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10 Ways to Double Views of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Logo

When someone views your profile, it’s like they walked into your store, ready to do some shopping. So, how do you attract more shoppers to your store?

Here are ten simple ways to get more of the right people viewing your profile…   

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Networking: Still the Best Way to Open New Doors [Infographic]

Networking Infographic

As many successful careerists will tell you: networking happens every day, everywhere.

In line at Starbucks, during that post-game get together, and even at that meet-up you really didn’t want to go to… networking just happens.   

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Networking Newbies Need These 5 Pieces of Advice

Networking Newbie

“It’s all about who you know.”

You’ve heard this everywhere – from your teachers, your parents, your mentor, and just about anyone else who gives you job advice. As overused as it may be, this old adage is very, very true.   

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6 Steps to LinkedIn Success for College Students

Success steps

I believe colleges should be teaching courses on LinkedIn and make them mandatory…for every student.

Why? Because sources like estimate as high as 96% of recruiters search for and contact employers by using LinkedIn.   

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Mastering the Art of Small Talk: 5 Networking Tips


Often, small talk is key to getting off on the right foot with someone new. Remember this study, which showed that recruiters are drawn to candidates with strong small talk skills?

So, yes, it’s pretty key to your professional growth, on top of its obvious importance in your social life. Use these six tips from the team at to boost your chit-chat game.   

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5 Ways Extroverts Can Become Master Networkers

Networking for Extroverts

Networking is incredibly important in today’s business world. Perhaps you’ve seen the statistic that 73% of all job offers come from referrals and recommendations?

And while there is all kinds of networking advice out there for the shyer types, what about the extroverts?    

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