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Are You Taking Advantage of the Top Rated LinkedIn Feature?

top rated LinkedIn feature

For the fourth year in a row, in response to my annual LinkedIn user survey, the top rated LinkedIn feature is Who’s Viewed Your Profile (aka “Who’s stalking you.”)

Over 71% of the respondents gave this feature a thumbs up. But are you taking full advantage?   

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LinkedIn Groups: Your Secret Weapon For Success [Infographic]

LinkedIn groups

And one of the most helpful, yet most overlooked, features of LinkedIn: LinkedIn Groups.

This infographic from Indusnet Technologies reveals the benefits of LinkedIn Groups…   

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LinkedIn Opportunity: Is Someone Knocking on Your Door?

LinkedIn Opportunity

Don’t be so quick to hit the Ignore button on your computer or X on your mobile app, because a new, productive relationship may be just a button click away and you don’t want to miss a LinkedIn opportunity.    

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Are You Getting the Right Kind of LinkedIn Profile Views?

LinkedIn profile views

When you get the right kind of LinkedIn profile views, it’s like a marketing event with someone in your target audience.

And if you’re like me, you want lots of these marketing events, because they can turn into real opportunities when you follow up appropriately.   

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A 7-Step Self-Directed LinkedIn Profile Review

LinkedIn Profile Review

Congratulations on becoming a card-carrying member of the LinkedIn Club! Now, your job is to create the best possible online presence. Often, after your first pass, this includes a LinkedIn profile review.

To help with that, and to create the best LinkedIn profile possible, here’s how you can get started on a self-directed, review of you presence on LinkedIn…   

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How to Request Quality LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations

I find that a lot of people gloss over the importance of having quality LinkedIn recommendations tied to their profile.

Often, this oversight comes down to that nagging feeling of discomfort we sometimes experience when asking a favor of someone. We just don’t like the “ask”…   

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