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4 Things Successful Job Seekers Do Every Day


Colin (my son, 26, with degrees in accounting and finance) was helping me record a video. While we were working, he stated that today’s job search remains “brutal” and “humbling.” Ah yes… it is all that and more. And yet there are success stories out there. There are job seekers doing well! And almost every one of them does four things better than almost anyone else. Here are four habits successful young careerists apply to their job search every day, and how they can benefit you: 1. They Don’t Focus Their Search Entirely Online Way too many of my clients spend a bunch of time   

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How Does Your Personality Type Impact Career Success? [Infographic]

Personality Career Destiny IG-Truity-972

In the workplace, your personality affects how you interact with your colleagues, managers, and clients.

But new research compiled by Truity suggests it may also have an impact on your earnings potential, your career trajectory, and your job satisfaction…   

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The Best Strategies for Beating Job Interview Nerves [Infographic]

How to Beat Job Interview Nerves

You have a job interview coming up in a couple days… and it is already causing anxiety?

You’re not alone. Worries such as being unprepared, arriving late and making a bad first impression result in 96% of job seekers having difficulty getting to sleep the night before a job interview. Worse yet, these worries quickly become our worst enemy…   

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What Soft Skills Will Your Next Boss Expect From You?

YEC Soft Skills in a New Hire

Today, you are expected to not just do the job – but to do the job incredibly well while improving existing processes, leading teams, and creating innovative solutions… all while fitting into the existing culture.

And to do that employers want you to possess certain skills – soft skills, specifically – that make you instantly employable. But what skills, exactly, are they looking for?   

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What Questions Must Be Asked During an Informational Interview?

Questions for Informational Interviews

After 30 years in the workforce—in workplaces ranging from the federal government, to high-tech, to manufacturing, to scientific research, to college campuses—I’m fascinated by people. In particular, I’m intrigued by the stories they tell.

And all anyone needs do to get them telling their story… is ask.   

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It’s 2015: Do You Know the 5 NEW Job Search Basics?

The New Basics

“In this economy, what’s the one thing I need to do to stand out?”

As I speak on campuses around the country, that is the question I get more often than any other. And often, the answer expected is “finish your education” or “follow your passion.” But those well-worn cliches are never part of my answer…   

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