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How is Gen Y Doing in Today’s Job Market? [Infographic]

BI_MillennialJobs_infographic_final (1)

Exactly how hard is it for Millennials to find a good job? And by good, we mean: one that pays well, takes full advantage of their education and provides fulfilling work?

Thanks to News To Live By and Business Insider, who surveyed over 500 Millennials in the US, we now have real answers to these questions…   

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Are Millennials The Lost Generation? [Infographic]


How about we start talking about what we do bring to the table?

Let’s start creating labels such as: tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and optimistic. Millennials are constantly receiving punches to the gut, yet we continue to thrive. This infographic highlights many reasons why millennials deserve better. We are the future of the workforce and it is time to begin realizing what we are all about.   

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Your Resume: The Objective Statement Must Die


Resumes need help. Your resume needs help.

And I am on a mission.

And it isn’t a very pretty one. Every every single time I see a resume that still has “Objective Statement” emblazoned across the top of the document, I flinch.

I used to think that perhaps this outdated resume component would fade away much like bell-bottom pants. Sadly, that hasn’t come to pass…   

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The 5 Things You MUST Say in a Job Interview


You always hear about what you shouldn’t say in an interview, but what should you say?What are those tid-bits you should mention that will set you apart from the rest?

Here are a few that I found incredibly helpful…   

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5 Ways to Beat the Summer Hiring Slump


There is some truth to the rumor that, for many companies, hiring does slow down from June until the end of August. However, this is less about the needs of an organization slowing, or a seasonal hiring freeze going into effect. The simple truth is that many people take vacation time in the summer, and that often complicates the process of coordinating interviews, team meetings, and other administrative approvals needed to bring on a new hire.

You might be tempted to wait until September to pick your search back up… don’t!   

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3 Simple Steps to Find the Job You Will Actually Love


A recent Pew study reveals what many of us have already observed: re-employed workers — those who lose their jobs and are then hired elsewhere — are less likely to get a sense of identify from their work.

In other words, they end up at jobs they don’t really want…   

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