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The State of Social Media Recruitment in 2016 [Infographic]

social media recruitment

How much influence does social media really have on getting hired? The new, 2016 Social Media Recruitment Survey by Career Builder, can provide some insight.   

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How To Make Your Job Application Stand Out from the Competition

job application stand out from the competition

Since each job opening is designed to hire exactly one person, separating yourself is an absolute necessity in the face of intense competition. Do you know how much competition you are facing, though? ERE Media reports that recruiters receive 250 applicants for an open position on average.   

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4 Ways to Strengthen Resilience During a Job Search


How do you strengthen resilience during the job search? When you get knocked down, how do you stay positive and engaged?

Here are four factors proven to strengthen your resilience in the job search…   

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The Top 11 Problems Faced by the Modern Job Seeker

modern job seeker

From crappy resumes to terrible interviews, these 11 issues keep popping up for the modern job seeker.

Too bad, because the job market remains tough. Not as bad as it was in 2009 when nearly one in every 10 Americans were unemployed. But even in today’s job market, most jobs have dozens of qualified applicants…   

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Job Search Strategies to Get You Hired This Fall Season

job search strategies

We’re coming up on the last quarter of the year. And employers are finished with their summer holidays and will start hiring more employees to meet year-end objectives.

So, in preparation for your fall job hunt, here are a few tips to help you be the most productive…   

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The 7 Best Possible Pieces of Job Search Advice for 2016

job search advice

Your aunt gives you her suggestions about resume objectives. You’re getting contradictory job hunt advice from two newsletter subscriptions. Everyone has something to say. It can get confusing. Here, we’ll cut through the clutter and give you the seven best pieces of job search advice we’ve seen so far this year.   

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