How Job Seekers Can Handle Rejection Like a Pro

Handling Rejection Like a Pro

Cue the disappointment. Strike up the “boo-hoo” band. You didn’t get the job – and you’re pissed.

Sometimes you’ll have every right to be; at other times you may have been in over your head. But no matter the case, it’s always upsetting to go through the application and interview process only to lose something you cared about to someone else…   

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What One Soft Skill Makes You Most Marketable?

Dave Nevogt

There’s so much talk about soft skills today. And yet we rarely talk about how those skills make us more employable, or how we develop them.

Even more important, it seems very few of us are aware of our most marketable soft skills… so are unable to tell the story of how we mastered those skills. Because, as we say at YouTern, “storytellers make the best sellers,” that puts us at a disadvantage…   

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How to Rock Your Next Phone or Video Job Interview

In this undated publicity photo released by NBC, actor Steve Carell appears in this scene from the television series "The Office."  Carell was nominated for lead actor in a comedy series, Thursday, July 6, 2006, when the nominations for the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced in Los Angeles.  (AP Photo/NBC, Justin Lubin)

I recently spoke with Rachel Brown, who runs the Center for Career Services at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Brown said employers often feel recent grads have inadequate communication skills. That goes for writing and speaking.

If you follow my blog, you know I am big on simple ways to improve our writing. But what about phone interviews? How can we sound our best when we’re on the spot?   

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7 Great Questions for Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

Great Job Interview Questions

If you knew a recruiter or hiring manager, right before your job interview was about to end, was going to ask a question that would set you apart from all other candidates, wouldn’t you do everything you could to prepare?

Of course you would. And of course they will. At some point in every interview, you will get asked: “Do you have any questions for me?”   

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Do You Know Who’s Finding You on LinkedIn?

Pew Research social network use 2014

No matter why you use LinkedIn – for an active job search, personal branding or just to stay connected – you should know exactly how people find you.

And you must learn how to improve your profile and status updates for increased visibility!   

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2015 Grads Looking to Small Employers to Find Work

small business

Heads up! Various reports are suggesting that the small employer market may be the best place for the class of 2015 to look for jobs. For example, a recent USA Today article reported increased hiring by employers of 50 employees or less.

For the class of 2015, this is great news…   

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