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Are Millennials The Lost Generation? [Infographic]


How about we start talking about what we do bring to the table?

Let’s start creating labels such as: tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and optimistic. Millennials are constantly receiving punches to the gut, yet we continue to thrive. This infographic highlights many reasons why millennials deserve better. We are the future of the workforce and it is time to begin realizing what we are all about.   

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The Career Advice Students Are Really Looking For

Career Advice

Students everywhere, at every education level, have questions regarding their careers. However, they often feel powerless to determine the right answers… or to whom they should listen.

Between friends, parents, teachers, professors, advisors, mentors, print materials, and even the Web, they’re getting tons of different advice but have no way to determine what might work best for them…   

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3 R’s You Can’t Live Without: Referrals, References and Recommendations


Referrals, references, and letters of recommendation are all significant pieces of the job search puzzle, and they all require you to ask somebody for something.

As you are likely all too aware, a job search is not a solo project. Who can you ask for help and what exactly do you need from them? What are employers looking for when they ask for references? Lexie Forman-Ortiz from SmartRecruiters was kind enough to discuss these questions with me and suggest ways to include your professional network in the process.   

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Campus to Career: 30 Tips to Make a Smooth Transition


What can this year’s graduating students do to give themselves a chance of a successful transition to professional life? A heads-up about the common business attitudes and behaviors expected in the workplace would be a start.

Here are 30 tips on being professional, whether as an intern, on a work placement or first graduate job…   

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15 Grammar Goofs That Clobber Your Credibility [Infographic]


The English language can be tricky with dangling principles and the misuse of “literally.”

Pay attention to grammar and avoid the 15 common mistakes that may leave you, literally, jobless…   

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Truth Hurts: 7 Lies Gen Y Was Told About the Real World


American college students have been trained from an alarmingly young age to believe that as long as they show up, they should be rewarded.

This mindset lulls them into a false sense of security. After all, simply being there isn’t the same as contributing, and participating isn’t the same as succeeding.

In the real world, no one is rewarded for just showing up…   

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