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Getting Started: An Instruction Manual for Your First Job [Infographic]

instruction manual

No matter how well you did in school, you really can’t know what to expect from your first job.

Thankfully, this infographic from BudgetDirect provides the instruction manual you need…   

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A Solid Exit Strategy: 5 Tips to Help You Go from Employee to Self-Employed

solid exit strategy

Want to transition from traditional employee to self-employed? Do you have a solid exit strategy?

Get started by thinking about these five important tips…   

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What are Irrelevant Jobs? Which Should You Leave off Your Resume?

irrelevant jobs

A resume is a marketing document that quickly shows a potential employer how you are a fit for their job. It is not a personal or career biography.

To determine which irrelevant jobs in your past to leave off your resume, consider this…   

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LinkedIn Profile Views: Where Are Yours Coming From (And Why Does it Matter)?

profile views

You get profile views (like potential customers stopping into your store) each and every day.

So why not take these visits seriously? Then engage in a conversation with at least some of your visitors?   

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Lighten the Mood With a Little Workplace Haiku [Infographic]

workplace haiku

Sometimes your job just wears you down. You may love what you do, but the day-to-day grind takes its toll.

This infographic from CashNetUSA takes a light-hearted look at some of the more stressful workplace situations by converting them to Haiku…


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Just in Time for Monday: 20 Ways to Create an Energy Boost [Infographic]

energy boost

Well… crap! It’s Monday again.

The truth is, even if you love what you do, sometimes just pulling yourself out of bed when the Monday alarm clock beckons requires a special kind of energy boost…   

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