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How to Find a Networking Group That’s Worth Your Time

networking group

In our 20s, we tend to bounce around as we’re not ready to “settle” anywhere. Wherever we land, we need a job and perhaps a community of like-minded people.

That’s where a networking group comes in…   

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The Complete Introvert’s Guide to Career Networking

career networking

A very hot topic with my clients lately has been career networking. Particularly with those who consider themselves to be an introvert.

Not sure if you are an extrovert, introvert or ambivert (like me!)?    

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An Introvert’s Guide to Making a Good First Impression

first impression

For those of us who lean toward introversion (*raises hand*), meeting new people can be a tough experience. But even if you’re the most extroverted extrovert, making a good first impression can be tough.

And according to research, what you do on your end is only half the battle…   

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7 Tips to Help You Impress During a Business Lunch

business lunch

So you decided to invite a business contact or mentor to a business lunch. When it comes to dining professionally, preparation trumps spontaneity every time. Here are seven magic tips to impress your guest at that meal.   

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7 Reasons You Really Need to Join Industry Associations

industry associations

It’s tough to grow a business in a silo. By that I mean operating without dialogue, networking and information exchange with other people in your industry. I believe 100% in joining industry associations relevant to your business. They can open doors, lead to new relationships and give you access unavailable to non-members.

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7 Quick and Easy Tips For Writing Attention Getting Emails

attention getting emails

When you are in a job search, your emails usually ask the recipient to take some sort of action: look at your qualifications for a job, request an informational meeting, follow-up on an interview or application. In all these instances, you are “selling” your email recipient on the benefits of taking the action. Here are seven best practices gleaned from sales and marketing professionals that will increase the likelihood that your emails are attention getting emails that demand a response.   

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