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A Follow on Twitter Isn’t “Social” or “Networking” …Talk to Me!

Talk on Twitter

As I’ve written before about why people follow on Twitter, the primary reason (assuming you are not Ashton Kutcher or Justin Bieber) is… relevance. Something in your bio that leads others to believe you have, or can have, a virtual kinship.

So we follow. Regardless of our goals. Or how far along we are in job search or how close we are to accomplishing our goals. We follow.

But then what?   

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The Top 10 Reasons People Will Follow You on Twitter

follow Me

For the young job seeker, Twitter is a great a place to build awareness of your personal brand, get to know target companies and introduce yourself to recruiters who might find you interesting.

Yet less than half of all Gen Y job seekers are active on Twitter.

Let’s change that… and get you on your way to building genuine influence and getting more people to follow your job or internship search. But how? Why will others take an interest in you, and your career goals?    

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#60Day Challenge, Day 9: Schedule a Twitter Chat

#60Day 9 of 60

Twitter chats – usually one-hour chats that follow a specific hashtag (such as ‘#blogchat’ for blogging and digital media professionals) – is a great way to meet mentors, influencers, colleagues and friends. These chats are also a great place to self-learn elements important to your industry or career goals – and to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for that topic.

Your challenge for today: schedule at least one Twitter chat for next week… and participate fully!   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 5: Reboot Your Twitter Bio

#60Day 5 of 60

Day 4 is behind you – and right next to that shiny new profile pic from Day 3 is a sparkling LinkedIn headline that creatively states your unique value proposition. So for Day 5 of the #60Day Challenge, we’re going to take all that good social karma and visit your job search best friend, Twitter. There, you’ll take your Twitter profile from “Meh” to “Marvelous!”…   

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College Students: Time to Catch the Twitter Train!


I meet with college students every week regarding their job and internship searches. Part of the discussion involves networking via social media. Most students have profiles on LinkedIn, but when I bring up Twitter, I usually get blank stares.

In over four years working in college career services, I have not personally met one student who uses Twitter professionally. I have, however, expanded my online network to include students and young professionals around the U.S. who really “get it” when it comes to Twitter as a resource for their job search and professional networking.   

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Twitter 101: How to Tweet Your Way to a Strong Personal Brand

on twitter

Used correctly, Twitter has become a valuable tool for building your online reputation and bringing you to the attention of employers and recruiters.

Used incorrectly, however, the opposite is also true… you can quickly ruin your reputation and career credibility…   

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