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What Soft Skills are Listed Most on LinkedIn? [Infographic]

LinkedIn Skills on the Rise

So what skills are job seekers listing in LinkedIn profiles faster than any others?

With the world’s emphasis on social and digital – not to mention gaming and mobile – you may guess that technical skills would top the list. And you might be surprised to see skills like CPR, Zumba instruction and barista among the most listed… yet there they are…   

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The Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your LinkedIn Network [Infographic]

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

You have a LinkedIn profile that you’ve grown proud of so – like many young careerists – you may now be asking yourself… Now what?

Sit around until recruiters find you? Wait for an old buddy from college to seek you out? No, not you… because you have this infographic from Top Dog Social Media.   

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Do Recruiters See “Social Proof” in Your LinkedIn Profile?


Chances are good that before you made your last major purchase, or ate in that new restaurant, that you looked online to see the ratings of the product or the reviews from other diners.

What you found online – what others say about a product or brand – is called “social proof”. Same is true for recruiters. They, too, are looking for social proof.   

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A 10-Step Guide to Attracting Recruiters on LinkedIn [Infographic]


With up to 94% of recruiters looking at you on LinkedIn, young careerists must continuously maintain a high-quality profile on the world’s largest professional network. Just as important: attracting the attention of recruiters and employers as they look to fill great positions you just may be interested in!

This infographic by Armstrong Appointments, with a 10-step guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile specifically for recruiters, helps us do just that…   

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How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

In our New Year’s resolutions, many of us have included something like “have a better career” or “find more fulfilling work.” And in today’s job market, that means you must take your LinkedIn profile from humdrum… to perfect!

Which is why our first infographic of 2015, created by QuickSprout, is “How to Structure a Perfect LinkedIn Profile”…   

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Should College Students and Entry-Level Pros Be on LinkedIn?


Should you – the student, recent grad or young professional – be on LinkedIn? Is the “world’s largest professional network” worth your time?

The fact is that much of your competition is already on LinkedIn. But if you still aren’t convinced, here are some other data points that might suggest that joining the “world’s largest professional network” is a good career move…   

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