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Online Personal Branding: Show the World Who You Are [Infographic]

online personal branding

Finding a job today, as many young professionals have learned, is more and more about online personal branding.

Specifically, you must show the world who you are… even before the first face-to-face meeting.   

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10 Easy Ways to Create a Highly Visible Personal Brand

Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer visible personal brand

Your personal brand in the key to success today. It can’t work for you, however, if no one sees it.

We asked the members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to provide some tips on creating a highly visible personal brand. Here are their insightful answers…   

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Branded: A Basic Personal Branding Checklist

personal branding

Personal branding: a puzzle only a few have solved. What are some of the common components of having a solid personal brand? Successful personal branding has multiple must-haves.   

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12 Closet Staples to Help You Dress Professionally [Infographic]

dress professionally

We’re sure everyone has heard the expression, “Dress for Success” – a way of reminding us that to succeed in the workplace, we must dress professionally.

Yet for many young pros, dressing well seems like a major hassle and a prohibitive expense…   

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Your Resume Alone Can’t Tell Your Career Story

Career Story

We’ve been hardwired to believe that a resume is THE tool to use to get a job. But, every study out there today points to employee referrals as the best source for finding jobs.

A resume doesn’t open many doors. Talking to people opens doors…   

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THIS is How You Write a Personal Branding Statement

personal branding statement

A personal branding statement is like answering a very open-ended essay questions.

They’re meant to give an applicant the liberty to explain who they are and why they see themselves fit to be a part of a certain job, internship, or university…   

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