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Did the Recession Wake Gen Y from Their Work-Life Balance Dream?


When the first members of Gen Y began to join the workforce a few years ago, commentary stirred about the differences between generations of workers. One fact about young professionals was repeated: teens and 20-somethings were crazy for work-life balance.

Now that the economic gloom has persisted for several years, are young people finally being forced to change their tune when it comes to work-life balance?   

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16 Pieces of Excellent Career Advice from Commencement Speeches


It’s almost May, and the class of 2014 soon will be donning their caps and gowns. Commencement speeches are a final rite of passage for graduating seniors anxiously awaiting the next step in their lives. The wisdom imparted in the speeches isn’t applicable to students, but instead to graduates, as young professionals. And sometimes the advice is so good, we should all pay attention.

Thanks to a terrific list of commencement speeches from Graduation Wisdom, I gathered the best commencement quotes for a fulfilling and productive career.   

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If I Could Turn Back Time: Career Advice for the Graduating Me

career choices

As the next crop of fresh new graduates get ready to launch themselves into the world, I thought about the words of wisdom I would impart to help them navigate their early career. (Hopefully, they would be listening, too!)

So if I could provide time travel career advice to not only my former self, but also to these new grads, here’s what I would tell them…   

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Bored No More: 7 Proven Ways to Challenge Yourself at Work

Stay Challenged at Work

When I start to feel like I’m stagnating, doing just the bare minimum, I know I can’t allow myself to fall into the black hole of boredom. I must get my adrenaline pumping again. But how?

To help stop the daydreaming and get excited again about knocking out the day’s challenges, we spoke to a wide array of experts for the best, most practical ways to do so:   

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5 Tips to Help Millennials Become Leaders in the Workplace


Only 13 percent of employers say they do an excellent job developing leaders at all levels.

As a millennial, this leadership development issue presents you with an opportunity. According to Psychology Today, more than 40 percent of millennials expect to be in a management position within two years of landing a job. It’s time to show your boss how you can be a leader and create positive change in the workplace.

Here are some ways to acquire leadership characteristics and become the positive change your boss has been seeking:   

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Where Results Mean Rewards: Why You Should Work at a Meritocracy

Why You Should Work for a Meritocracy

What are you looking for in your first job? A good salary? A big, established company to beef up your résumé? A relaxed work environment? Or are you willing to put in the hard work to get ahead as quickly as possible?

If the latter fits you, then you should be looking for a company that is a “meritocracy”…   

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