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How Job Seekers Create a Great Personal Website (And Why They Should)

personal website

A personal website isn’t just reserved for brands and creative professionals. A branded website or landing page can be a great tool for job seekers of all levels and industries. In certain industries like design, specific areas of advertising and marketing, writing, and fine arts, the personal portfolio or website has always been a key component of one’s professional marketing portfolio. But job seekers in other fields can benefit from having a basic website to complement their resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter, and using it as a platform to expand upon the content in those documents. Bonus: they’re pretty easy to create these days.   

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6 Ways to Use Effective Personal Branding to Enhance Your Job Search

effective personal branding

Effective Personal branding is what sets you apart. It’s what makes you more hirable, and more likable, than someone with similar qualifications. According to career experts, if you’re in the running for a new job, you will be Googled. Make sure you’re crafting a consistent, professional, and original personal brand across your social media platforms and into your job application materials.   

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14 Things Job Hunters Can Do to Show Off Their Personal Brand


Showing off your personal brand could mean the difference between landing a job and being just another application in the pile.   

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Online Personal Branding: Show the World Who You Are [Infographic]

online personal branding

Finding a job today, as many young professionals have learned, is more and more about online personal branding.

Specifically, you must show the world who you are… even before the first face-to-face meeting.   

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10 Easy Ways to Create a Highly Visible Personal Brand

Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer visible personal brand

Your personal brand in the key to success today. It can’t work for you, however, if no one sees it.

We asked the members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to provide some tips on creating a highly visible personal brand. Here are their insightful answers…   

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Branded: A Basic Personal Branding Checklist

personal branding

Personal branding: a puzzle only a few have solved. What are some of the common components of having a solid personal brand? Successful personal branding has multiple must-haves.   

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