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How to Find a Different Job Without Losing the One You Have Now

different job

We’ve all been there. You find yourself staring out the window at work for longer and longer each day. Sometimes you spend your entire eight-hour work day staring out the window. Why? Because it’s time for a different job, and a new window to stare out.

But looking for a different job while employed is often a dicey situation.   

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Professional Writing: To Stand Out, Sometimes it’s Hip to Be Square

professional writing

Plenty has been written to help you craft the perfect resume, cover letter or other job search documents. You can find a hundred articles to teach you all about keywords, experience sections, and achievement lists. This advice, if it’s solid, does gives you a leg up on the competition. Professional writing, however, is about more than using the proper format and pleasing the applicant tracking system.   

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2017 Career Outlook: Your Future Begins Now [Infographic]

2017 career outlook

This infographic, from The Execu|search Group, compiles data from surveys completed in the last quarter of 2016.

Take a look to learn more about hiring trends in 2017. We think you’ll agree: this is a very good time to launch your career!    

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10 Great Employers Expectations of Every Top Tier Job Seeker

employer expectations

Applying for a new job? Be sure to take into account employer expectations.

Prospective employers seek the right candidates to improve their company. Your job is to show them that’s you…   

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Job Search Blues: Why No One Wants to Hire You

job search blues

Do you have the job search blues? Do you feel like no one wants to hire you?

You’re not a bad person or anything. But to avoid the job search blues, and secure a job offer, you must change your approach.   

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4 Ways to Keep Your Post-Graduate Job Search on Track

post-graduate job search

It’s time to begin your post-graduate job search. And today, not everyone with a degree gets a dream job right away.

In fact, 50 percent of workers surveyed by Workopolis in 2014 said it took about 16 weeks to get a job…   

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