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Is Your LinkedIn Profile More Like a Resume… or a Business Plan?

Linkedin Resume or Business Plan

Does your LinkedIn profile feel more like a resume (focused on the past) or a business plan (focused on the future)?

If you answered “resume” consider this question: If you had only a few minutes with a person with whom you may want to build a future business relationship, would you spend more time on your past… or where you are trying to go in the near future?   

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These 10 Attitudes Make You a Must-Hire Candidate


Employers are looking for people with not just technical skills, but those with the attitude your co-workers, customers and vendors respect. So choosing the right attitude makes a huge difference to their business, and your chances of getting hired there.

Here are 10 value-adding attitudes, what they look like, how they help you and employers, and some questions to make you think about your own attitude…   

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A LinkedIn Report: The State of Student Recruiting 2014 [Infographic]

State of Student Recruiting

Another graduating class has walked across the stage, diplomas now in hand. Next step: the workforce. But what are these recent grads thinking? What about a career opportunity appeals to them most (and least)? What companies to they most want to work for? And where do they go to find work? To answer these questions, LinkedIn asked researcher Matt Grunewald to analyze the interactions between 39M+ students and thousands of employers on LinkedIn. And they asked 6,000 students worldwide their opinions on what was important to them. The result is this informative infographic, which we hope you’ll enjoy – and   

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Proven Shortcuts to Landing Your First Real Job [Infographic]

Shortcuts to Landing Your First Job

As we send another crop of graduates into the workforce, the job market continues to be problematic. Consider: 1 in 4 recent college graduates remain unemployed Another 15 to 20 percent consider themselves under-employed (meaning they aren’t yet fully using their education in their current job) So how do you beat these odds? And what can future college graduates do avoid this dilemma? This comprehensive infographic from CollegeFeed answers those questions, and many more. For instance, did you know: Those with a master’s degree have an unemployment rate of 3.3 percent (compared to 7.9 percent for those with an undergraduate   

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What Does the Social Job Seeker Look Like in 2014?

JobVite 2014 Job Seeker Survey

Every year since 2010, Jobvite has conducted a survey centered around social media and networking trends among job seekers. Their 2014 results reveal some interesting data points: Competition not as tough? In 2013 69% of all job seekers were open to a new job; in 2014, that number has dipped to 51% Referrals are royalty? 40% of job seekers have found their “best” job through personal connections, while 62% of recruiters rate referrals as their No. 1 source of high-quality candidates Female college students winning? The survey found that 68% of “social job seekers” have at least some college and   

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Here’s How to Become the Grad Every Employer Wants to Hire

College Grad Everyone Wants to Hire

With nearly half of college-educated workers saying their first job after college was not related to their college major, it can be a little discouraging when it comes to your post-grad job search. However, if you start looking now and learn how to market yourself to employers, you’ll be on your way to landing a job upon graduation.

Employers are eager to hire college grads this year. If you want to be the entry-level candidate they’re looking for, here are some ways to make yourself the perfect person for their company:   

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