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25 Words and Phrases Job Seekers Must Avoid

25 Words and Phrases to Avoid

We all try to write the perfect resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Our goal: wordsmith something that will make us stand out among millions of job and internship seekers.

And yet somehow, those resumes, letters and profiles always seem to sound painfully similar; they drown in groupthink-inspired sameness…   

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A Networker’s Nightmare: “Give Me a Reason to Connect!”


I am a recruiter. I work for a highly recognizable organization. I am well connected. I know people who know people. That is why you reached out to me, right?

Well… maybe not…   

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5 Things Successful LinkedIn Users Do Every Day


Do you want to see your efforts on LinkedIn pay off day after day, week after week?

Start by doing what highly successful LinkedIn users do every day: schedule a 20-minute appointment with your LinkedIn account – and get these five things done…   

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30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

linkedin college

I received a question from a member of YouTern’s community, #InternPro:

“What do I put in my LinkedIn profile if I’m only a student? And what do I do there?”

In response, and because I know this isn’t the only person with this question, here are 30 things every student should be doing on LinkedIn right now…   

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4 Unique Ways to Reach a Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

inactive on Linkedin

A reader recently asked how to best use LinkedIn to reach a hiring manager he wants to pursue. The trouble: that hiring manager is basically inactive on the world’s largest professional network. Guessing that he’s not the only job seeker facing that challenge, I reached out for some actionable ideas: Find a Common Connection; Ask for an Email Introduction Career Coach Kolby Goodman suggests you first find a common connection and ask that person to introduce you to the hiring manager via email That request might look like this: Hi Lisa, I have been looking at various positions at [Company   

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Forget LinkedIn: Facebook Is the Best Social Network for Job Seekers

Facebook First Place

I am not a fan of the typical sharing that takes place on Facebook. For career purposes, however, I contend that Facebook is arguably the social place to be.

Yes, LinkedIn seemingly has cornered the professional network niche and Facebook is generally viewed as a personal social network. Upon closer inspection, however, the distinction between personal versus professional information no longer has significance in the world of social media…   

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