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How to Become a Social Age Master Networker [Infographic]

Networker infographic

In the early days of social media, it was enough just to be on social. We didn’t have to engage or provide value to be considered successful. Instead, we tracked vanity metrics like number of followers and likes.

Not so now. Today, in the Social Age, engagement is expected. Value is required. And relationships matter…   

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6 Ways to Ensure Your Personal Brand Really Reflects You

Branding the Real You

when it comes to personal branding, I hope you are not getting the impression that cultivating a strong professional persona – one that sets you on a course to career success – means bidding farewell to the identity that makes you… you.

On the contrary, the best career advice simply helps you become your best you…   

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Beyond Networking: 5 Ways Social Media Builds Your Brand

Personal Branding on Social Media

You may be new to social media. Or perhaps you’ve used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post personal updates… but not to deliberately build a more professional personal brand.

And you may be wondering: is there more to social media than just networking? Can social media really help me build a personal brand? Will social help me create a fulfilling career?   

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5 Ways to Leverage Google & LinkedIn for Job Interview Prep

Job interview research

Congratulations on making it this far in your job search. You cleared the initial round of resume-scanning and are now ready to go in for an interview!

In order to prepare for the next step, it is always good to know about the company… so here are five simple tips to help you with this all-important job interview prep using Google and LinkedIn:   

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How Do Employers Screen Candidates on Social Media? [Infographic]

Infographic 4

We’re well into the Social Age, and many job seekers are leveraging social networks to develop personal brands, job hunt and build their careers.

Yet many job seekers haven’t taken the time to thoroughly understand how all all this works from the other side; they haven’t considered how employers and recruiters use social media to source, screen and hire…   

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Online Presence: Much More Than Hiding Spring Break Pics [Infographic]

Social media watch what you post

By now, we all know to go through our social media profiles and hide those pics with red solo cups, underwear on our heads, and big letters on our chest from the big game.

But your online presence is more than that… much more. And how recruiters perceive you will depend greatly on how well you proactively manage the online version of you…   

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