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6 Tips to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

Maximize your networking potential

Most of us approach networking with one goal: meet and connect with other like-minded people while expanding our network. However, there’s clearly more hidden beneath the surface of a valuable networking opportunity. Sometimes, much more… like a mentor relationship, a connection to an employer on your target list… maybe even a job offer. To help you maximize you networking efforts, here’s six tips that have always helped me: 1. Learn from Observation Networking is like a think-tank: there’s nothing you can’t learn from other like-minded professionals. Walk into a networking environment with an observational mindset, ready and willing to let   

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The Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your LinkedIn Network [Infographic]

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

You have a LinkedIn profile that you’ve grown proud of so – like many young careerists – you may now be asking yourself… Now what?

Sit around until recruiters find you? Wait for an old buddy from college to seek you out? No, not you… because you have this infographic from Top Dog Social Media.   

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Network Your Way to Great Career in the New Year


Are you part of the 15 percent of workers who are underemployed? Or the 53 percent of workers who aren’t satisfied with their current employment?

Two weeks into the new, perhaps this is the time to dust off your networking shoes and get out on the dance floor!   

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Use the “Jimmy Fallon Effect” to Become an Extraordinary Networker

Tonight show

Nowadays, does it seem like a person – in order to be a successful networker –must tweet, post, comment, like, and share with the omniscient force of a Ryan Seacrest?

The reality is that many great networkers, like Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show, rely on other character traits to build a strong network and garner loyal followers…   

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Let the Holiday Spirit Help You Become a Networking Natural!


With the holidays upon us – spending time with family, exchanging gifts and reveling in the warmth of season – I’ve been thinking a lot about generosity. And I’ve begun to realize that networking has parallels to the generous cheer associated with the holidays.

Networking, too, is about generosity… a willingness to give without expecting something in return…   

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10 Tips to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Personal Network

healthy network

Those who have struggled with their recent job search will tell you: they wish they had done a better job keeping in touch with their past colleagues. After all, the number one way of getting a new job or internship today: networking.

So how do you maintain a happy and healthy personal network that will be there when you need them?   

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