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Are Canned Networking Events the WORST Places to Network?

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As you’ve likely heard many times: Spend minutes a day practicing your networking skills, and you’ll be amazed at how your relationships dramatically improve over time. So we all head to carefully choreographed meet-ups, over-staged social events and agenda-driven networking meetings. And we often leave disappointed.

The real key, and something most people completely miss, is where to go to perfect networking…    

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8 Do’s and Don’ts for Peak Networking on LinkedIn


With social recruiting on the rise, a poor or inappropriate online presence can be a potential turn-off for recruiters (not to mention the impact it will have on your networking).

This is especially true on LinkedIn, where 9 out 10 recruiters will go to learn more about you, so here are my top eight do’s and don’ts for peak networking on the world’s largest professional network…   

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7 Ways to Truly Understand How to Network Into a Job

Network Your Way Into a Job

Cody McLain reveals his biggest networking faux pas, and offers advice for how to stand out at a networking event.

Recently, YEC spoke with Cody about his experiences networking, and his advice for others aspiring to improve their own experience. His best advice is below.   

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5 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Network (and Career)

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I can see my resume and my cover letter. I can view my LinkedIn profile at will. I see the results of the latest project I worked on; same with my colleagues and customers. For me, though, my network—an intangible workhorse plugging away on my behalf 24/7—was hard to visualize or touch, and therefore invisible.

The reality, however, is that whether you choose to see it or not, your network is incredibly valuable—and just may determine the quality of your career.    

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4 Unique Techniques for Finding a Summer Internship

Unique Ways to Find an Internship

Even if you’re tapped into your university’s career center and job board, finding an internship is a major challenge for most college students and recent grads.

The reality is: most internship postings aren’t advertised on popular job boards, including your career center’s. Which means that when it comes to finding an internship that fits your interests and professional needs, you must be innovative…   

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No More Networking… Let’s Build Real Relationships!

Build relationships

Most everyone agrees: it’s important to connect with other people.

Typically, however (and I’ve been guilty of this myself) the approach most people take is horrible. We go into every interaction with the intention of seeing what they can get out of someone else…   

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