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Be Indespensible at Work As a Subject Matter Expert


Want to get to the “head of the class” at the office? People practicing good career management know that this means becoming a SME (subject matter expert).

Being a subject matter expert can help you gain a competitive edge among your office peers. While there is no guarantee for job security, the more you do to provide expertise and leadership to the organization will offer you better protection from any future downsizing.

So how to become a subject matter expert and practice smart career management? Here are some ways to achieve best practices in career management that establishes you as a SME:   

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Pay It Forward: Being a Mentor Is Good for Your Career

Remember back when you were starting your career… it was intimidating at times – learning the ropes, avoiding career landmines. And someone experienced helped make your real world transition easier. Now is a great time to return that favor! And as if that isn’t enough motivation, becoming a mentor is great for your career!   

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