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The Best Careers Based on Your Personality Type [Infographic]


We each have our own personality types… some of us are more adventurous and gregarious… while others are more low-key and appreciate structure.

So why not, as this infographic from Truity says, pick the best career based on how we think, our values, our preferred lifestyle and how we interact with others?   

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What Does Your Job Hunt Have in Common with Super Bowl Commercials?

Super Bowl Job Search

About this time every year, big brands bring together the best minds in advertising. Their mission: to create one television commercial good enough to air during the Super Bowl of advertising: the Super Bowl.

To ensure they make the “Best of…” lists that appear on Monday, advertisers plug in as many pop references and celebrities as possible. After months of effort, the spots are presented to the “judges” on the world’s stage, 30 seconds (and $4.5 million) at a time…   

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9 Steps to a Successful Personal Branding Strategy [Infographic]

9 Steps to a Positive Personal Brand

True: the term “personal branding” may have crossed over into cliche status. However, there is no doubt that in today’s job market how you market yourself plays a critical role in your career.

That’s why we love this simple infographic from… here you see exactly how, in just 9 steps, to create a successful personal branding strategy…   

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How to Create a Wildly-Effective Career Portfolio


It wasn’t too long ago that only a few career fields – graphic design and fashion, for example – required a portfolio.

In the Social Age, however, when online resumes, LinkedIn profiles and visual content (think Pinterest and Instagram) are the norm… career portfolios aren’t just making a comeback… they becoming a prerequisite to landing your dream job…   

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The 3 Most Important Building Blocks of Your Personal Brand

Building a wall from blocks

In the Social Age, your personal brand – both online and off – is your reputation. You either have a favorable one or not, based on the promises you keep. When you keep your commitments and over-deliver on your promises, you build trust. You set yourself apart from the competition and create a lasting impression. It used to be that you could walk into a room – a job interview, a networking meeting, and much more – and leave your mark. Today, your brand precedes you; your customers see you well before you see them. Think of recruiters and hiring managers as   

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The Power of New Year Realizations (Not Resolutions)

New Year

The start of a new year motivates many of us to make a fresh start… a deliberate attempt to change and improve our lives – and careers. And, of course, this leads to the creation of a new set of New Year’s resolutions.

Before you jump in and start making your list for 2014, I’d like to suggest a different approach…   

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