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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Missing Vital Information?

Questions and Answers

I field lots of questions about LinkedIn, and one of the most-asked questions is: Should I include in my LinkedIn profile?

As a general rule, if your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then you should include that information – whatever you’re asking about – in your profile…   

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In 7 Steps: Perfection for Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

LinkedIn Profile Perfection Infographic

With 350 million active users on LinkedIn, some of them with decades of experience under their belts, how do you stand out? What does it take for your profile to rise to the top of search results? How do you persuade others to offer recommendations? And how do you leverage all the tools available to advance your online brand? All great questions… which is why we’re thrilled to present thus ultimate cheat sheet for building the perfect LinkedIn profile by LeisureJobs. Yes, this is a long read. It may be the largest infographic we’ve ever seen! But your career will   

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LinkedIn’s 25 Hottest Career Skills for 2016


Now that the holidays have come and gone, chances are you’re searching for a new job. That’s because January is when the largest percentage of our members look for a new gig. So you’re probably asking yourself, “What skills are employers looking for?” Great question! To find the answer, we analyzed all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on LinkedIn in 2015, and uncovered the 25 hottest skills in 2015.   

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7 Changes to LinkedIn That Will Help You Get Hired


LinkedIn made a number of big, well-publicized changes last year, like the complete revamp of groups and changing the messaging system from an email-based system to more like text messaging.

But before we close the book on 2015, here are some of the less-publicized additions and changes LinkedIn made last year and some simple tips to help you get hired this year…   

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6 Reasons LinkedIn Remains the No. 1 Career Networking Site

LinkedIn Remains No 1

LinkedIn is often maligned for being spammy or ineffective. And that may be well-deserved. After all, most of us have experienced accepting a connection only to immediately see a message in our inbox with a full-on sales pitch. As a result, as you read Millennial-focused career sites you’re bound to see posts extolling alternatives to LinkedIn, declaring it dead, or suggesting alternatives to “growth hack” your career. While career networking should certainly include a wide range of tactics and networks, one point is very clear to those in the know: LinkedIn – despite the faults – remains the No. 1   

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How to Get Your Name to the Top of a LinkedIn Search


“How do I get to the top of the list on LinkedIn when people are searching for someone like me?”

I’m typically asked this question after I show people how to use LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search function and they don’t see themselves near the top of the search results…   

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