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How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Online [Infographic]

powerful personal brand

The class of 2017 is about to enter the arena and compete for the world’s top jobs. In at least one way, they may have an advantage. After all, their comfort level with social media helps them understand the power of online personal branding. To compete, you have to get in the game and show the world your powerful personal brand, even before the first interview. So no matter where you in your career, it’s time to look at your online personal branding. Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Online Creating a powerful personal brand online is about more then simply creating social media accounts.   

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Uncommon Qualities of Truly Authentic Millennials

authentic millennials

Over the years, Gen Y has become the arbiter of authenticity. But if we demand “realness” from others, including business and world leaders, shouldn’t we also seek it in ourselves?

Below are 11 authentic traits I’ve observed among “uncommon” people in our generation. Do they describe you?   

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A Go-to-Guide: Personal Brand Building in 6 Simple Steps [Infographic]

personal brand building

The concept of brand identity, once relegated to corporations, is now relevant to us all.

So the question today is, should we allow that brand to simply exist… or should we take a more active role in personal brand building?   

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Define Your Personal Branding Message: Answer These 3 Questions

personal branding message

What if someone called you out of the blue and asked you to come in for an interview? No application necessary. This is the ideal scenario, but it can’t happen if you’re a well-kept secret.

You need a personal brand!    

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Online Portfolio Guide: Your Key to Getting Noticed is at Your Finger Tips

online portfolio

In the Social Age, hiring professionals are looking for personal qualities that aren’t easily evident on a resume. And you’re looking for an edge in a competitive job market.

So use this guide to build a high-quality online portfolio… and get noticed.   

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The Good, Bad and Butt Ugly: 6 Personal Branding Lessons Learned from President Trump

personal branding lessons

In today’s “me” economy, personal branding has become all-important. Want to become known as a thought leader? Want your next gig to find you?

Then you must learn a few solid personal branding lessons…   

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