This is How Today’s Best Professionals Approach Their Career Path

career path

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive. As millennials start to take over the workforce, more and more people are getting a college education. What’s more, the gig economy is expanding and forever changing how people work and how companies hire.

So how does one even start to plan their career strategy?   

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8 Resume Red Flags That Mean Immediate Rejection

resume red flags

You’ve decided what positions you want to highlight in your resume, and you’ve decided how you want to describe each position. You’re ready to get writing. But even if you’re the most qualified person for the job, you might not get the position if you make one of these resume-killing mistakes. Make sure potential employers don’t question you by watching for these 8 resume red flags.   

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10 Self-Motivation Tips to Help You Work Harder [Infographic]


Sometimes, staying motivated can seem like it requires a superhuman effort. But it doesn’t have to.

Self-motivation is often simply a matter of cultivating the proper mindset, as shown in this infographic from Bellvue Students…   

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8 Essential Steps to Effective Job Interview Follow Up

job interview follow up

You finally get a chance to interview with key decision makers with the company of your dreams. Are you ready to make the right moves before, during and after the interview? Are you ready to provide the perfect job interview follow up?

Exceptional candidates know effective job interview follow up continues well after the interview!   

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The Three-Second Trick to Impress on Every Business Phone Call

business phone call

We sound much more confident if we lead with our first and last name and then ask for the person. Yes, it’s a subtle move and takes up one percent of phone calls. Still, a proper introduction sets the tone.   

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How to Turn an Internship Experience into a New Career

internship experience

An internship experience is a bridge between the sweet ol’ student life and the professional employee! It’s a unique opportunity to taste-test a work environment before you actually commit and, of course, it’s an opportunity to experience the ‘real world.’ Here are few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to turn your internship experience into a career.   

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