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Post-Graduation Momentum: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

post-graduation momentum

While getting post-graduation momentum may sounds simple, the work isn’t easy. But it is always worth it. And the time is now.

Answer these three questions. Then break through the inertia that’s keeping you from your dreams! Gain post-graduation momentum… and go!   

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Getting Ahead in Freelancing: Learn to Predict the Future

getting ahead in freelancing

How do you stand out while growing your business? HireOwl’s John Lidington shares some advice on getting ahead freelancing.   

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First Day On a New Job? Here’s 4 Things They Wont Tell You

first day

No matter how excited you are, how great your new company seems, or how much background research you’ve done… you’re never quite ready.

So here are a few tips that I share with anyone headed into their first day on a new the job… tips your employer or boss won’t tell you.


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5 Deadly Job Search Networking Mistakes

networking mistakes

Many job seekers have told me that they “hate” to network! They have often described it as “just another name for using people.” Not fun. Very uncomfortable. Possibly, evil…


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9 Things You Must Know About the Recruiting Process

recruiting process

Wouldn’t you love to know what human resource professionals are really thinking during the recruiting process?

Now you can. Get the inside scoop on the 9 things that really matter to HR…   

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Career Overachievers: Are You Actually Hurting Your Future?

career overachievers

Career Overachievers exist everywhere. Here are some signs that it is time that overachievers need to tone it down to be successful.   

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