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Workplace Perks: What to Look For and Why They Matter [Infographic]

workplace perks

It isn’t always all about the money. In fact, about 70% of young people entering the workforce do not consider salary to be their number one concern when searching for a job. For many, workplace perks, company culture, and other non-salary benefits are more important than simple monetary compensation.   

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6 Ways to Get Your Stalled Job Search Back on Track

stalled job search

Have you been applying to hundreds of jobs without getting a response? Maybe you’ve been on dozens of interviews but still haven’t received an offer. Or are you convinced that networking is a waste of time? Most job seekers become frustrated or discouraged at some point during the process. Here’s the deal. You need to figure out where in the process you’re getting eliminated.

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Seven Tips to Keep Your Job Applications Organized

job applications

During the job application process, you might end up applying for dozens of jobs. With so many job applications, and months of wait time to hear back about positions, it’s only natural to get a little confused. Keeping track of your job applications is imperative, so track the jobs for which you’ve applied and your follow-up responses using these seven tips.   

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Seven Recruiter Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

recruiter tips

In some ways, it’s a great time to be looking for work. The labor market is really tight, and there are more unfilled positions in the U.S. than ever. But don’t be deceived. Part of the problem is that there is a skills gap. Employers aren’t filling a lot of their open roles because they can’t find the right people for them. Here are some recruiter tips to help you understand things from their perspective and convince them you’ve got the skills.   

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How to Find a Job Without Using an Online Job Board

online job board

Finding a job without applying on an online job board is very do-able and, in fact, may be the most effective way to connect with a new job. In fact, focusing all of your job search efforts on job boards has some major disadvantages for job seekers.   

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Why Are You Afraid to Tell Your Unique, Authentic Story?

authentic story

We tell stories every day, to family, friends and colleagues. Yet we hardly think of telling stories when we meet recruiters, hiring managers, potential employers, and even potential business partners.

Why? We are afraid; we don’t want anyone to label us as ‘braggarts.’ So we fail to tell your authentic story.


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