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For Your Next Job Interview: 3 TED Talks on Body Language

Ted Talk

It’s common for job seekers to concentrate on planning memorable and convincing answers to typical job interview questions. We practice and practice until the words come out just right.

Not so common: preparing for non-verbal communication, or body language…   

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10 Ways to Ensure Your Body Language Sends the Right Message


Having sat on both sides of the interviewing table, Guy Cole is conscious of the importance of non-verbal communication flowing between the two parties.

“Interviewing is a tricky thing for the interviewee; you have to read the interviewer. Are they looking for you to talk? Are they looking for you to listen? You have to feed off of their cues.”

How can you improve on your chances of acing an interview and getting closer to the job? Body language expert and jury consultant Susan Constantine has a few tips to share.   

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