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7 Things To Do After College (Instead of a Full-Time Job)

After Graduation

“So… what are you doing next year?”

That question and I became intimately acquainted last year around this time when I graduated from Notre Dame. And did I have an answer? Hell no. So, because I wasn’t walking off that stage with a diploma in one hand and a job offer in the other, I routinely felt I was behind…   

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Use This “Social Intelligence” Checklist to Land Your Next Job


A recent article from Bloomberg Business titled “The Best and Worst Fonts to Use on Your Resume” caught a lot of people by surprise.

Yes, font choice is a small detail, but hey… it is often the little stuff that proves to be a big difference. In fact, a successful job search often comes down to how well we simultaneously manage expectations while delivering what the employer never saw coming…   

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10 Questions Every New Grad Wants to Ask (And the Answers)

Recent Graduate

You’re so close to graduation you can feel it, but your head is also spinning (read: freaking out) with questions about post-grad life. Questions that some of you happened to tell us, and that we got real experts to answer.

So, read up. You can thank us later…   

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5 Reasons Students Should Use LinkedIn Right Now [Infographic]

LinkedIn and Students II

As summer approaches, many students look forward to more than a few months off… they’re thinking about how to use this time to move their career goals forward. And for many, that means building a professional online presence, including a LinkedIn profile. And yet one question lingers: “I’m a college student… can LinkedIn really help me?” The answer, as this infographic from California College San Diego confidently states, is “YES!” And to help prove their point, they list five reasons why you should start using LinkedIn right now. To take advantage of LinkedIn in a big way, take a look. And then make it   

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Job Seekers: Never Be Afraid to Tell Your Story


“Never be afraid to tell your story.”

When it comes to job search, we cannot underestimate the importance of storytelling. In fact, as is said by Sharon Graham in the foreword of my new book, Tell Stories Get Hired, once you can articulate your value effectively, you can succeed in your job search…   

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Here’s How You’ll Defeat Unemployment After Graduation

Conquer Unemployment

You finished your last finals, picked up your graduation robe and scheduled that celebratory family dinner. Everything has fallen into place… except that all-encompassing search for a job.

You’ve tapped your network, sent hundreds of applications and even invested in your first corporate wardrobe. But your inbox sits quietly; mocking you; daring you to get your hopes up…   

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