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Build Your Personal Network the Entrepreneur Way

Value Based Networking

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of networking advice out there. From my perspective, not enough of that advice is built around action, trust and building real human relationships – and too much of it is about increasing numbers of friends and followers. As an entrepreneur, numbers are of little value. Relationships matter, as do mentors, partners and champions. So I strive to build strong, trusting relationships on which we can do business together to our mutual benefit. Here’s how you can, too: Build Value for Others Understanding how to build value for other people first by connecting people to   

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5 Ways to Show Gratitude After Getting the New Gig

Job Search Gratitude

The research, preparation and hard work paid off. You should feel very proud of yourself. After all, you’ve landed your dream job!

Before the flurry of new job jitters take hold, pause to pat yourself on the back. Then – because it’s unlikely your job hunt was a solo adventure – be sure to thank everyone that helped along the way. And I do mean everyone…   

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Your LinkedIn Network Must Include These 4 Kinds of People

its not what you know

Countless times, we’ve heard this well-worn axiom for career success: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” But have you ever given thought to who those “who” really are?

While having successful and time-tested business pros to tap for advice is invaluable, it’s important to develop a deep and diverse network…   

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In Life and LinkedIn: The Power of Thank You

Thank you button

Throughout your early years, your mom always stressed the importance of saying thank you.

And now that you are starting your early career, her advice has never been more important: in life and on LinkedIn…   

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LinkedIn Bootcamp: Basic Training for Your Personal Marketing

LinkedIn Bootcamp

After a fast-paced #InternPro Twitter chat last night titled “Don’t Be a LinkedIn-diot: Build Your LinkedIn Profile Like a Pro,” we thought this classic infographic from Mindflash just may be what the doctor ordered.

After all, once those shiny new profiles are out there for all to see, it’s time to start flexing those personal networking muscles!   

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6 Unique Networking Tips That Actually Work

Networkind Made Simple

Six years ago, in a Blockbuster store of all places, I was approached by a guy who also happened to be named Adam.

As we talked, we discovered we were both in marketing; he a copywriter and me on the tech side. After 5 minutes, we knew the relationship would be mutually beneficial. That is networking!   

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