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5 Things You Should Never Say (or Even Think) About LinkedIn


Neglecting your LinkedIn profile while you’re gainfully employed is one of the biggest career mistakes I see people make.

If you haven’t been keeping up, and your goal in 2015 is to look for another job, you might find yourself saying one of the 5 phrases below…   

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15 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Networking One-hit Wonder


Whoa! You just hit the jackpot. The conference you just attended yielded a lot of great new leads. The first thing you do when you get back to the office? Jump onto LinkedIn and start sending connection requests, of course.

Unfortunately, that’s where most people’s interactions die a lonely death, and you become a networking one-hit wonder…   

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Your Guide to Mastering the Perfect Elevator Pitch

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Your elevator pitch is an important tool in your job search toolbox! It tells people who you are, what you do, and what you are looking for.

And the best pitches are both conversational… and convey your confidence!   

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Long Distance Networking: A Long-Term Investment

Long Distance Networking

Networking is about building relationships. Period. It isn’t the smarmy “What can you do for me?” exercise that many novices see it as — and if you’re doing it that way, it probably isn’t doing much for you. And in today’s economy, if you aren’t investing in networking on a global scale, your networking may not be doing much for your career. I live in San Diego, home to one of the large hubs of biotech companies. That gives me a natural advantage when looking for a job in the biotechnology industry; indeed, my local network is full of people   

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3 Simple Steps to Connecting with Alumni on LinkedIn

Dear College Students

Now that your LinkedIn profile is up and in tip top shape, it’s time to think about how, as a college student, you are going to connect with other LinkedIn members.

It’s time to develop your professional network…   

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How to Quickly Expand Your Network When Relocating

big city job search

Whether you have just graduated from college, followed your significant other to the new location of their job, or moved for other reasons like better career opportunities, finding a job in a new location can be very challenging.

Which is why – as soon as possible – you must expand your network in your desired new city!   

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