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Show, Don’t Tell: How to Clearly Demonstrate Skills During a Job Search

demonstrate skills

Showing a picture is better than trying to explain something- at least most of the time. It’s easy to tell someone you can do the job, but when you demonstrate skills, you paint a picture that shows your value.   

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A Comprehensive Guide to Landing the Perfect Job [Infographic]

perfect job

Have you ever thought of what your dream job would be like? What components and factors would make it perfect for you? Everyone has probably asked themselves these questions, whether they’re already employed, or not. In fact, if you don’t work anywhere yet, thinking about what the perfect job for you would look like is a great idea. But if you already know what you want, then the question of how to get it becomes the highest priority. And that’s a whole other story.   

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In a Connected World, a Successful Job Search is a Social Job Search

social job search

The key to a successful job search? Being open to new ideas and meeting new people. After all, a successful job search is a social job search!

And these aren’t just trends. In the world of work and in our personal lives, we are more connected than ever before…   

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13 Top Tips for Students Attending an On-Campus Job Fair

on-campus job fair

Chances are that in the coming weeks, you’ll be tempted to attend an on-campus job fair at your college or university.

Great idea! But let’s get you prepared first…   

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5 Tips to Avoid Job Search Rejection and Indifference

job search rejection

You’ve submitted your resume to hundreds of jobs and gotten no response. Or maybe you’ve tried networking and are disappointed in the lack of leads that ensued.

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing job search rejection and indifference…   

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5 Reasons You Aren’t You Gaining Traction in Job Search Mode

job search mode

You need a job! And to do that, you need to start seeing results from your job search. No more spinning wheels!

Here are a few reasons why your job search might not be getting any traction…   

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