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10 Tips to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Personal Network

healthy network

Those who have struggled with their recent job search will tell you: they wish they had done a better job keeping in touch with their past colleagues. After all, the number one way of getting a new job or internship today: networking.

So how do you maintain a happy and healthy personal network that will be there when you need them?   

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8 Great Ways to Step Up Your Networking Game


Networking is never easy. Even the online kind, when done right, is work. Hard work.

To help you get the most out of your networking efforts, our friends at Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) asked their members: What is your one great tip and/or tool for networking?   

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33 Classic Networking Tips In 140 Characters or Less [Infographic]


The very word “networking” makes many of us uncomfortable. And yet with 70 to 80 percent of all job offers come as a direct result of networking, we know we need to get real good at networking, real fast.

With that in mind, we’re happy to present this infographic from Ethos3, which features 33 excellent networking tips – Twitter style, in 140 characters or less – from professionals like Chris Brogan, Reid Hoffman and Keith Ferrazzi.   

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5 Simple Tips for Flawless Networking [Infographic]

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Many of us seem to make networking much more difficult than it need be. We focus on quantity over quality, for instance; we seem to think that shaking more hands and collecting more business cards is more important than shaking the right hands and generating enough interest in us to be asked for our business cards.

That is where this simple infographic from CareerBliss comes into play…   

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What is The Most Important Hack in Networking?

Most Important Rule of Networking

“Good networking is all about building good relationships,” business coach Alisoun Mackenzie explains. “Selling at people just turns them away.”

If that news has you scrambling to revamp your networking strategy stat, slow down for a sec—because Mackenzie’s favorite hack, the 80/20 Rule, is here to help…   

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10 Rookie Mistakes You Can’t Make on LinkedIn

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Over 300 million job seekers have flocked to LinkedIn to network with fellow professionals and connect with employers.

Yet many of them actually hurt their personal network, and greatly reduce their chances of being contacted by a recruiter, because they make one or more of these 10 rookie mistakes on LinkedIn…   

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