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9 Business Books Young Professionals Must Read in 2017

As a young professional, solopreneur, or freelancer there is so much to learn. But the time we have to learn from the very best is so limited. Also, we don’t have time to sift through the millions of pages of business books out there to find something truly useful. So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question: “What was the best business book you read last year?”   

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The Science Behind The Morning Person [Infographic]

morning person

Don’t you just hate a morning person? They’re so chipper and cheerful at a time when you can barely get moving without your first cup of coffee.

This infographic from CashNetUSA details the science behind the morning person and gives you some practical tips on how you can become one of them.   

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4 Uber Productive People Share Their Best Email Hack

email hack

Four successful women (slash email masters) share their tried-and-true email hacks to help you feel more in control of your inbox.   

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What’s Your Game Plan After a Layoff?

The Answer Zone 300

Although improving, the economy is still tenuous. Downsizing still happens every day – and being laid off is a reality many of us may face in the near future.

So’ like it or not, you need to be prepared with an “After the Layoff” game plan…   

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Are Unpaid Internships Ethical? Exploitative?


On our last The Answer Zone – no BS career advice we tackled a very hot topic: unpaid internships. Joining us to discuss this important issue were Mark Babbitt, founder of YouTern and a leadership and career mentor, and Jennie Mustafa-Julock, aka Coach Jennie, The Audacity Coach. We got right to the point with a yes or no question: Are unpaid internships unethical? Exploitative? I turned to Coach Jennie first, who had trouble with the very strong words we used in our line of questioning. She acknowledged the idea that a large percentage of internships have been unpaid for a   

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11 Pieces of No BS Advice for Today’s Job Seeker


We recently launched our new series, “The Answer Zone: A Place for No BS Career Advice” on Blab. The inaugural episode featured as our guests Mark Babbitt, leadership and career mentor and founder of YouTern, and  Salina Mendoza, a recruiter based in California. During that first episode, our conversation focused on how much technology, and particularly social media, has changed the job search over the past few years. Here are just some of the highlights from our discussion: The Job Search Has Changed… a Lot Job seekers must understand just how competitive the job market is today. We need to   

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