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10 Common Job Search Myths Debunked

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Navigating the perplexing world of job searching, with the one-sided perspective of being a job seeker, can lead people to many common assumptions about getting hired. Let’s debunk ten of these common myths, provide a reality check… and help get you hired! Getting The Job Is Only About Skill Being qualified for the job you want with the appropriate skills is definitely an important factor. After all, if you are applying for a position as a software engineer and don’t know how to program, you won’t be able to contribute much. However, during your job interview, the hiring manager is   

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3 Mistakes That Could Mean You Won’t Get Hired


The biggest job search myth among new graduates and young professionals is that there are no jobs available.   

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A 4 Step Method for Mastering the 21st Century Job Search [Infographic]


Want to know exactly how the job search has changed over the last few year? Want to know how to set yourself apart from your job hunting competition?

Check out this infographic, and discover the four step method for mastering the 21st Century job search!

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Job Marketing Approach: Should I Be General or Specific?


Let’s say you have a little experience in different areas of marketing and sales. While they go hand-in-hand to some degree, selling yourself as a jack- or jill-of-all-trades within marketing and sales won’t be as effective as targeting your approach.

Sure, you can have multiple resumes, cover letters, and even bios, but what about the platforms where you’re confined to a singular identity, like LinkedIn or social media?   

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The Precariousness Nature of a Freelance Career


A dramatic change in the American workforce has been the rise of a different kind of worker – a contributor that goes by many names: contractor, supertemp, freelancer, contigent, gigger, and much more.   

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How to Request Feedback from a Hiring Manager

How to Ask for Feedback

So, you got that email in your inbox. You didn’t get the job—and you really, really wanted it.

Finding out why might be the last thing you want right now, but hear us out—now is the perfect time to ask for feedback…   

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