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The 10 Biggest Rookie Mistakes Made on LinkedIn

linkedin mistakes

Recently I presented a keynote address titled Personal Branding Using Social Media Tools. After the presentation, someone asked me: “What are some of the biggest mistakes people are making on LinkedIn?” I made a few quick comments but promised I would get back to him with a more thoughtful list. To help you as well, today I’m sharing this summary of the biggest mistakes I see made on LinkedIn… 1. Punctuation and Grammar Mistakes I learned this the hard way when some people made comments about grammatical errors in my profile. I thought to myself: What is the big deal? But   

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5 Reasons Students Should Use LinkedIn Right Now [Infographic]

LinkedIn and Students II

As summer approaches, many students look forward to more than a few months off… they’re thinking about how to use this time to move their career goals forward. And for many, that means building a professional online presence, including a LinkedIn profile. And yet one question lingers: “I’m a college student… can LinkedIn really help me?” The answer, as this infographic from California College San Diego confidently states, is “YES!” And to help prove their point, they list five reasons why you should start using LinkedIn right now. To take advantage of LinkedIn in a big way, take a look. And then make it   

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LinkedIn 101: Here’s How New Job Seekers Can Stand Out


94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates, according to a 2014 Jobvite study… yet just 36 percent of job seekers are active on LinkedIn.

Because the site is used by so many recruiters, but comparatively few job seekers, those who do leverage LinkedIn can stand out. Here’s how…

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Create a Memory: A Better Way to Connect on LinkedIn

connect on linkedin

On LinkedIn, we can choose a custom approach rather than “the way it’s always been done.” That idea is at the center of “Exceptionalize It!“, a new book from business expert Lior Arussy. In an interview, Arussy told me, “We live in a noisy world, and it’s more difficult than ever before to stand out.” That’s why, at every turn, Arussy says we should ask ourselves: “How can I create a memory for the other person?” On LinkedIn, it only takes a few seconds to “create a memory.” Here’s what I mean. A Smarter Way to Connect with People on LinkedIn Each   

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Need to Discretely Find New Work? LinkedIn Can Help


Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Not making the money you deserve? Need a change… but afraid your boss will find out if you start looking for a new job?

LinkedIn to the rescue!   

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Rejected by LinkedIn: The Job Seeker Lessons Learned


I would love to work for LinkedIn. The company has a great product and is famous for treating its employees well; both reviews and surveys indicate the company has a good culture.

So, full of hope, I sent my resume and cover letter to apply for a marketing job at LinkedIn. They didn’t think I was good enough…   

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