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3 Resume Formatting Errors Recruiters Won’t Ignore


Job seekers spend lots of time agonizing over the content of their resumes, yet many overlook the importance of their resume format.

On average, a recruiter or hiring manager is only going to spend six seconds reading your resume, which means that making your resume easy to read is just as important as the words you use…   

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10 Simple Steps to a Much Better Resume

10 Steps to a Better Resume

Sometimes, we make writing a resume much (much!) harder than it need be.

Which is why we like this infographic from YellowLineLabs. Here, you’ll see that resume writing need not be a source of stress and frustration… and how taking the right steps can result in a much (much!) better resume…   

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11 Soft Skills Your Next Boss Needs to See in You

One Skill

We all know the cliches seen on nearly every resume; things like”detail oriented” and “proficient in MS Offce.” But what does a hiring manager or recruiter really want to see? What are the difference makers? To get the answer to this question, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question: “What is the one soft skill you look for in a new candidate?” Here are their answers:   Empathy The most important skill (hard or soft) we seek in employees is empathy. It’s the foundation of a good team and the key to customer satisfaction. To us, the   

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5 Smart Ways to Make Recruiters Like Your Resume

5 Smart Ways to Make Recruiters Like Your Resume

How do get a recruiter to like your resume – and you – well enough to invite you to interview?

According to this great infographic from and our friend Donna Svei over at, the answers – five of them to be exact – are simple…   

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What Should You Know Before Deciding on a Resume Template?

resume cat

If you’re interested in using a resume template, you’ll have seemingly countless options available in all styles and price points.

However, before you decide on one, there are a few considerations to keep in mind…   

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What Are the Top 7 Job Search Fails?


Job search taking longer than you expect? Not getting very many job interviews? Job offers not exactly flowing in?

That may be because how you are going about your job hunt is all wrong. And no matter how hard you work at a bad strategy, it’s still bad strategy. So let’s debunk your outdated and ineffective beliefs that are leading to job search failure, starting with eight I see most often…   

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