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5 Timeless Truths About Resume Writing

Timeless Truth

After 16 years as a career coach, I’ve probably reviewed over 8,000 resumes. I’ve also read countless articles and books on the topic and spoken to hundreds of recruiters about what they look for.

And while these experts, authors, hiring managers and recruiters all have their own personal tastes and styles, some resume tips remain timeless truths… constants that win the reader over every time…   

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How to Make Your Resume Irresistible to Recruiters

Confident student with magnet

The purpose of a resume is to land you a job interview.

Simple, right? And yet has a million books about the best way to write a resume just so you can achieve that one goal. Why do we make this so complicated?

Writing an impressive resume is simple… if you keep two things in mind…   

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The 20 Keywords Just Right for Your Resume

Top 20 Keywords for Your Resume

Whether in the resume storage of a job board, in an employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS), or in social networks like LinkedIn and Google Plus… most resumes end up in a database of some sort.

Regardless of where they are stored, those resumes and social profiles need to be “find-able” when someone types in their desired search terms, which are commonly referred to as “keywords.” But what keywords are those employers looking for? How do they find you?   

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How Action Statements Turned My Resume into a Winner

Action Statements

Two years ago – armed with a bachelors of science degree and unbridled youthful optimism and ready to take on the world – I started my job search.

My subsequent job search surely but swiftly taught me a hard lesson. I began to realize a positive attitude is great, but you need a little more than that in your job hunt arsenal…   

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These 7 Steps Will Get Your Resume Past the ATS

Resume Black Hole

Remember that job application you filled out about three weeks ago? You probably have not gotten a call back about it. Why?

Because chances are, your application was not reviewed by a real person. Today, companies large and small are using more technology, particularly applicant tracking systems (ATS)    

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Why Resume Little White Lies Are a Big Mistake [Infographic]


Ever since the Great Recession, companies are focused on shortening learning curves, building a great culture and doing more with less. This means, of course, they must hire the best.

For job seekers, this means competition has never been tougher. It also means that many are more-than-willing – in order to compete well on paper – to tell little white lies on their resume…   

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