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Take These 7 Shortcuts Early in Your Career Journey


If there was a way to get where you want your career to go much faster and easier, would you take it? Most of us would, which is why we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur (YEC) this question:

Knowing what you know now, what career shortcuts could you have taken to get to where you are more quickly?   

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8 Questions You Must Ask a Potential Mentor

Mentor word cloud written on a chalkboard

Your networking has led you to an influencer… an expert in your field… a potential mentor. You invite her to coffee, hoping to start a mutually-beneficial relationship. You know there’s a lot to learn from her… but where do you start? To help you launch the conversation in the best way possible — with an amazing ice-breaker question — we asked established young entrepreneurs this question: What one question should you ALWAYS ask a potential mentor? Here are some of their best answers…   “What Do You Wish You Knew at My Stage?” “I balance my mentor relationships between updating them   

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13 Networking Tips for Natural Introverts


Do networking events make your hands sweat, give you dry mouth and make your stomach churn? You’re not alone. In fact, you are among the millions of introverts trying to break out of your comfort zone to exhibit your personal brand and subject matter expertise. And to help those efforts, our friends at Business Collective asked this question of some successful young entrepreneurs: Question: What is one tip you would offer an introvert who wants to network more at events, but genuinely struggles? Here’s some of their best advice!   Remember That Everyone There Wants to Meet You “Remember that the   

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Here’s How to Use Job Descriptions to Tailor Your Resume [Infographic]

CB Job Ad Example

You have spent hours, maybe days, crafting a resume you thought was perfect… and yet you’re not getting any responses from employers. Let us tell you the most probable reason why: You haven’t used the job description to help tell your story. No single resume is perfect for ever job, of course; it needs to be tweaked and customized for every job, every time. But how? The answer lies within this clever infographic from CareerBuilder, where the words from a typical job ad are used to tailor a resume to the employer’s exact specifications. This simple step greatly improves your   

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You’re 4 Simple Steps Away from Job Search Success in 2016


Here are some further steps that will put you in control of your job search and help you find a new job in 2016.   

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YouTern’s Top 40 Blogs Young Careerists Must Follow: 2016

Top 40 Blog Badge 2016

Career advice is everywhere… and everyone seems to be a self-proclaimed expert (even our parents).

But when you need someone to guide you toward your first or next job or internship… who can you really trust to provide practical advice you can use right away?   

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