Creative Resumes: How Far Will They REALLY Take You?

creative resumes

Creative resumes, when you first see them, are amazing creatures to behold.

But in the end, are they anything more than eye candy for human resources pros, hiring managers or recruiters so tired of boring old formats their eyeballs are about ready to fall out of their sockets?   

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What You Should Know about Resume Writing Services

resume writing services

With more than 90 percent of large companies using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to prescreen applicants, making it to a real person is your first big hurdle.

That’s why a lot of applicants ultimately turn to a professional resume writing services…   

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How Body Language Can Help Ace Your Job Interview [Infographic]

body language

To get ready for a job interview, we practice our elevator pitch. We practice answering the most likely questions the interviewer will ask. And we practice asking the questions we’ll throw at the employer.

We practice everything, it seems, except… our body language.   

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55 Biggest Career Mistakes of Your Life

biggest career mistakes

I think it’s pretty safe to say that navigating through the working world isn’t super-easy and isn’t really fun all the time.

In fact, many of make some of the biggest career mistakes possible…   

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The 3 Hardest Job Interview Questions for Young Pros

hardest job interview questions

Your first job interviews can be nerve-wracking. After all, there are hundreds of potential interview questions you might be asked.

But there are three that most young pros consider to be among the hardest job interview questions to answer…   

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LinkedIn Privacy: 9 Ways to Use Your Time Online Wisely

Linkedin privacy

The LinkedIn Privacy & Settings section has a new look and feel. If you haven’t noticed it yet, take a little tour to check things out.

Here are nine simple ways to use your time on LinkedIn wisely…   

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