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The Social Age Resume: Stand Out From the Crowd [Infographic]

The New Resume

“The traditional resume as we know it, is gone.” So says Davitt Corporate Partners in the compelling infographic below… and we agree.

Today, employers expect more. So you, and your Social Age resume, must stand out from the crowd. Here’s how…   

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How to Take Your Resume from Good to Great

Good to Great Resume

You have a pretty good resume: solid work history, relevant skills and keywords, and the best resume format to highlight it all. You’re ready to take the summer job market by storm.

But before you send it off to face those applicant tracking systems (ATS), your resume, no matter how good you may think it is now, could be better. And in most cases, in order to get an interview, it must be better…   

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5 Simple Ways to Get Past the ATS Gatekeeper

ATS Gatekeeper

You spend a lot of time on your resume. And yet that resume is hardly ever seen by human eyes. Today, most companies use an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to handle the volume of resumes they receive. That ATS, simply put, decides which resumes get passed on to the hiring manager or recruiter – and which do not.

Here, we present five simple tips you should absolutely use to beat the ATS!   

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Is Your Resume Unintentionally Unprofessional?


Getting so caught up in the hurricane of the job hunt can leave you with loose, unintentionally unprofessional details in your resume… the little details can crush any and all chances for an interview.

Unfortunately, hiring managers can spot these small blunders from miles away…   

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4 Common Resume Rules That Must Be Broken

break the rules

While most career advice is written with good intentions, not all of it is worthy of your attention or time.

One such example is when blogs and articles talk about common “rules” you should follow when writing your resume. While these rules may work for some, sometimes they must be broken in order to get ahead…   

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From Lackluster to Blockbuster: 5 Ways to Make Your Resume Sexier

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey…

A 2015 blockbuster movie? Or 4 words that describe the blizzard of boring resumes submitted to hiring managers every day?

So without resorting to gimmicks, how can you make your resume a bit sexier before submitting your next application?    

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