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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Rockin’ Resume [Infographic]

Infographic 2

Resume tips are like snowflakes… never any two exactly the same. And yet there are certain aspects of a resume that almost every one agrees on – like those outlined in this infographic from And some of the advice you may never had heard before: 400 words total is just about right More than 6 to 7 bullet points per section means they won’t get read You should avoid filler words like “the” and “a” For more do’s and don’ts, check out the infographic. We’re sure the next version of your resume will be much better as a result!   

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These 7 Resume Cliches Make Recruiters Want to Scream

Frustrated Recruiter

To a recruiter, chances are your resume looks, feels and sounds just like every other resume.

Why? Because almost resume written contains these seven cliches that make recruiters want to scream! Take a look, and then see how many of these need to be removed from your resume…   

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The Resume Done Right: What You Really Need to Know [Infographic]

The Resume Done Right

Some consider the resume obsolete; an outdated tradition that has no place in the Social Age. And maybe that will be true some day.

But today, 9 out of 10 employers will not hire a candidate without first seeing their resume…   

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10 Things You Must Have Handy Before Updating Your Resume


Just like anything else, resumes have a lifecycle: You obsess over your resume; you get a job; you forget your resume.

Then, all of a sudden, you need it updated right now for either a job opportunity that just comes along or your next job search…   

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Attract Recruiters with The Right Skills on Your Resume

Resume Skills That Land Interviews

Sitting down to write a resume is an intimidating experience. You need to decide on a format, a branding statement, how to list your work experience, and of course, how to highlight your skills. It is the latter, highlighting your skills the right way, that seems to give job seekers the most trouble. In fact, many job seekers spend way too much time listing cliche “skills” like “detail-oriented” and “hard worker” – and not enough time listing the skills that greatly enhance the chances of landing an interview. Research Comes First Many larger companies now use applicant tracking systems which   

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Are You Willing to Lie on Your Resume? [Infographic]

Did You Lie on Your Resume

Most employees have lied on a resume at one point or another. In fact, up to 78% of applicants admit to submitting “misleading” resumes. And 84% of recruiters and hiring managers state they have come across fabricated facts on resumes. So what’s the harm? Everybody does it. And when the job market is tough we need to make the tough decisions. Besides, a little white lie doesn’t hurt anyone. Right? Except that little lie invariably becomes a big lie. And then bigger. And then once that lie comes to an employer’s attention (and between informal yet thorough inspections of social   

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