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Achievement-Based Resume: Make Yourself Look Marvelous!

Achievement-based Resume

What is the biggest mistake job seekers make on their resume today?

They talk about what the tasks they performed instead of writing an achievement-based resume that demonstrates performance and results…   

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Summer Job Search: How to Stay Motivated During the Sunny Season

summer job search

According to the recruitment software company Jobvite, it takes 43 days on average for an open job to be filled. But that average isn’t consistent during a summer job search. Add in summer distractions, and your job search could extend to 20 weeks… or more. Vacations, summer parties, and, of course, killer heat make it difficult to keep your head in the game. But a summer job search is also a great time to experiment and learn new skills. Here are some tips for how to maximize your job hunting during the sunny season. Create an Actionable Summer Job Search To-Do List   

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Millennial Myths: Some Workplace Stereotypes are Urban Legend [Infographic]

millennial myths

Are the career goals of Millennials really that much different than older generations? Do they want constant acclaim? Do they choose to digest everything online?

The IBM Institute for Business Value set out to learn more about Millennial myths and stereotypes. And the results are quite interesting…   

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7 Workplace Myths Proven False by Research [Infographic]

workplace myths

Considering we spend at least one-third of our life at work, you’d think we’d be able to separate fact from fiction. And yet there are plenty of workplace myths floating around.

From the number of hours we work in a day, to what motivates us and even resumes as the best indicators of top talent… a variety of mis-truths have become known as fact…   

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Top Job Interview Questions Asked (and Those You Should Ask)

top job interview questions

Many aspects of the hiring process are changing. The reliance on networking over submitting applications through a job board, for example. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed much: the top job interview questions asked by employers.

In fact, as pointed out in the this brief infographic from BrainDeeds, job interviews remain the top assessment tool used by recruiters to screen candidates…   

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The Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile [infographic]

successful linkedIn profile

Even the most frequent users of LinkedIn aren’t necessarily keeping up with all the recent changes. Specifically, they have a hard time knowing what makes for a successful LinkedIn profile… and what causes certain profiles to be ignored. So AkkenCloud came up with a great break down of the anatomy of a successful LinkedIn profile. We particularly appreciate the way they have broken down the critical components of a LinkedIn profile, one-by-one. This makes it far easier to build a great profile without being intimidated by the overall effort. And today, crafting a successful LinkedIn profile seems to be a   

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