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21 Grammar Rules for Effective Communication [Infographic]

grammar rules

In today’s highly competitive job market, being able to communicate quickly and effectively is a must.

So using grammar rules correctly – on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and even on social media – is often key factor in landing the job you want…   

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8 Underrated Skills And Why They’re Critical to Career Success

There is so much talk about the “Skills Gap” in the marketplace. In fact, many employers have many positions open for long periods of time.

Not because people aren’t applying, but because they lack the skills required. So what are these missing, underrated skills?   

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How to Show Off Communication Soft Skills During a Job Search

communication soft skills

One of the soft skills employers request the most is communication. What are soft skills and how do I demonstrate them in my job search? Communication soft skills are sometimes difficult to demonstrate to others because they’re personal attributes, like confidence, verbosity, and listening skills. During your job hunt, however, they’re certainly not impossible to demonstrate.   

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Life-Long Learning: The Faster the Better [Infographic]

life-long learning

A successful, fulfilling career is a true exercise in life-long learning. in fact, all of life is a learning experience.

Each day we learn new things about ourselves and the world around us…   

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The Importance of Excellent Communication Skills for Job Seekers

excellent communication skills

You’ve seen the requirements in nearly every job description. Every company wants every employee to possess excellent communication skills.

But what does “excellent written and oral communication skills” really mean?   

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4 Proven Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

time management

Are you a younger professional, or maybe a “serialpreneur,” who has more work, projects and ideas than you have hours in a day? Are you used to multitasking and taking on way more than you can handle? If yes, you don’t need to be told that time management is your most valuable skill. The key to becoming successful is having the capacity to organize your workflow and think big. And all the while keeping all of your plates spinning in the air. There are countless blogs and websites dedicated to the latest app or software program. Each promises to make you more productive and   

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