Graduating Soon? 12 Young Entrepreneurs Share Powerful Career Prep Secrets

career prep secrets

So you’re in your very last semester of college. This is the time to enjoy life, right? Finally, pay more attention to your social calendar? To have more fun?

Well, yes… but it’s also time to launch into career mode with a few career prep secrets…   

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LinkedIn Checklist: Shape Up Your Profile for a Successful Job Search [Infographic]

LinkedIn Checklist

Once you complete this LinkedIn checklist, you’ll be the proud owner of an effective, professional profile.

And in today’s work of world, that is exactly what your career needs…   

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7 Job Search Tactics Way Better than Browsing Job Boards

job search tactics

You already know how to search major job boards, of course. But what are you doing to greatly increase your chances of landing a job?

As many job seekers have learned over the past five years, the most productive and effective job search tactics cover all the bases… and not just the job boards.   

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Millennial Stereotype Busted: “Paying Your Dues” is Bullsh*t

millennial stereotype

Conventional wisdom says you must pay your dues over time to get ahead.

And yet, as many of us are learning in the Social Age, time should not gain priority over the quality of experience…   

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Positive Work Attitude: The Greatest Way to Make a Powerful Impression

positive work attitude

Having a positive work attitude is not just about being curious. It’s also about creating a rapport that works in both directions. You may have differing opinions, but those opinions are respected and working relationships are improved.   

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How to Answer 30 Common Interview Questions with Just 3 Stories

common interview questions

If you look for advice on how to prepare for a job interview, you are likely to find a lot of lists.

What you won’t find is an explanation of what the job interviewer is really looking for when they ask those common interview questions…   

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