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Can Your Resume Pass the All-Important LinkedIn Comparison Test?

Does Your Resume Match Your LinkedIn Profile

Everyone knows LinkedIn is a great way to grow your personal network and meet influential people. But did you know employers use LinkedIn for another reason? To validate your resume and the information provided in your application? To make sure you are… who you say you are?

Why do many recruiters now consider this a “must-do” aspect of their hiring process?   

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The Right Words Will Help Land Your Dream Job [Infographic]

Watch Your Words

As we all learn in grammar school: words can hurt.

This is especially true for job seekers. The right words will impress a recruiter or hiring manager enough to offer you an interview. The wrong words not only hurt your personal brand, they can cost you that interview…   

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Finally: A Strategy for Making Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

The Right LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn may be the best thing to happen to employers and job seekers since the dawn of time… but how well is it working for you? How many of your connections are turning into mutually beneficial relationships? Job leads? Job interviews? If you answered “not enough!” to any of those questions, I think I know the answer — and the reason why LinkedIn might be falling short of your expectations: You do not have enough of the right connections! For LinkedIn to really help, you must have a specific strategy to proactively connect with the right people. This means going   

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LinkedIn is Throwing a Party (And You’re the Guest of Honor)


When I begin a LinkedIn consulting engagement, the first thing I ask is: “Who do you want to meet?”

After all, at its core LinkedIn is the largest database of business professionals ever assembled, and finding the right people for you to meet is one of its strong suits…   

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5 Reasons Employers Don’t Like Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

5 Reasons Recruiters Don

You’ve jumped all over LinkedIn… and yet the results rank right in between slim and none. Recruiters simply aren’t finding you. Why? When trying to be found, what mistakes should you avoid? Which sections of your profile actually show up in search results, and should be optimized at every opportunity? This terrific infographic from answers those questions – and much more. Take a look, and then decide: how will you improve your LinkedIn profile today?      

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Recruiters Reveal: 5 Ways to Stay Relevant on LinkedIn


As a recruiter and sourcer always looking for talent, I use LinkedIn on a daily (even hourly) basis. That probably comes as no surprise to active job seekers, most of whom understood that recruiters use LinkedIn as a modern day resume database.

Here’s what may come as a surprise to you: LinkedIn doesn’t tell a recruiter who is an active job seeker (those looking for work now) and a passive job seeker (those not searching for work, but willing to explore other opportunities)…   

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