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You Must Break These 2 Iron-Clad Resume Rules


Ask ten so-called “experts” for resume writing advice, and you’re bound to get 10 different responses.

Not all of them will take today’s job search into consideration, however. Two traits in particular, once touted as iron-clad requirements for a good resume, can now officially be put out to pasture…   

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First Rule of Resume Writing: Forget the Rules


I’m not a fan of the “MUST/MUST NOT” rules of resume writing. Most of us are familiar with the obvious ones: one page only, a certain font, a limited number of bullets, etc. When I write a resume, in fact, each of my conversations with a new client concludes with me asking them what their initial expectations are for the final product – what would they like to see changed or improved about the document they’re working with? And more often than not, I get a response like this: “I have no idea. I don’t know what employers are looking for.”   

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9 Critical Skills Not on Your Resume (Yet)


How many times have you heard something like this in a rejection letter: “While your qualifications were impressive, this round of candidates was excellent.”

Against such competition, how do you win? What do you need on your resume to jump up into the “excellent” level?   

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10 Things NOT to Put on Your Resume [Infographic]

infomercial cv

We talk a lot about the right formatting of your resume, the use of keywords to get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and what you should put on your resume. But we don’t talk enough about what should not go on your resume… the things employers see as a big red flags.

Today, we fix that. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t put on your resume…   

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10 Reasons My Resume Sucked (And Why Your’s Might Too)


During my initial job search after college, I applied for over 350 jobs… and I received NOT ONE response! I was extremely qualified for each and every job I applied for, but my resume… well, it sucked.

So you can learn from my mistakes, here are some of the reasons my resume and many others sucked…   

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The Social Age Resume: Stand Out From the Crowd [Infographic]

The New Resume

“The traditional resume as we know it, is gone.” So says Davitt Corporate Partners in the compelling infographic below… and we agree.

Today, employers expect more. So you, and your Social Age resume, must stand out from the crowd. Here’s how…   

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