job Search Rules You Must Be Willing to Break


When asking a career counselor or mentor for career advice, they’ll tell you a number of things about the job search that probably made sense at one time.

However, if you’re talking to someone who hasn’t been actively involved with the job market in the past several years, their advice might prove not only ineffective, it may be bad for your career…   

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The Job Seekers Guide to Networking Your Way into a Dream Job


Research consistently identifies networking as an important job search tool — anywhere from 40-80% of job placements are attributed to networking. Networking can also be a way to identify unadvertised job opportunities — the “hidden job market.”

And yet it seems like no one ever talks about how exactly to build your network, who should be contacted as you begin your professional life, and how to leverage your network as you look for your next job or internship…   

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How to Use LinkedIn Endorsements to Really Impress Employers


When I was growing up, I worked in my dad’s grocery store.

Near the end of the day, I would refill and rotate merchandise and “pull the shelves” so they’d be full when we opened the doors in the morning. If we didn’t have enough product to fill the shelf, we rearranged the inventory so the shelves looked full anyway. Why? Because we never wanted the customer to think we had little to sell.   

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The Chasm That Exists Between Candidates and Employers [Infographic]

Running Off to Join the Workforce

Where do employers find candidates today? How well does college prepare young careerists for the workforce? What skills are most in demand? This infographic, build upon data collected by a national survey of job seekers and HR professionals by Beyond.com and Millennial Branding, shows us exactly what hiring managers are looking for when searching for candidates today. It also shows where disconnects occur between employers and the job candidates running off to join the workforce. Take a look, and then maybe think about your current job search strategy: Are you emphasizing the right skills? Is your branding readily available where   

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