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Lessons Learned from 10 Job Interviews Gone Bad

Kelsey Meyer

Our friends at the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) asked their members this question: “During a job interview (either while job hunting or hiring), what was the worst thing that ever happened?” Here’s a collection of answers we’re sure you’ll find powerful learning lessons as you prepare for your next job interview:   An Interviewee Yelled at Me Prior to an interview for an internship position, I Googled the candidate to see if I could find his LinkedIn or any of his work. Instead, the first result was his Twitter photo which showed him in front of 100 beers. He was   

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Job Search Do’s and Don’ts for the Modern Job Hopper


Data shows that Millennials are more likely to change jobs than any generation before. In fact, the average 24-year-old today has already held 6.4 jobs.


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How to Impress During Your Next Virtual Job Interview

How to Impress in Your Video Interview

As Skype and Google+ Hangout interviews continue to grow in popularity, job seekers are learning there is little difference between a video interview and the in-person variety.

In fact, many of the steps – from how you dress, to preparation, to proper eye contact and effective follow-up – are now exactly the same as if you were walking into the office and talking face-to-face…   

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Could You Answer These 9 Unique Job Interview Questions?


Quora, our favorite Q&A site, asked their community: “What one question do you ask applicants in a job interview?”

Among the submissions, here are our favorites – along with the reasons why the interviewers count on these questions when looking for their next team member:   

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When a Recruiter Calls: Should You Consider a Career Change?

decisions decisions

Let’s face it, many of us ready for our next adventure. And when a recruiter calls, we are intrigued; even flattered. We want to be wanted, needed, and desired.

On the other hand, we are “okay” where we are. We hesitate. We don’t take a closer look, and perhaps turn down the opportunity to interview. And in the process, perhaps miss out on what could have been an amazing career move…   

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What Are the Top 7 Job Search Fails?


Job search taking longer than you expect? Not getting very many job interviews? Job offers not exactly flowing in?

That may be because how you are going about your job hunt is all wrong. And no matter how hard you work at a bad strategy, it’s still bad strategy. So let’s debunk your outdated and ineffective beliefs that are leading to job search failure, starting with eight I see most often…   

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