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10 Resume Mistakes You’re Glad You Didn’t Make [Infographic]

10 Resume Mistakes We Can Not Make

Everyone makes mistakes… let’s just hope we didn’t make these mistakes on our resume!

From spelling errors spellcheck can’t catch (“I held sex positions as a manager”) to irrelevant information (a picture of your dog? really?) and the wholly inappropriate (“I left because my affair with the boss broke down”), check out some very real resume mistakes as shown in this infograhic from Career Journey…   

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5 Signs Your Resume Isn’t Ready for Today’s Job Search

Job Market Today

Insanity is often defined as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We have another definition: gearing up for your next job or internship search with the same kind of resume you may have created three years ago.

Today’s job market is not what it was even one year ago…   

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Finally: How to Place Powerful Accomplishments in Your Resume

Resume accomplishment kid

A common suggestion when writing or updating your resume: focus on accomplishments instead of duties.

But what kind of accomplishments should you select? What achievements will employers really care about? And what if your job doesn’t lend itself to easily documented successes?

Here, we’ve put together a few tips to help you build accomplishments into your resume…   

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5 Ways to Make Sure a Recruiter Reads Your Resume


Many job seekers eagerly wait for a response and wonder where their application ends up. Some wonder if anyone ever saw their resume! As a recruiter at Simply Hired I’m here to tell you what happens after you hit the submit button. The good news: Don’t worry. We received your resume. It’s not lost. The bad news: Many factors come into play before your resume gets seen by human eyes. From my experience, here’s five ways to beat those robots reading your resume: 1. After You Send Your Resume It Enters an Online System Before a recruiter ever sees your resume it   

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12 Traits of a Highly Successful Resume [Infographic]

12 Traits of a Highly Successful Resume

You spend a lot of time writing your resume. And then more time on versions 2 through 92. And then even more time customizing for each company and application.

But how do you know if your resume, even after all this effort, is right? How do you know if yours is one of the 3 to 5 out of 100+ the recruiter will likely see that will result in a job interview?   

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Are You Sending a Powerful Resume… or a Dull Job Description?

Impactful  Resume

With a seemingly infinite number of approaches, styles and formats out there, all suited to specific industries and positions, you need to choose the resume that puts you closer to your intended result – which I presume is landing the gig of your dreams.

So… spoiler alert: I’m not here to tell you how to write your resume. I am, however, going to show you one way not to write it…   

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