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How a Personal Website Can Boost Your Career [Infographic]

Personal Career Website

Looking for a way to stand out among all your job seeking competition? Have you considered a personal website?

To help determine whether a personal website may be the right career move for you, check out this infographic from!   

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Job Seekers on Social Media: How Do You Ensure Success? [Infographic]

Social media infomercial

As many job seekers have learned, simply being “on” social media isn’t enough. To succeed, you must be an active participant.

In this infographic from Aerotek, you’ll understand why job seekers must go “all in” on social media…   

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Job Seekers: Here’s How to Customize Your Social Media Profiles

social media

Today, 28 percent of people’s time online is spent on social media networks. In fact, the average internet user spends 1.7 hours every single day on social media.

If you’re hunting for a job, it’s pretty likely that you’re also spending some time using social media in your job search.    

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How Your Profile Picture May be Affecting Your Job Search [Infographic]

You spend hours getting your resume just right. Same with your cover letter… and every word in your LinkedIn profile.

But when it comes time to select the profile photo for LinkedIn, you grab the first thing available.    

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The Importance of Social Media For Your Job Search [Infographic]

We all know that getting a great position in a field you love is difficult, but according to a study by JobVite, it might just be where you’re looking. Recruiters use a variety of tools to find qualified candidates, but have begun to rely on social media networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Before you start applying for positions, make sure your social media accounts are optimized to give employers the best impression of you and your skills. Take a look at this infographic from to learn how recruiters are using social media, who they’re looking for, and how   

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Is Your Online Presence Visible Enough for Social Recruiters?

Social social recruiting is certainly not going away.

According to the most recent CareerBuilder study of over 2,000 U.S. human resource and hiring managers, over 50% of hiring managers use social media to assess candidates…   

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