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Top 20 Productivity Tools We Shouldn’t Be Without


Our friends at YEC asked members of their council this entrepreneurship-related question from a reader… we thought the answers were enlightening. Read on!

Question: What productivity system can you not live without as an entrepreneur?   

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Becoming a Best Place to Work: More than Just Compensation

Best Places to Work

As talent wars heat up, many companies look within to figure out how to make themselves a better place to work. Some envy the tech giants who seem to have great candidates show up at their doorstep, but the truth is you don’t have to be a Google or a Facebook to have an awesome work environment. While compensation will undoubtedly play a role in the type of talent your company can attract, it turns out people want more than a top salary and a kick butt 401 (K) plan. “A lot of things go into making a company a   

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Lesson Learned: Direction and Decisions Based on Doubt

For years I listened to the doubt and stood still, paralyzed to move forward or try anything. I wanted to have my own business, but I would never declare that – why am I the expert, who would listen to me, why would they pay me?

Doubt can be a powerful thing if you let it creep into your head – don’t make decisions based on doubt. Instead use the sound of doubt to propel you toward your path.   

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Morning Motivational: Let’s Wake Up Our Lives!

I have a feeling, if we all followed this routine every morning, we’d leave the house feeling a lot better and brighter.   

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4 Tips for Staying Focused After Leaving the Corporate Scene

This isn’t my first entrepreneurial rodeo.

Unfortunately, another run at entrepreneurship came with an unexpected freedom — freedom from focus. All this newfound freedom meant zero accountability to anyone but myself. Before I knew it, I was spending more time tweeting than consulting, more time having coffee than getting new business. As an entrepreneur, freedom must be managed properly and use it for true business productivity.

Here are four key ways to do just that:   

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Advice for Career Changers: Tell HR What They Really Want to Hear


It’s important to understand the top concerns employers have when it comes to hiring someone whose experience falls outside of their industry or focus, and how to frame your answers to positively address those concerns and instill confidence in your capabilities.   

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