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Got a Job Interview? How Today’s Young Careerists Dress for Success

Look the Part Dressing for Success

The call just came… you have a job interview! You’re so excited you tell everyone who will listen. You text your best friends and email your closest mentor. You call your mother and significant other.

And right after all the congratulations, invariably someone is going to ask: “What are you going to wear?”   

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10 Sure Fire Tips to Help Find Your First (or Next) Job

Find Your First Job

After working hard in college, you’ve now spent the last few weeks first celebrating graduation, and now contemplating reality: it is time to land your first job.

And while there’s never been a more exciting time to enter the workforce, there has also never been a more complicated time to be in the workplace. So like everything else, you need to learn the landscape. These 10 proven tips will not only help you do that… they’ll help you land your first job!   

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Top Recruiters Reveal Their Top Job Interview Tips [Infographic]

Top Recruiters Reveal Their Top Job Interview Tips

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of different career advice out there. Even we at YouTern are occasionally (well, okay… often) confused by all the contradictory advice from career centers, blogs, so-called “experts” and especially those workforce veterans who seem to think they know everything there is to know about finding a job in 2014: our parents.

Before you decide to take Dad’s advice and go door-to-door at the office park with the copies of your resume you got from Kinko’s (because that’s what worked for him in 1984!) take a look at this infographic from the largest employment site in the United Kingdom, Reed…   

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How to Craft the Perfect Answer to “Tell Me About Yourself”


But the dastardly “tell me about yourself” question may also come at you first thing in the interview, like a fast ball without warm up, in the form of “So tell me why do you think you’re right for the job?” or more bluntly “Why should we offer you this job?” Boom. And now the relentless “what’s your answer” spotlight is glaring at YOU…while you still try to kick your bag under the table and get comfortable in the hot seat.   

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10 Questions to Ask BEFORE the Job Interview

10 Questions to Ask Before the Job Interview

There is a ton of advice out there about questions to ask during an interview… and rightly so; asking the right questions can put you way ahead of the job seeking pack.

That is not, however, the first chance you have to impress a potential employer. Other than your resume, cover letter and your LinkedIn profile, when is that chance? When the company calls to schedule an interview!   

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6 Reasons Your Job Interview Went Terribly Wrong

WrightCareer Job Interview Mistakes

Job seekers, there is a huge difference between arrogance and confidence; watch your body language, and beware of your cell phone etiquette. After all, you are in an interview!   

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