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Take Your LinkedIn Profile from Boring to Recruiter Friendly

Recruiter Friendly

By this point, your LinkedIn profile is complete, or well on the way. You’ve filled out the profile requirements and made sure your LinkedIn presence is professional; perhaps even polished.

But can you say your profile is recruiter-friendly?   

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20 Steps to Mastering the Art of LinkedIn [Infographic]

Checklist for Mastering LinkedIn

Chances are good you’re among the 300+ million users on LinkedIn… after all, it is the “world’s largest professional network.”

But are you using LinkedIn to it’s full potential? Are employers and recruiters finding you? Are you building personal credibility, expanding your network, and finding mentors?   

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10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Scream “Hire Me!”

Hire Me

Whether you’re just graduating from college and looking for your first great job or a 30-year workforce veteran looking for your next job, your Linked profile – and specifically the ‘Experience’ sections – will make you… or break you.

Here are 10 ways to fire up those sections in your LinkedIn profile, and use this prime real estate to tell your unique “Hire Me!” story!   

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5 Strategies to Maximize Your Success on LinkedIn

linkedin connections

LinkedIn has been building professional networks across the globe since 2002. Now, they boast over 330 million users.

Their slogan, ‘Relationships Matter,’ captures the essence of the service and reminds users that the ultimate goal for everyone should be to seek relevant, meaningful connections. And to do that, your approach matters… a lot.   

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LinkedIn Vs. Facebook: Which Platform Works Best for Professionals?

LI vs FB

We all seem to migrate towards LinkedIn as the professional network, right? Better connections, we assume. More sharing of valued content, perhaps. Certainly more experienced professionals than the “college students” we find on Facebook.

And then comes along this infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management that makes us rethink the whole LinkedIn vs. Facebook debate…   

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What Does Your Job Hunt Have in Common with Super Bowl Commercials?

Super Bowl Job Search

About this time every year, big brands bring together the best minds in advertising. Their mission: to create one television commercial good enough to air during the Super Bowl of advertising: the Super Bowl.

To ensure they make the “Best of…” lists that appear on Monday, advertisers plug in as many pop references and celebrities as possible. After months of effort, the spots are presented to the “judges” on the world’s stage, 30 seconds (and $4.5 million) at a time…   

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