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To Write a Great Resume: Ask Yourself These 5 Questions


Almost anyone can explain the day–to–day, nitty gritty details of their job description.

But many struggle when it comes to communicating the end result of their work, and how those spreadsheets, reports, conference calls, campaign concepts, and big ideas create serious value for an organization…   

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What are The Best Words and Phrases for Your Resume? [Infographic]

INfographic 11-17-15

There’s so much resume advice out there! But how do you know exactly which words you should use, and which you should never use? And how do you know which phrases have the biggest impact on employers and recruiters?

Finally, Business News Daily answers those questions for us…   

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The 6 Most Common Resume Questions: Answered

6 key questions

When trying to craft the perfect resume, everyone puts a lot of pressure on themselves. There’s so much riding on the result!

But, try to relax. Take a breath. We promise you, it is possible to make yours stand out from the pack (after all, they have to hire someone!)…   

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These Words and Phrases Do Not Belong on Your Resume

Does Not Belong

After all the work you put into getting your resume just right, somebody has to read that thing. Odds are that if they’re reading your resume, then they read other people’s resumes as well.

And to those who read a lot of resumes… bad words stick out like a sore thumb.   

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10 Rules to Help You Get a Grip on Good Grammar

Get a Grip on Good Grammar

Whether you’re writing a resume, extending your personal brand on social media, or crafting the perfect cover letter… grammar matters.

And yet so many of us get it so wrong…   

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How to Triple Your Chances of Getting the Job Interview

Get the Job Interview

Tell us if this sounds familiar… You’ve found the perfect job, you’ve spent days injecting your resume with high-impact action verbs and evidence-backed accomplishments, and you’re confident about your chances. Ready to put your best foot forward, you loop back to the job posting in search of the recruiter’s email address, only to find a blue “apply now” button in its place. You take the bait—you’ve come this far, after all—and realize you’ve run full speed into job hunter purgatory: the applicant tracking system. This is actually a pretty common scenario: For most of us, the applicant tracking system doesn’t cross   

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