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The Experts Weigh In: 6 Tips to Help Land the Perfect First Job

perfect first job

A college degree is supposed to open the door to well-paying jobs. So why is it so difficult to land that perfect first job after graduation?

Here’s how you can find that perfect first job…   

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It’s Your Move: How to Create a Compelling Personal Marketing Plan

personal marketing plan

In the game of chess, the very best players do not make their first move until they have planned their last.  During job search, the same strategic logic applies.

So before you start looking, it’s time to create a personal marketing plan…   

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Google Job Search Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Better Results

google job search

Did you know that Google can be a powerful partner in your job search? It’s true. 

And some of the most successful job hunters use a Google job search to help them find potential employers, research those employers (financial stability, competitors, etc.), and separate the good opportunities from the not-so-good ones.   

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The Ten Most In-Demand Jobs Everyone is Fighting for This Summer

in-demand jobs

With the class of 2017 entering the job market, it’s about to get feisty out there. So which jobs are the most sought after?

Here are’s 10 most in-demand jobs for 2017, as determined by both growth percentage forecasts, and total number of new positions projected…   

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Job Rejection: 3 Hard Lessons Learned from a Failed Job Search

job rejection

One of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced was not getting the job I wanted. I interviewed with a major publishing company and received the dreaded e-mail that it decided to move forward with another candidate.

That job rejection was especially hard to swallow because I thought I had done everything right…   

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The Missing Piece: Understanding and Bridging the Skills Gap [Infographic]

skills gap

One of the hottest topics in career discussion today is the almost mythical skills gap. Despite what some people say, the skills gap, like climate change, is very real. It exists because Higher Education has fallen behind the needs of today’s businesses. As a result, many companies believe that new graduates do not possess the skills necessary for even entry level positions. If you graduated recently, you might be looking at your student debt and wondering what you spent all that money on.   

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