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Build a Better Personal Brand Thru Powerful Online Profiles

Social media bio

Your online biographies – Twitter profile, LinkedIn headline and summary, Google+ Tagline and Facebook description – provide potential employers, colleagues and networking contacts with insight into what kind of person you are, and why the two of you should meet.

Writing a bio is both an art and a science. These suggestions will help you find the right balance of interesting, intriguing, promotional, and truthful…   

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Is Your Personal Branding Just Glorified Spamming?


Do yourself (and those recipients of your personal branding spam) a favor: take the time to determine what makes you unique, hireable and desirable. Also, take the time to discover the reasons why your job search isn’t going well.

Not sure how to begin? Do this…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day Three: Say “Cheese!”

#60Day 3 of 60

Your online presence, as we all know by now, is incredibly important to your career. And within that presence, nothing shouts “Here’s me! This is who I am!” like your profile pic.

The trouble is… many profile pics on social media aren’t great. In fact, they actually hurt the personal brand rather than help. Today, you are going to make sure your profile picture is not only an asset to your professional brand but also an accurate reflection of your personality.    

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Does Your Branding Resonate with Employers? Are You Flawsome?


Everyone has one. Soon-to be graduates do. Recent grads do, too. So do workforce veterans. They all have a personal reputation or professional reputation, or both. The question is, how do you market this reputation so it resonates well with future employers?

How about becoming “flawsome”?   

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Before the Elevator Pitch… Your Introduction Is Most Important


Think about how many times we are asked in either a professional or social setting, “What do you do?” or “Please introduce yourself to the group.”

Similar to writing a compelling bio, taking the time to craft an interesting, concise, reusable response to “What do you do?” or “Please introduce yourself to the group” is an excellent investment. If you can describe yourself in a way that is appealing to others, it will open the door to opportunities and further conversations and questions.   

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Career Killers: The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media


Until social media came along and made everything complicated, I had personal branding figured out. Using traditional media, I could make any CEO, celebrity or author look like a genius. If my clients didn’t do anything embarrassing between board meetings, movie premieres or book releases, I could keep their reputations — and monetary worth — strong.

Social media turned personal branding into a 24/7/365 challenge. Everyone makes blunders, including business owners who keep personal branding coaches on their payroll.

Don’t fret about minor gaffes. Correct them, make amends and move on.

But here are seven social media mistakes too serious to ignore.   

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