5 Simple Ways to Get Past the ATS Gatekeeper

ATS Gatekeeper

You spend a lot of time on your resume. And yet that resume is hardly ever seen by human eyes. Today, most companies use an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to handle the volume of resumes they receive. That ATS, simply put, decides which resumes get passed on to the hiring manager or recruiter – and which do not.

Here, we present five simple tips you should absolutely use to beat the ATS!   

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Here’s the Real Reason You Aren’t Successful (Yet)


We do it right. We do everything right. We get the right internships and jobs. Network with all the right people. Put in our time. Pay our dues. And expect to be rewarded with the pot at the end of the rainbow—the money, fame, and power that’s supposed to transform us into the people we want to be.

And we still never see success…   

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20 Ways to Be Absolutely Indispensable at Work [Infographic]

20 Ways to Be Indispensable at Work

As our economy continues to stabilize, more and more young careerists are learning that it’s one thing to get a new internship or job… it’s quite another to do well enough that another job search doesn’t become necessary much earlier than anticipated.

The best way to do that, of course, is to prove yourself indispensable… to be so good at what you do that your employer can’t imagine you not being on the team…   

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8 Costly Assumptions Job Seekers Just Can’t Make


The process of looking for a job or internship is rife with possible assumptions—about job requirements, company culture, what happened during the application and interview process and even what you believe you can achieve.

Here are eight assumptions about job search and how you can keep them from holding you back.   

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How Baseball’s Ten Commandments Apply to Your Career

Chief Bender Ten Commandments of Baseball

Not even the most devout baseball fans know that Chief Bender was one of Major League Baseball’s first true All-Star Pitchers who, in the early 1900s, playing for four different organizations.

In fact, Bender might be better known for writing “Ten Baseball Commandments” than his baseball accomplishments. And with baseball well underway, I found it a fun exercise to see how those ten commandments apply to school, life and career…   

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Is Your Resume Unintentionally Unprofessional?


Getting so caught up in the hurricane of the job hunt can leave you with loose, unintentionally unprofessional details in your resume… the little details can crush any and all chances for an interview.

Unfortunately, hiring managers can spot these small blunders from miles away…   

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