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The Ultimate Resume Writing Guide for New Grads [Infographic]

resume writing guide

Welcome to the job search, new grads! And the starting point for many? A new version of your resume. But where to start? And how do you know if you’ve gotten it right?

Sounds like you need a resume writing guide…   

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Job Search Gone Stale? Time for a Quick Resume Refresh

resume refresh

I hear the same situation over and over again from candidates of all levels – “I haven’t updated my resume in years!” It may be time for a resume refresh.

It goes without saying that you should keep your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn presence up-to-date…   

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Job Seekers: Should You Include a Resume Photo or Headshot?

resume photo

No. No you should not. Quick answer, right? Let me explain further why a resume photo or headshot is not a good idea…

For starters, including a resume photo is a big risk. Many jobseekers don’t have professional headshots and will instead choose cropped Facebook photos that make them look way too casual…   

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How to Complete an Effective Resume Update in Under 10 Minutes

resume update

If you’re not actively searching for a new gig, a resume update can seem like just another pointless task to add to your never-ending to-do list.

But even if you aren’t looking for a new job, there are perks that come with a resume update…   

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Job Titles Can Make or Break Your Resume with Recruiters

job titles

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and job boards alike utilize keyword-driven search functionalities to evaluate resumes and assess a candidate’s potential fit.

While you can’t always control job titles, you can determine how you are depicted on paper. Just as important, you can impact how your resume will be received by technology that depends on keywords.   

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Fresh Graduates: How to Strike in The Job Market While the Weather is Still Hot

fresh graduates

Are you one of the many fresh graduates trying to find your first real job after college? Do you feel slightly uneasy when you look at all that empty space on your resume? Have you already applied for several jobs but you’ve yet to score a single interview?

What if I told you that your lack of experience isn’t the main problem?   

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