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7 Things Employers Really Want to See on Your Resume

The Power of Words

Yet another resume submitted by another early careerist – and another rejection followed by another disappointment.

And despite what you might think – that this was all cause because of typos or resume formatting issues, a lack of internships or a poor GPA – that rejection was caused by something far more important…   

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These 12 Statements Take Your Resume from Generic to Great


If you want to write the best resume you can, one of the most consistent pieces of advice you’ll get is to frame your experience in the form of accomplishments, rather than responsibilities. This method is effective because it shows hiring managers the specific things you did, rather than a list of things that anyone else would have done in the same roles. It takes more work, but the payoff is a resume that makes it clear you’re a catch.   

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These 5 Resume Formatting Tips Help You Beat the ATS

Applicant tracking

Many job seekers understand they need to use targeted keywords in their resume to be chosen for consideration by an applicant tracking system (ATS). Fewer, though, are aware of the importance of their formatting choices.

Specifically, which formats work best so your resume sails past the ATS, and into the recruiter’s hands?   

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How to Build Your Resume the Right Way [Infographic]

resume infomercial

No matter how often we think a resume might be a relic of the Industrial Age, the simple reality is that for most employers, a resume is still required. More important, the resume must be done the right way – or you don’t stand a chance among a sea of applicants.

But what does the “right way” mean? After all, as many job seekers have learned: resume advice is like snowflakes – it seems there are never two the same!   

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3 Big Resume Mistakes That Cost You Job Interviews

3 Big Resume Mistakes

As a former hiring manager, I have seen thousands of resumes—so I tend to have a critical eye on those that pass through my line of sight.

And although some are good enough, many tend make the same three mistakes that tarnish what a recruiter will think during the 5 to 7 seconds they will spend on the first pass of the resume.   

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10 Tips Guaranteed to Help You Write an Outstanding Resume


As we’ve all heard by now, when reviewing your resume a prospective employer will mostly likely make a split-second decision about whether to invite you to an interview. Or not.

Because it so essential to create a resume that makes a great first impression in just a few seconds, we asked fifteen career counseling experts for their advice on how to write a resume. Here’s what they said…   

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