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8 LinkedIn Profile Trends Still Ultra-Relevant in 2017

linkedin profile trends

LinkedIn is changing daily, it seems. But how to use LinkedIn, so far, has not changed all that much.

In fact, many of the LinkedIn profile trends from 2016 are still relevant in this new year…


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Are You Ignoring All the Wrong People on LinkedIn?

potential buyer

If you owned a retail store and a potential buyer entered your front door, would you ignore them? Of course not. Well, that’s what many people are doing on LinkedIn, and then they wonder why they aren’t getting any quantifiable results from using the site.   

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Is Your Job Search Hampered By a Deadly LinkedIn Mistake?

linkedin mistake

A deadly LinkedIn mistake can be very damaging. These errors make a job search more difficult and career success more challenging than it should be.

Avoid being one of these unfortunate people by avoiding these 5 common LinkedIn mistakes…   

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How LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Saves Time for Job Seekers

open candidates

Tired of your regular job and ready for a change?

Then you need to know about LinkedIn’s Open Candidates function…   

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4 Reasons You Must Have Strong LinkedIn Recommendations

strong linkedin recommendations

We live in a networked world in which relationships and reputations matter. Strong LinkedIn recommendations validate your reputation based on the endorsements from people who have seen your work in action.   

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5 Hidden LinkedIn Mobile Features that Improve the User Experience

linkedin mobile

LinkedIn is spending a lot of time and effort on improving the mobile user’s experience, and the more I experiment with the LinkedIn mobile app, the more capabilities I stumble upon. Here are some of the coolest capabilities I’ve found on the LinkedIn mobile app, though they are somewhat hard to find, and some are not even available on your desktop.   

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