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The Ultimate Personal Branding Checklist for Job Seekers

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Today, my focus is list building as a method of evaluating the effectiveness your personal brand.

By taking an inventory – making a list – of all of your available assets, you’ll soon see how to stitch those assets together into a cohesive brand message that communicates real value to a potential employer.

Why take inventory? Why create a checklist?   

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4 Sure Ways to Edge Out Your Job Search Competition

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When applying for jobs, it’s easy to feel like just another straw in the haystack.

Many employers (especially top-rated ones) have hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants for each job they post. You may think you’re the perfect person for the job, but with all this competition you must differentiate yourself from the pack… which you can do, by following these four tips…   

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Trust: The One Thing Even More Important than Experience

Trust More Important Than Experience

There’s one thing that matters more than your experience – do you know what it is?

Now, it may seem counter-intuitive to focus on something instead of your experience – after all, isn’t that what your linkedin profile is all about?   

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30 Ways to Build the Perfect Personal Brand [Infographic]

30 Ways to Build a Personal Brand

For the young careerist fighting the economy, stiff competition, and a bit of self-doubt, presenting a strong personal brand is a must. Done well, your brand becomes a huge asset to your career. Done poorly, or wrapped in a cloud of me-too sameness, your brand becomes yet another obstacle to overcome. Here, in what could be our favorite infographic of all time, graphic designer Yu Sheng Teo of ReferralCandy presents 30 ways to present a strong personal brand, courtesy of 37 experts life Jeff Bullas, Chris Brogan and Kim Garst. Inspired by a post by Navid Moazzez, Yu Sheng does   

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Key to the Successful Modern Job Search: Social Proof


Are you as passionate as your resume says about your profession or craft? Are you as positive as you hope and as likeable you’d like?

Without knowing you, your digital footprint – your public profiles and online activities as reviewed potential employers – often best demonstrates who you really are.

Recruiters refer to this online process as “social proof” – a very important aspect of a successful job search, today…   

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5 Lies That Will Ensure You Don’t Get the Job


I have interviewed and reviewed countless applications in my career, and I am constantly amazed at how many candidates lie (or withhold the truth, same thing) when applying for a job.

What most people still don’t realize? We live in the information era, and recruiters can access any piece of information online… and every lie, big or small, will eventually catch up with you…   

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