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Networking When Already You Have a Job: What Should You Do?


Often I get asked the question: “What do you do regarding networking when you’re working and you’re not looking for a job?”

Here are some answers that will help you keep your network strong after you get that new gig…   

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New Connections: How to Become Instantly Memorable

new connections

When the chips are down, and everyone does the same old crap, what can you do to stand out from the rest when making new connections?

What value can you offer? How can you help the person you just met?   

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6 Tips for Writing Cold Call Emails That Actually Get Opened

cold call emails

Information interviews. A meeting with a mentor or influencer. Or maybe a job interview. At some point, you’re going to need to write a cold call email.

But it’s one thing to write an email to someone you don’t already know. It’s quite another to write on that actually gets read.   

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15 Easy Actions to Take After a Networking Event

Networking event

After every networking event or opportunity, what is your plan or following up? How will you be remembered?

Here are some suggestions to help you achieve your job search or career goals through networking…   

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Why Job Seekers Should Network Without Their Resume

network without their resume

If you were already employed and asked to meet with someone, would they ask for your resume? No! Why?

Because anytime you present a resume it reeks of “Hire Me! I am looking for a job! I really need a job!”   

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Important Meeting? 10 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Come Prepared


Way to go! You finally got that meeting or phone call set up with a person you’ve been looking forward to talking with.

How can you best prepare for this important meeting? Go straight to the person’s LinkedIn profile. In just a few short minutes, you will be able to get a pretty good idea about who this person is and what’s important to him/her…   

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