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3 Edits That Will Rapidly Improve Your Resume

Instantly Enhance Your Resume

In a recent piece by Jessica Ann Media, “How to Avoid Kitsch in Your Content,” the word “kitsch” was defined as “content that lacks context.” She continued by saying how without discipline and focus “content can become clutter” – an untidy mess.

In your career, creating a resume is akin to content creation. You must undergo a process of sorting through vast amounts of content from the Web of your career, and then present it in a meaningful, organized and impactful way…   

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The Ultimate Personal Branding Checklist for Job Seekers

quick fix1

Today, my focus is list building as a method of evaluating the effectiveness your personal brand.

By taking an inventory – making a list – of all of your available assets, you’ll soon see how to stitch those assets together into a cohesive brand message that communicates real value to a potential employer.

Why take inventory? Why create a checklist?   

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25 Words and Phrases Job Seekers Must Avoid

25 Words and Phrases to Avoid

We all try to write the perfect resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Our goal: wordsmith something that will make us stand out among millions of job and internship seekers.

And yet somehow, those resumes, letters and profiles always seem to sound painfully similar; they drown in groupthink-inspired sameness…   

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Make Your Resume Say More Than “Look, I Have a Degree!”

What Does Your Resume Say

It’s July and you’re all set to graduate this summer and enter the working world. But, although your resume may show you’ve been a star performer academically, when it comes to work experience, it’s looking decidedly thin on the ground. Before you start your job search, here are five ways to make an “experience-lite” resume feel more heavyweight.   

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How to Quickly Customize Your Resume for Each Application

custom resume

Customizing your resume for each opportunity is not optional in most situations. Resume/application customization is becoming increasingly important now that most resumes and applications are stored in an employer’s resume database or applicant tracking system (“ATS”).

In addition, several recent studies have indicated that the human reviewer – if/when they do actually see your resume – will spend fewer than 10 seconds looking at your resume before deciding whether or not you are qualified for the opportunity.   

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A Young Careerist’s Guide to Writing a Killer Resume

Young Careerist Resume Writing

Scoring your first real job can feel a little daunting at times, but there’s always something you can do to up your chances. For instance, you can make your resume (and LinkedIn profile) as perfect as possible.

To help you do just that, we’ve spoken with some of the best, most reputable Generation Y experts to gather resume best practices for young professionals. Here’s what they said…   

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