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5 Finishing Touches that Make One Brilliant Resume

brilliant resume

As a soon-to-be grad, you’ve mastered Resume 101. You can glance at your resume right this second and say, “Single-page: check! Final GPA: added! Saved as a PDF to ensure proper formatting: done and done!” If you’re still feeling the pressure as graduation nears and are wondering what other people know that you don’t, you need these expert resume tips. They’ll give it that extra sparkle it needs to be the brilliant resume that catches a hiring manager’s eye.   

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25 Practical Resume Tips to Get You Started in 2017

practical resume tips

It’s a new year filled with new opportunities. With job markets flourishing and the economy recovering, the start of the new year is the perfect time re-evaluate your job search essentials and there’s no better place to start than your resume. These 25 practical resume tips will help you evaluate your current resume and get it ready for the new year.   

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Job Search Update: 7 Resume Trends You Need to Know in 2017

executive resume trends

2017 brings new and innovative ways to present your resume.

Understanding the current resume trends, and knowing what employers expect to see when they open your application, will help ensure you remain ahead of the competition…   

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What is a Recruiter’s Perception of Your Resume [Infographic]


We all know that recruiters spend an average of only 8 seconds reviewing each of the many resumes they receive. It’s not a lot of time to make an impression. You have to wonder what it is their looking for when they scan the page. In fact, understanding a recruiter’s perception of the information they’re reviewing could be the first step in making sure your resume makes an impression.   

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Creative Resume Choices That Will Get You Hired [Infographic]

creative resume choices

Your resume could one of hundreds sitting in a stack on the desk of a recruiter or HR manager. Given the accepted elements of a professional resume, there’s a good chance that most of those resumes are going to look the same. You want your resume to stand out but you have to be careful to make sure it provides the information they need without looking unprofessional. What creative resume choices can you make that will get you hired?   

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Should You Include Short-Term Jobs on Your Resume?

short-term jobs

In the current economic climate, it’s not unusual for people to take multiple part-time, contract, freelance or temporary jobs.

But should you include all those short-term jobs on your resume?   

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