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7 Ways to Ensure a Valuable Job Application


Don’t press “submit” on that job application. Not yet. You’re not done. Even though you’re itching to find a new gig, cool your jets. The market is saturated so you need to be sharp. A recent Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS, found roughly 2.4 million employees are dashing for the exit every month. A “jolt” for your boss, maybe. For you, it’s a chance to start fresh. Before you send off the resume/cover letter combo, run all your documents through this seven-question checklist. The reason: you need to make sure your writing is relevant, meaningful and frankly worth reading from   

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5 Steps to Help You Survive the Resume Screening Process

Surviving the Job Application Process

Regardless of what you’ve heard or read, a successful job search is not the result of winning a “numbers game.” Applying for as many jobs as possible as quickly as possible is not a winning strategy. In fact, it’s a waste of time – yours, and the employer’s. Succeeding in a job search takes focus and attention to detail. Show potential employers that you’d be the kind of employee they would want – the kind of employee who pays attention and does a good job, someone who is a reliable team member, someone they would want to work with. Describing   

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How to Write the Perfect the Skills Section of Your Resume

job skills

When you think about the different sections of your resume, which one is the most important? Which gets the attention of the employer first?

Your experience? Your education? Maybe your awards and achievements… or your college experience? It is none of those…   

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Should You Put That Short-term Job on Your Resume?

short term

It used to be that you could get away with not putting a short term job on a resume. After all, many recruiters see them as a filler, or a job hop.

However, in the Social Age, it is not uncommon to work short term, and you may actually hurt yourself more if you don’t put the job on the resume…   

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How to Match Your Resume to Every Job You Want [Infographic]

Match Job and Resume

When it comes to resumes, too many job seekers are still taking the one-size-fits-all approach. For them, it’s almost like going back in time when we went to Kinko’s to make 100 copies of our resume!

On the other  hand, the best job seekers know that each application submitted must be tailored to each job and company…   

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8 Resume Keyword Tips to Improve Your Job Search

Resume Keywords

Imagine that you worked in a human resources office quite some time ago, and whenever a job applicant submits a resume, you put them in a file folder with all the other resumes submitted for the same position.

Sometime later, your manager tells you that your company wants to hire a bookkeeper…   

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