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In 7 Steps: Exactly How to Leverage LinkedIn to Get a Job

Leverage LinkedIn

Many college students, recent graduates and young professional are starting to see the power of LinkedIn.

However, the one thing they learn very quickly is that they don’t yet have the quantity or quality of contacts necessary to leverage the world’s largest professional network. The best of them, however, don’t let that stop them from using LinkedIn to find an internship, or job…   

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The Ultimate Personal Branding Checklist for Job Seekers

quick fix1

Today, my focus is list building as a method of evaluating the effectiveness your personal brand.

By taking an inventory – making a list – of all of your available assets, you’ll soon see how to stitch those assets together into a cohesive brand message that communicates real value to a potential employer.

Why take inventory? Why create a checklist?   

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7 Proven Ways to Quickly Expand Your LinkedIn Network

Quickly Expand Your LinkedIn Network

If your business needs are like mine in that you need a wide network with robust search results, here’s my advice for growing your LinkedIn network. You can use these tips to become an open networker or scale it back a bit to simply grow your network in a more targeted way. It worked for me and I’m confident it will work for you!   

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Key to the Successful Modern Job Search: Social Proof


Are you as passionate as your resume says about your profession or craft? Are you as positive as you hope and as likeable you’d like?

Without knowing you, your digital footprint – your public profiles and online activities as reviewed potential employers – often best demonstrates who you really are.

Recruiters refer to this online process as “social proof” – a very important aspect of a successful job search, today…   

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How Job Seekers and Careerists Maximize Each Social Network


Despite all the “find a job on social media” hype, networking isn’t a one-and-done task.

Those who are serious about managing their careers understand how crucial it is to have a pool of people to interact and share ideas with. And, successful careerists and job seekers know how to best leverage each network in the best possible way. Let’s take a look at each major social platform, and how they may help your career…   

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Forget LinkedIn: Facebook Is the Best Social Network for Job Seekers

Facebook First Place

I am not a fan of the typical sharing that takes place on Facebook. For career purposes, however, I contend that Facebook is arguably the social place to be.

Yes, LinkedIn seemingly has cornered the professional network niche and Facebook is generally viewed as a personal social network. Upon closer inspection, however, the distinction between personal versus professional information no longer has significance in the world of social media…   

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