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Can Your Resume Pass the All-Important LinkedIn Comparison Test?

Does Your Resume Match Your LinkedIn Profile

Everyone knows LinkedIn is a great way to grow your personal network and meet influential people. But did you know employers use LinkedIn for another reason? To validate your resume and the information provided in your application? To make sure you are… who you say you are?

Why do many recruiters now consider this a “must-do” aspect of their hiring process?   

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Nervous Networker? Here’s 20 Confidence Building Conversation Starters

Nervous Networker

Due to networking nerves, do you find yourself avoiding professional events? Do you feel anxiety thinking about asking for informational meetings?

You aren’t alone. So to help you build the confidence need to show up at that next networking event, here are 20 conversation starters…   

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Recruiters Reveal: The Networking Secrets That Make Them Great

Networking Tips from Recruiters

I recently attended a two-day conference of top recruiters. And it was a very educational experience as I met and interacted with over 100 of these top professionals.

And not just because of the talk around recruiting best practices, but because it quickly become clear to me that recruiters are the best networkers on the planet. They have connecting down to a science!   

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Finally: A Strategy for Making Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

The Right LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn may be the best thing to happen to employers and job seekers since the dawn of time… but how well is it working for you? How many of your connections are turning into mutually beneficial relationships? Job leads? Job interviews? If you answered “not enough!” to any of those questions, I think I know the answer — and the reason why LinkedIn might be falling short of your expectations: You do not have enough of the right connections! For LinkedIn to really help, you must have a specific strategy to proactively connect with the right people. This means going   

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Job Seeker Special: 5 Proven Tips to Expand Your Personal Network

Expand Your Personal Network

Your personal sphere of influence is the key to a strong career, and a successful job search. So no matter where you stand now: you likely want or need to expand your network.

But especially during a job search, there’s a built-in problem: how do you approach someone you want to meet without sounding like a desperate job seeker?   

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These 10 Old School Networking Tips Are Still Important Today

Old School Networking

We live in an age of ceaseless self-promotion, but that doesn’t mean your every exhale needs to contain a horn-tooting statement; every keystroke need not be a mini press release. To many, though, this is exactly what the word “networking” implies: an all-out firestorm of meeting and greeting, everything delicately iced with your signature brand of modest self-congratulation. Who wants to deal with all that pressure? Who wants to read all the self-promoting spam? No wonder networking makes so many so uncomfortable. Well, done right, networking needn’t be this stressful or feel this sleazy. Instead, take a cue from good   

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