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What Do Employers Look For When Evaluating Candidates? [Infographic]

What Do Employers Really Care About

When an employer receives your application, and they evaluate you as a job seeker, what do they really look for? The school you went to? Your GPA? Perhaps it is volunteer experience or soft skills? When going through the interview process, what makes the biggest difference? If the interview didn’t go so well, should you count on your cover letter and thank you note to help make up ground? As shown in this infographic from Addison Group, employers clearly care about relevant work experience and skills… no surprise there. But did you know they also care a great deal about the reputation   

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7 Modern Resume Trends You May Have Missed [Infographic]


Just as fashion and technology trends change from decade to decade, so do job search and hiring trends.

And if you don’t keep up with those trends, your job search will suffer…   

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Why “Close Enough” Isn’t for Resume Keywords

Jobscan blog

We’ve all done less than perfect work at some point in our lives. Whether submitting a vague English essay or only slightly braking at a STOP sign, sometimes “close enough” is sufficient.

One place that’s not the case, especially in today’s job market: submitting your resume.    

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15 Resume Writing Tips from Today’s Top Career Experts

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Employers usually make a split-second decision about whether to contact you when they first see your resume. Which makes it essential to create a resume that makes a great first impression.

For advice on how to write a resume that does exactly that, read these great tips we collected from 15 of today’s top career experts!   

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Here’s What Your Resume “Skills” Section Should Tell an Employer


Personality traits are not job skills and, in my view, do not belong in the “Skills” section of a resume. Want an example of a “skill” that could set your resume apart from the competition?

Software development. That’s a “skill”…   

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Resume Summary

5 Mistakes When Writing a Resume Summary

At times crafting a resume is like trying to dress for Pacific Northwest weather—you know it is going to be frustrating and involve many layers.

When you’ve got to be mindful of everything from keyword selection to font choice, the entire process feels overwhelming…   

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