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Personal Blog or LinkedIn: What is Best for Your Job Search?

personal blog

I’ve read several articles recommending that all job seekers start blogging to land their next jobs. While it may be a good idea for some people, I disagree that it is a good idea for all — or even for most — job seekers.   

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7 Very Real Reasons You Were Not Hired (This Time)

why you were not hired

What are the real reasons you were not hired… this time? I get asked all of the time by job seekers why they weren’t hired for a job they applied for. I hear the same story: You’ve been on a number of interviews and sent out more applications than you can count, but still no luck. If you hear back at all, it’s often a “thanks for your time, but we’re not interested” or “you’re not the right fit for this role.” I know that it can be frustrating and disheartening. But while everyone’s situation is unique, I may be able   

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The Successful Job Seeker Versus the Unsuccessful [Infographic]

successful job seeker versus unsuccessful job seeker

Whether you just started looking for a new job or you have been searching for a while, you know that the job hunt can be an extensive and exhausting progress. There are those who beat the search… and those who let the search beat them.   

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Social Media Tricks: 6 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded Field

social media tricks

Tired of spending endless time searching for jobs and then not hearing anything back? Frustrated by a failure to get noticed in a crowded field?

The key is knowing what online tools are on the rise and how to use proven social media tricks to advance your career…

Like these…   

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The 4 Job Seeker Types You Don’t Want to Become [Infographic]

four job seeker types

We get it. You need a job or internship. Now.

But there are some job seeker types employers just don’t handle well… some lines that job seekers just can’t cross.   

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How Employers Fill Jobs: Top Hiring Sources for 2016

how employers fill jobs

What are the top hiring sources for 2016? How do employers fill jobs today?

You may think you really care how an employer fills jobs and contracts. You just want a simple, fast, efficient way to submit your qualifications for an open job. But what if you could beat the odds by searching for a job differently?   

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