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Best Resume Words: Are Your Choices Working for You? [Infographic]

best resume words

A word is a powerful thing. This is particularly true when we think about the best resume words (and the worst).

Your resume is often your first impression with potential employers. The words you use can go a long way toward making that first impression a positive one… or not.   

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5-Minute Resume Tricks That Will Get You Noticed [Infographic]

resume tricks

Every time you submit an application, your resume competes with 250 other resumes from candidates seeking the same position.

So getting noticed, and getting noticed fast, is the key to a successful job search…   

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Free Resume Templates: Where to Find The Good Ones

free resume templates

If you want to present the best possible resume, here are a few resources for free resume templates.

Even if these don’t exactly work for your needs, you can use them as a starting point… and customize them to make the perfect resume.   

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Resume Optimization Without Dishonesty: Keeping it Real

resume optimization

Here are some tips for resume optimization that will effectively showcase your skills without tripping up the sorting software.   

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All You Need To Know About Your Resume Skills Section [Infographic]

resume skills section

Other sections of your resume – like the experience, education, and employment history – are important.

But the skills section is your best opportunity to tell future employers who you are, what you can do, and what you, specifically, will bring to the job…   

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The Importance of Resume Action Verbs

resume action verbs

You know that keywords are important for applicant tracking systems (ATS). If your resume doesn’t contain the same keywords that recruiters are searching for, it may never even be seen by a human.

But what happens once your resume does make it past that first hurdle? What are the “keywords” that appeal to recruiters and hiring managers?   

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