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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Sing: Add Media!

Singing LinkedIn

Media can take your LinkedIn profile from ho-hum to phenomenal – and compel viewers to contact you about potential collaborations, job opportunities, and more.

And yet my recent LinkedIn User Survey showed that only 39% of the respondents are taking advantage of this powerful profile feature…   

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8 Life Lessons Losing a Job Will Teach You

Life Lessons from Job Loss

Losing a job, either due to termination or corporate downsizing, is never easy. But, it does give you another chance to get it right!

So I share with you eight life-lessons you can take away from your separation that will serve you well throughout the rest of your career…   

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You’re 4 Simple Steps Away from Job Search Success in 2016


Here are some further steps that will put you in control of your job search and help you find a new job in 2016.   

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How to Write (or Refresh) the Perfect Professional Bio


Maybe this year you have a new year’s resolution and plan to stick with it. Regular exercise, eating better, starting a passion project — you can make it happen. I know you can.

But before you dive in, take a few minutes and clean up the body of work you created in 2015…   

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11 Powerful Ways to Define Your Personal Brand This Year

Now is a great time to focus on how you present yourself to clients, partners, prospects, and potential employees.   

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How to Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch [Infographic]

The Perfect Elevator Pitch

You enter an elevator in the lobby of an office building. Right behind you, the hiring manager walks in. She sees you’re going to the same floor as she. After pleasantries, she asks the most common question for two people who just met in a professional setting:

“What do you do?”   

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