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What NOT To Do at a Job Interview [Infographic]

Job Interview Stories and Trends

Would you ever bring your parents to a job interview? Get that last second cigarette in so the smoker’s stench was extra pervasive? Maybe even have a strong drink or two beforehand to steady your nerves? Like you, we are surprised how many job seekers, if they were being 100% honest, would have to answer “yes” to those questions. Courtesy of Talener, we have this infographic that reveals some surprising stories and terrible trends as reported by recruiters and hiring managers. We’re calling it “What NOT To Do at a Job Interview” – and we hope the amusing examples enlighten   

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25 Questions That Will Uncover a Company’s True Culture

Questions to Uncover Company Culture

The interview is going great; you sense an offer is coming. But something doesn’t feel right… you’re just not sure this company is the right fit for you.

Of course, before you can make any decisions, you need to know what the company’s culture really is. But you feel you really can’t disclose your reservations without coming off as prying, dispassionate, or skeptical…   

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What Your Future Boss REALLY Wants to Hear During the Interview

Job Interview What to Really Say

Ever think about what your future boss really wants to hear during the job interview? What can you say in that 45 minutes that greatly increases your chances of receiving a job offer?

I recently heard some great advice that lined up with my previous experience as a human resources manager, so I’m sharing…   

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Stand Out! How to Job Search Like a Rock STAR


Like most job seekers, you have a lot to say about how great you would be as an employee. However, you have a limited amount of space on a resume – and only so much time during job interviews – to get your point across, and impress the recruiter.

The language you choose, then, must be both concise… and impactful…   

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The 5 Job Interview Answers You Just Can’t Give

No one can predict exactly what a recruiter or hiring manager will ask in a job interview. However, there are many standard questions that can make or break an interview.

Not because of the question itself, but because of how well you avoid giving a bad answer. A good answer: you will soar to the next level. A bad answer: you’re pounding the pavement, again…   

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What Trait Helps You Beat Your Job Search Competition?

job search competition

You’ve climbed to the top of the heap. Out of the 100+ applications received, you are one of the two or three candidates being considered for a great job.

And now that you’ve gotten this far, you need to know: What exactly is that “magic ingredient” that tips the scales in your favor over the other candidates?   

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