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The 2016 Job Search: How Much Has Changed Over Previous Years?

2016 job search

How much has the 2016 job search changed over previous years? More dramatically than most can imagine.

The type of jobs available, prevalence of high-tech positions geared towards a younger workforce all contribute.    

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HR, Recruiters and Managers: Hiring Pros with Different Missions

HR, recruiters and managers hiring pros

It is so hard to figure out the “rules” of today’s job search. Probably because there aren’t any, really. And hiring pros all seem to be looking for something different.

And that is part of the problem: HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers are all hiring professionals… but they really ARE looking for something different…   

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To Be Hired Today: Earn an Employee Referral

employee referral

Being recommended to the employer by a current employee is usually the best and fastest way to a new job. Known as an “employee referral,” a referred candidate is five times more likely to be hired than a candidate who was not referred.

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The Consultant Mindset: How to Win Today’s Job Search

consultant mindset

What is a “consultant mindset”? And what does it have to do with finding a new job? Some of my colleagues will boo me for this, but based on the success of some of my clients over the past year, presenting a resume first is not always the answer. Instead, find work by leveraging the mindset of a consultant. In other words: present solutions first, then your resume. In fact, if you have a clear, well thought-out approach, and present short and long-term solutions to employers, a resume will be an afterthought. (Look at your keyboard, and now look at   

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6 Tips for Writing Cold Call Emails That Actually Get Opened

cold call emails

Information interviews. A meeting with a mentor or influencer. Or maybe a job interview. At some point, you’re going to need to write a cold call email.

But it’s one thing to write an email to someone you don’t already know. It’s quite another to write on that actually gets read.   

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What’s Your Job Search Killer: Strategy or Messaging?

strategy or messaging killing your job search

Is there a fundamental issue with your messaging? Or is the problem with your job search strategy?

The likely answer: your job search killer is probably… both.   

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