5 Ways to Build Your Career While Still in College

College Career

The days are getting shorter, and the leaves have begun to change colors and fall. You’ve wrapped up that summer job, said goodbye to your family and are heading back to college. Don’t let the excitement of seeing your friends and beginning classes distract you from an important task: building your resume. While the economy is recovering from the 2008 recession and unemployment rates are improving, for recent graduates (ages 20-24), the situation can still be quite frustrating.  The unemployment rate for recent grads is at about 5%, but 45% are underemployed, working in low-skilled and low-paying roles. Follow these   

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10 Secrets to Acing Your Online Video Job Interview

Job interview meme

Because they enable inexpensive long-distance face-to-face discussions as well as quick discussions over short distances, online job interviews via video (typically Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout) are becoming much more common. So how do you make sure you’re ready for your close-up? Start with ten secrets, and then ace your next video interview… Ask This One Question First First and foremost, be sure to get an answer to the question, “What video method will you be using?” If the answer is Skype or Hangout, immediately start with the preparation steps below using the appropriate network. On the other hand, if the employer   

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5 Ways to Seem Far More Experienced During a Job Interview

Look More Experienced

In a world that embraces the fresh ideas and ever-evolving skill sets that Millennials have to offer, it should come as no surprise that youth is becoming more and more respected and valued in the workplace.

That said, there are still some professional settings in which age, maturity, and experience reign—including job interviews…   

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Inside LinkedIn: 8 Secrets to Getting the Most Out of In

Inside LinkedIn

We all know how important it is to have an easily searched LinkedIn profile. That’s how we get found!

However, to get the next level – and to get the most out of LinkedIn – we must do more. We must become LinkedIn experts.   

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A 7-Day Plan for Landing your Next Job or Internship

Job Offer

The job or internship search can be draining, especially when none of your leads come to fruition. So draining, in fact, you may feel like you lack the motivation to continue.

But, instead of halting your job search entirely, consider taking smaller steps toward achieving your end-goal of landing a great internship or job…   

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What Are the Most (And Least) Stressful Jobs? [Infographic]

The Most and Least Stressful Jobs

What if we told you that many of today’s least stressful jobs (Biomedical Engineer, Statistician and Web Development, for example) also paid the best?

And what if we also told you that some of the most stressful jobs (Firefighter, Law Enforcement and Real Estate Agent) paid the worst?   

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