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How to Think on Your Feet at a Job Interview

quick thinking

You might assume that planning ahead to think on your feet at a job interview is a contradiction.   

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Everything You Need to Know About a Skype Interview [Infographic]

skype interview

While it has long been possible to send applications and resumes anywhere in the world, now the hiring process can be followed to the end entirely online culminating in global video interactions like the Skype interview.   

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6 Ways Candidates Can Become Job Seeking Zombies

job seeking zombies

Time after time, job seekers land an interview or a meeting with someone influential in their screening, and they blow it. They become zombies to the company. And the company wants to run from or shut down the zombie. Unlike the characters in movies, they succeed at a pretty high rate. Here’s how job candidates become zombies to employers.   

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How Job Interviewing Advice for Attorneys Helps All of Us [Infographic]

job interviewing

Lawyers or programmers, engineers or analysts, it’s all about being professional, prepared, and confident. Take the time to see what kind of advice a prominent law firm would give to potential new attorneys. Then make that advice work for you.   

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How to Avoid Blowing Your Next Important Job Interview

important job interview

The job interview is a key part of landing a job and your chance to show your new employer that not only do you know what you are after, but also you know what you bring to the table. So leave the paper at home, work on your key messages, and don’t forget to double check whether this is the right role for you.

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Post-Interview Follow-up: A Convenient Flow Chart [Infographic]


So, that went well. You did your homework, researched the company, practiced answering typical questions, and dressed to impress. You aced that interview! Now the waiting game begins. You can’t take it.

You’re just itching to follow up with a phone call or an email, but how soon is too soon? When is the right time for a post-interview follow up?   

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