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8 Ways of Becoming the Most Proactive Job Seeker Ever


One of the things I often tell my team is, “Be proactive in your own becoming.” Yes, this sounds like a weird phrase at first… but when you break it down, it is simply a mix of hustle and problem-solving.

I have broken this down further into eight key points…   

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10 Mistakes Job Seekers Just Can’t Make


Our friends at YEC asked their members this question:

“When seeking a job at your company, what is the biggest ‘no, thank you!’ mistake a candidate can make?”

Here are the answers we can all learn a lot from…   

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5 Epic Fails from the Worst Job Interviews Ever

Epic Fail

Failing to bring copies of your résumé? Forgetting the recruiter’s name? Needing a do-over when answering the “Why should I hire you? question?

Not great perfect, but not epic job interview fails like these from the worst interviews ever…   

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12 Top Tips for Getting Hired After Graduation

get hired recent grads

Perhaps you are a December grad. Or maybe you’re looking ahead to May 2015 and graduation. You may even be one of the 2014 graduates who discovered that finding work post-graduation is far more difficult than anyone could imagine.

To help grads in either of those three scenarios, here are 12 tips to help you stand out in the job search and make yourself memorable to potential employers…   

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4 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holiday Job Search

We Are Hiring

With Christmas right around the corner, many job seekers ask themselves: “Should I pause my job search, or keep looking?”

And I understand the temptation. Yes, hiring traditionally slows down as we move into the holiday season. But hiring is still happening…   

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7 Habits That Help Successful Job Seekers Leverage LinkedIn


Many young careerists consider the world’s largest professional network their go-to job hunting resource. And with over 300 million potential networking contacts and 300,000 jobs available… that is a smart move.

And yet we hear stories from many that LinkedIn isn’t working for them…   

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