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10 Tips for Writing a Resume Recruiters Will Read

Tip Top Resume

Your resume provides employers with the relevant information they need to decide whether to invite you for an interview, or not.

But first, a recruiter has to be impressed enough to actually read your resume. And for that to happen, your document must be focused and concise; in just a few seconds, it must project you as a candidate worthy of serious consideration…   

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7 Reasons Your Resume Stinks (And Why Recruiters Never Call)

Your Resume Stinks

I’ve probably read (err, perhaps I should say “perused”) 1,000+ resumes in my time. Some of those resume are good… most really suck.

I’m usually a positive guy, but in this case – based on all the trend mistakes I’ve seen as I built, acquired and grown several businesses and personally hired every employee – I’m going to point out the seven reasons your resume most likely doesn’t pass the smell test…   

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The One Thing That Takes Resumes from Good to Great


In a job market where every word on your resume counts, we are prone to generalizations. The point of your resume, of course, is to concisely convey relevant information about your work history and potential.

To do this, you need to use real examples of achievement. You need to quantify… everything…   

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9 Things That Should Never Be on Your Resume

Resume Fail

Your resume. Often, your first – and last – impression. And yet so many don’t take the time to make that first impression a good one. We carefully choose the format that best represents us. We agonize over which font to use. And we proofread over and over… only to have the resume rejected, over and over. Why? Because you haven’t yet removed all the fluff that employers do not care about! Take a look at your resume, and be sure to cut out these nine unnecessary items that send the wrong message to potential employers: 1. Anything After Bullet   

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Stand Out! How to Job Search Like a Rock STAR


Like most job seekers, you have a lot to say about how great you would be as an employee. However, you have a limited amount of space on a resume – and only so much time during job interviews – to get your point across, and impress the recruiter.

The language you choose, then, must be both concise… and impactful…   

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10 Simple Steps to Your Best Resume Yet [Infographic]

Easy Steps

There’s a ton of resume advice out there… most of it contradictory. As YouTern CEO Mark Babbitt says: “Advice on resumes is like snowflakes. It’s impossible to find two the same.”

Which is why we love this infographic from! Here, you’ll see great advice – all told from the perspective of what your audience, the employer, wants to see. The philosophy is simple: there are no rules… just the opportunity to stand out from the crowd!   

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