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How to Create and Manage an Outstanding Online Reputation

Create and Manage Your Online Reputation

How does the world see you? How does your “personal brand” differ from your reputation? What changes do you need to make in your online presence?

Maintaining control of how you are perceived is easier than you might expect…   

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5 Steps to Getting Hired at The Perfect Company for You


What’s the first step you’ll take when you’re about to dive into a job search? Most job seekers would say, “Update my resume… and hit the job boards hard!”

Wrong! In fact, the biggest mistake those job seekers make from the get-go is skipping over the critical first step”   

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How Freelance Work Can Make Your Resume Shine

freelance writer

As a result of the fluctuating job market and the need to earn income, many job seekers have come to rely on freelancing; from writing to web design to marketing, freelancers have been able to work globally and independently through various online workplace platforms.

And many freelance professionals have used the valuable experience gained to bring them back to the traditional job market – with more confidence, a better skill set, and a better resume…   

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What Soft Skills Do Employers Value Most? [Infographic]

The Skills Employers Want And the Skills Candidates Need

To land a quality gig in this job market, you need the skills recruiters covet most. Sadly, there is often a disconnect between the skills most valued by employer’s and the current skill set of the the applicants – or at least how those applicants go about selling their personal brand.

This infographic from DeVry University and the Career Advisory Board details the skills employers consider top priorities, the imbalance between what is sought by employers and what is sold by job applicants, and exactly what it takes to win the job or internship…   

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Hard Versus Soft Skills: What You Need to Know to Get Hired

Hard Skills Versus Soft Skills

What is the difference between hard skills and soft skills?

Having the right hard skills means you can do the job… while having the right soft skills often means you can do the job well, improve existing processes and make a positive contribution to the company culture…   

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The A to Z Guide to a Powerful Personal Brand [Infographic]

The Complete Guide to Personal Branding

Five years ago, almost no one talked about personal branding. Today, you apparently can’t build a career without a first building a brand of your own.

But how do you get started? What makes for a solid personal brand? And exactly how do you a build a brand that leads to an impeccable reputation, more opportunity and recognition as a subject matter expert?   

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