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Creative Resumes: How Far Will They REALLY Take You?

creative resumes

Creative resumes, when you first see them, are amazing creatures to behold.

But in the end, are they anything more than eye candy for human resources pros, hiring managers or recruiters so tired of boring old formats their eyeballs are about ready to fall out of their sockets?   

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What You Should Know about Resume Writing Services

resume writing services

With more than 90 percent of large companies using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to prescreen applicants, making it to a real person is your first big hurdle.

That’s why a lot of applicants ultimately turn to a professional resume writing services…   

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Don’t Be Trapped by Old School Resume Writing Rules

resume writing rules

So what has changed in the last few years when it comes to resume writing rules, building a personal brand, and marketing yourself in today’s ultra-competitive and digitally-driven job market?

And what old school resume writing rules are no longer valid?   

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Resume Tips: 7 Ways to Stand Out in Every Company and Industry

Resume tips

There are a handful of ways to stand out as the MVP job candidate across many companies and industries – no matter how creative or conservative.

According to career experts we interviewed from coast to coast, these are the seven resume tips that always impress.   

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The Truth About Adding Resume Color

resume color guide

Whether you are an executive, a manager or mid-career professional, in a tight job market you know you are competing against equally qualified candidates for the same position. What can you do with your resume (and your other career marketing documents) to differentiate you from your competitors? Infuse them with a tinge of color.   

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The Perfect Resume: Get it Right to Get the Job [Infographic]

perfect resume infographic

We all work hard to write the perfect resume. We write, edit, share, edit some more, rewrite and rewrite again.

But we never seem to get it quite right…   

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