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How to Find a New Job or Internship You’ll Love

i hate my job

More than 50 percent of Americans are unhappy at work, according to Forbes.

If you’re one of the millions who have said “I hate my job” and want to do something about it, read on for tips and resources that can help you find a new position you’ll love…   

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10 Traits of Today’s Most Successful Job Seekers

Successful Job Seekers

I’ve met a lot of job seekers over the years. The successful ones – the ones who land jobs faster – approach their job search similarly.

Here are the 10 job search secrets that set the best job seekers apart from average candidates!   

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Are Your Expectations For Your First Job Realistic?

Workplace Expectations

Last week, I spoke with a startup business owner busily hiring his first round of entry-level talent. While he was excited to welcome newly-graduated Millennial talent for the versatility and depth of knowledge they bring in the world of social media, he also felt frustrated by the expectations he had encountered so far. From his point of view, it seems like every candidate expected Ping-Pong tables, long lunch breaks and free gourmet coffee 24/7, and he isn’t offering those perks any time soon. However, the opportunity he is offering feels like a golden one to him: the ability to learn   

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The 5 Unwritten Rules for Success at Your New Gig


More than 58% of millennial employees say “yes” rather than question authority, according to LinkedIn’s 2015 New Norms @Work study of more than 15,000 workers.

Makes sense, right? When you’re the new kid on the block, your first priority is to learn what’s going on and earn the trust and respect of your colleagues…   

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Finally: Job Search Advice from Someone Who Cares

th (15)

I’ve reviewed countless resumes, and by far the biggest challenge is filtering through the high percentage of applications destined for the reject pile.

Mind you, I don’t enjoy rejecting anyone! But when there’s only one position to fill, often with narrow qualification criteria, it’s inevitable that a large majority of applicants won’t make it…   

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These 5 Words and Phrases Make You Look Weak at Work


Confidence is a powerful tool to gain respect and get stuff done. But if the wording doesn’t fill us with confidence, we run the risk of sending the reader elsewhere for the solution they desire.

As you compose emails (and in conversation too), remove these five words and phrases – that make you look weak – from your work-related vocabulary…   

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