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Successful Job Search Methods: Today’s Top 10 Dos and Don’ts

successful job search methods

Successful job search methods have changed substantially, particularly in the last few years. What worked in the past (even two years ago) doesn’t necessarily work now.   

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Secret Tips for Your Facebook Job Search

facebook job search

Facebook is the most-used social network, so it makes sense to use it for your job search. These secrets will help every job seeker tap into the power of a Facebook job search!   

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How to Overcome an Employment Gap

employment gap

How do you best overcome an employment gap in your resume?

Fortunately, being hired with a large employment gap is not “mission impossible.” Specific strategies to address the gap in employment can be very effective and are very helpful.   

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Job Search Lessons Learned from Politics [Infographic]

job search lessons

As we approach our next big election in the US, running for political office seems a lot like searching for a job. After all, like a politician, your goal is to sell yourself to the right people and get “elected” into a new job.

So this is a good time to ask: “What job search lessons can be learned from politics?”   

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A Successful Job Search Requires Wearing New Hats

successful job search means wearing many hats

Most people possess the skills and attributes that make them successful in their jobs, but a job search requires a different set of skills. You’ll need to wear a lot of different hats.

Here’s just a few…


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Break the Job Search Rules: 5 Ways to Disrupt Employer Expectations

break the job search rules

Since you began looking for work, people have been telling you there are certain job search rules you must follow. How long your resume must be. What to post online. How a cover must look.

Well, I’m here to tell you: Break job search rules. That’s right, break all of ’em!   

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