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Top Job Interview Questions Asked (and Those You Should Ask)

top job interview questions

Many aspects of the hiring process are changing. The reliance on networking over submitting applications through a job board, for example. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed much: the top job interview questions asked by employers.

In fact, as pointed out in the this brief infographic from BrainDeeds, job interviews remain the top assessment tool used by recruiters to screen candidates…   

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The Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile [infographic]

successful linkedIn profile

Even the most frequent users of LinkedIn aren’t necessarily keeping up with all the recent changes. Specifically, they have a hard time knowing what makes for a successful LinkedIn profile… and what causes certain profiles to be ignored. So AkkenCloud came up with a great break down of the anatomy of a successful LinkedIn profile. We particularly appreciate the way they have broken down the critical components of a LinkedIn profile, one-by-one. This makes it far easier to build a great profile without being intimidated by the overall effort. And today, crafting a successful LinkedIn profile seems to be a   

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The Perfect Resume: Get it Right to Get the Job [Infographic]

perfect resume infographic

We all work hard to write the perfect resume. We write, edit, share, edit some more, rewrite and rewrite again.

But we never seem to get it quite right…   

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10 Workplace Perks Important to Millennials

workplace perks

Every company on the planet seems to be concerned about attracting and retaining young talent.

But few of those companies or teams ever go to the young talent themselves to ask what is important to them. So we did that for them…   

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Finally: 11 Crucial Resume Questions Answered [Infographic]

resume questions infographic

You are writing your very first resume. Or maybe you’re on your 11th rewrite this month. Either way, you probably have a ton of unanswered resume questions.

Which is why we’re glad we discovered this simple infographic from StandOut CV. They do a great job of answering some of the more common resume questions…   

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Embrace Your Challenge: The Power of No

power of no

Hearing the piercing words of rejection isn’t entirely the end of the world. In fact, there’s the power of no to consider.

I know. I’ve been fired three times…   

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