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Where Results Mean Rewards: Why You Should Work at a Meritocracy

Why You Should Work for a Meritocracy

What are you looking for in your first job? A good salary? A big, established company to beef up your résumé? A relaxed work environment? Or are you willing to put in the hard work to get ahead as quickly as possible?

If the latter fits you, then you should be looking for a company that is a “meritocracy”…   

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Stop Blaming Career Services: #HigherEd Responsible for Unemployable Grads

Higher Education and Unemployable Graduates

Want to join the angry mobs blaming Career Services for our unemployable graduates? Think they are the only ones at fault for those that will exit the stage in May with a diploma, but without a clue?

You just may have it wrong; you may be waving that judgmental finger in the wrong direction…   

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Employers Will Love You! The 10 Traits That Mean a Huge Career


Becoming the best you can be in the workplace should always top your list of professional goals. The list of potential benefits is long, including promotions, salary increases and insulating yourself (as much as you can) when the inevitable layoff occurs.

Each of us has our own idea of what characteristics make up a top employee. There are a few traits, however, that are shared by peak performers in any industry at any career level.

Strive to hit the next level. Here are 10 traits of amazing employees:   

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Gen Y: Poised to Become the “Give Before You Take” Generation?


Despite being a generation with a record number of college degrees, the economy during Gen Y’s early career years has been more than challenging.

Still, many Millennials aren’t sitting around waiting for something good to happen. They’re already making a big impact on the world around them. Perhaps they’ll become known as the “Give Before You Take” generation?   

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Applications on the Go: The Rise of Mobile Job Search


Seems like everyone is glued to their smartphone these days, everywhere we go. Apps, texting, Instagramming, Snapchatting, posting, tweeting… And increasingly, we’re using our phones for yet another life task: the mobile job search.

A hot trend to watch is the rise in job seekers searching and submitting applications while “on the go”. This is according to Jobvite’s 2014 Job Seeker Nation Report. There are some other very interesting take-aways as well…   

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Millennials Are Already Here… Are You Ready? Or Not? [Infographic]


Millennials, Generation Y, the “social media generation”… however you want to refer to this current up-and-coming generation, they’re a large and interesting group. They’re at an age where they’re graduating from college and entering the workforce, and gaining their own real purchasing power. In short, they’re a group to pay attention to.

It’s not appropriate to assign characteristics to a group as a whole (i.e. millennials are all great at social media… or Gen Y is lazy and entitled). At the same time, there are some interesting statistics and self-reported preferences related to this group that marketers and managers should pay attention to.   

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