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3 Things Job Seekers Need to Know About Mentorship


Twice a year, a 70-year-old Italian immigrant-turned-millionaire CEO walks into Cortese’s restaurant in Binghamton with his 20-something Haitian mentee and orders the same exact dinner: baked salmon, pork chops, Caesar salad with Italian crumbly and a side of gnocchi. While this scene sounds straight out of the movie “Finding Forrester,” it’s just a typical dinner with my long-standing mentor, Angelo Mastrangelo.   

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These 5 Resume Formatting Tips Help You Beat the ATS

Applicant tracking

Many job seekers understand they need to use targeted keywords in their resume to be chosen for consideration by an applicant tracking system (ATS). Fewer, though, are aware of the importance of their formatting choices.

Specifically, which formats work best so your resume sails past the ATS, and into the recruiter’s hands?   

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For Best Results: Diversify Your Job Search

Job Search Course Change

When searching for a job, most people use a few standard criteria to determine what jobs they search for and apply for (length of commute, the salary or pay offered for the job and the benefits the job offers such as dental, health, etc.)

And in a booming job market, this narrow focus makes sense; job seekers can afford to be picky. With a nationwide unemployment rate of nearly 8%, however, it is not so easy to pick and choose these days…   

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