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Try the “Google Yourself” Challenge [Infographic]


“The paradox of the Social Age: we simultaneously share too much, and too little.” – Unknown Despite all the warnings about being careful watch you post online, we’re supplying TMI freely and sharing inappropriate thoughts at will. The result for many: missed career opportunities. In fact, 86% of hiring managers have told a candidate they were rejected based on what was found online about them. That fact, and many more, are shared in this insightful infographic from Take a look, and then remind yourself that any and all details about your life available online is self-volunteered. Be careful. Be   

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Why You Must FINALLY Use Social Media to Job Search

Social media job searching

It is quite possible you’ve read many articles like “14 Ways to Use Twitter to Land a Job” or “8 Ways to Get Recruiters to Find You on LinkedIn.” In fact, there is a good chance you’ve read posts like that by me, or right here on YouTern’s The Savvy Intern.

But here is the million dollar question… Are you doing it? Any of it? Even a little bit?   

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7 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During a Job Search


In the Social Age, almost everyone has at least one social media account. After all, social is a easy and fun way to keep in touch with friends and family – and also showcases your personal brand.

With that, of course, comes the fact that recruiters and employers will check you out online as you apply for work…   

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4 Great Ways to Job Search on Social (That You Haven’t Tried Yet)


Despite the popularity of social media, many job seekers don’t yet realize how best to use social media in their job search. They have accounts on all the right platforms. They tweet, post, share and like until their fingers bleed… and… nothing.

For those job seekers who have been using social media during their job or internship hunt, but haven’t landed a new gig, here are four ways social media can help you   

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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Social Media Style


Like you, YouTern is getting into the holiday spirit this week… sing along everybody, as we present ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas… Social Media Style!’

On the first day of Christmas… a stranger sent to me…   

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A Job Seekers Guide: What’s Safe to Post on Social Media (and Not)

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You’re in a job or internship search. And on social media, it seems nearly everyone is watching your every move. The slightest misstep (at a holiday party, perhaps) can cost your that internship you’ve coveted… maybe even your dream job.

But how do you know what is safe to post on social media… and what is not? How do you know when you’ve crossed the line?   

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