A 4 Step Method for Mastering the 21st Century Job Search [Infographic]


Want to know exactly how the job search has changed over the last few year? Want to know how to set yourself apart from your job hunting competition?

Check out this infographic, and discover the four step method for mastering the 21st Century job search!

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Job Marketing Approach: Should I Be General or Specific?


Let’s say you have a little experience in different areas of marketing and sales. While they go hand-in-hand to some degree, selling yourself as a jack- or jill-of-all-trades within marketing and sales won’t be as effective as targeting your approach.

Sure, you can have multiple resumes, cover letters, and even bios, but what about the platforms where you’re confined to a singular identity, like LinkedIn or social media?   

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#InternPro Recap: “The Value Proposition: What Skills Are You Selling?”


Have you figured out what your most marketable skills are? Do you know how to sell those skills and who the best buyers may be?

Answering these questions helps you figure out your value proposition (what you are really, really good at) and who to sell it to (who will pay you to do that)…   

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7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Mistakes


Unfortunately, making mistakes is a normal occurrence at work – especially for young careerists just learning their way around. And those mistakes sometimes have a negative impact on our careers – and even our well-being.

But hidden in the frustration of making mistakes are career-defining moments…    

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Low-Cost Online Learning: Add Real Value to Your Resume

Online Learning

What do you do if your resume lacks the right education and credentials for the job you really, really want?

No worries! In today’s marketplace you can quickly add online training, seminars, and other educational resources to your resume, and many are available for little to no cost…   

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Missing Vital Information?

Questions and Answers

I field lots of questions about LinkedIn, and one of the most-asked questions is: Should I include in my LinkedIn profile?

As a general rule, if your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then you should include that information – whatever you’re asking about – in your profile…   

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