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Understanding Today’s 5 Best Job Search Strategies

best job search

Because they don’t understand today’s five best job search strategies, many job seekers are struggling. Many end up searching for jobs for many months. The reason? They focus all their efforts on applying for jobs on job boards. My advice is to stop applying for every job you find on every job board! Fewer than 15% of jobs are filled through job boards. So job seekers face the most intensive competition on job boards. So to concentrate on today’s best job search strategies, begin with the following: Become Easy to Find Being easy to find is essential for the best job search, today. If you aren’t visible online, presenting a coherent professional image, you aren’t going   

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Productivity 101: The Peak Time of Day for Everything You Do [Infographic]


We’re all busy. Too busy. And our to-do and task lists just seem to get longer and longer. But are we going about those tasks in the right way?

Is it time for a Productivity 101 class?   

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Community Service: A Valuable Investment in Your Career

community service

Every day, dozens of commitments (and distractions) vie for our time. There are project deadlines, team meetings and client lunches to juggle at the office; chores, school work, sports practice and the ever-present question of “What’s for dinner?” to deal with at home. It’s easy to see how the idea of “giving back” gets pushed to the side, to become something you’ll focus on later, when the kids are grown or when you retire. That impulse is understandable, but I would argue that you do have time right now for community service, to volunteer and help others. Here’s why.

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Achievement-Based Resume: Make Yourself Look Marvelous!

Achievement-based Resume

What is the biggest mistake job seekers make on their resume today?

They talk about what the tasks they performed instead of writing an achievement-based resume that demonstrates performance and results…   

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Summer Job Search: How to Stay Motivated During the Sunny Season

summer job search

According to the recruitment software company Jobvite, it takes 43 days on average for an open job to be filled. But that average isn’t consistent during a summer job search. Add in summer distractions, and your job search could extend to 20 weeks… or more. Vacations, summer parties, and, of course, killer heat make it difficult to keep your head in the game. But a summer job search is also a great time to experiment and learn new skills. Here are some tips for how to maximize your job hunting during the sunny season. Create an Actionable Summer Job Search To-Do List   

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Millennial Myths: Some Workplace Stereotypes are Urban Legend [Infographic]

millennial myths

Are the career goals of Millennials really that much different than older generations? Do they want constant acclaim? Do they choose to digest everything online?

The IBM Institute for Business Value set out to learn more about Millennial myths and stereotypes. And the results are quite interesting…   

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