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LinkedIn Privacy Settings and How they Effect Your Job Search

linkedin privacy settings

While I’m all about increasing your online visibility during a job search, privacy and security are still concerns. This includes LinkedIn.

So it’s important to understand the options you have when it comes to your privacy.   

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LinkedIn Status Updates: Are You Annoying Those You Should Be Impressing?

linkedin status updates

Do you share unprofessional, “Facebook-like” information on LinkedIn? I hear from people every week who feel frustrated with the information people share on LinkedIn because it is trivial. So, what’s the #1 rule of thumb relating to LinkedIn status updates that I wish everyone followed?   

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LinkedIn Checklist: Shape Up Your Profile for a Successful Job Search [Infographic]

LinkedIn Checklist

Once you complete this LinkedIn checklist, you’ll be the proud owner of an effective, professional profile.

And in today’s work of world, that is exactly what your career needs…   

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How Good is Your Profile? Do You Know Your LinkedIn Score?

LinkedIn Score

I do many LinkedIn profile critiques each week for my clients. They really look forward to receiving my overall grade along with the specific areas I feel they can improve.

I also tell them how they can get a LinkedIn score right from the source…   

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How High Will You Rank in the New LinkedIn Interface?

new linkedin

LinkedIn’s search algorithm rewards you for including your critical keywords in multiple places and especially in particular spots. Who doesn’t want to come up higher in the search rankings! Follow these simple guidelines to improve your ranking on both the old and new LinkedIn desktop interfaces.   

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8 LinkedIn Profile Trends Still Ultra-Relevant in 2017

linkedin profile trends

LinkedIn is changing daily, it seems. But how to use LinkedIn, so far, has not changed all that much.

In fact, many of the LinkedIn profile trends from 2016 are still relevant in this new year…


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