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6 Simple Steps Toward a Glamorous Resume Makeover

resume makeover

Even if you’re not in full job-hunting mode, chances are you could use some resume help.

Here are six steps for a complete resume makeover for when you’re ready to enter the job hunt in full force…   

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6 Words and Statements That Can Ruin Your Professional Resume

professional resume

Among all the hiring related application materials, the professional resume continues to play an immensely crucial role.

The reason most resumes end up in the rejected file? Using the wrong words.   

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How to Build a Killer Resume When You’re Currently Working

typing resume

Working full-time can prevent you from pursuing your dream job. Whether it’s whipping up desserts at your own bakery shop or exploring the Amazon in search of new animal species, the dreams you once aspired to achieve should not be set aside completely to satisfy short-term needs.   

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Beware the Padded Resume: 3 Post-College Job Search Errors

padded resume

When you’re looking for a job after college, you go into panic mode.

You may even consider submitting a padded resume as a way to seem more qualified…   

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5 Resume Must Haves Every Recruiter Wants to See

resume must haves

Getting recruited isn’t a mystery; you just need to quickly convey to the job recruiter that you have these five resume must haves. Each recruiter will only spend about six seconds reading a potential applicant’s resume. Six seconds. While conveying your persuasive work history in this length of time could seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Recruiters who read resumes aren’t doing anything surprising: if your resume seems like it could persuade a hiring manager, they’ll forward it on. If it doesn’t, they’ll reject it. It’s that simple. Here are resume five must haves to ensure your application makes it into   

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8 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd with a Competitive Resume


With over 100 applications for every job opening, standing above the competition, those after the same job you are, has become increasingly difficult. Your first opportunity to impress potential employers is to submit a competitive resume.   

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