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Important Job Interview Tips Exclusively for the Millennial Generation

millennial generation

The fact is though, Millennials deserve some of the blame for our job hunt troubles.

Studies show that we consistently come up short during the interview process in areas where we should be overwhelmingly succeeding.    

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10 Ways Qualified Candidates Rise to the Top During an Interview

qualified candidates

How do you leverage the interview to rise above the rest? It all comes down to communication. A recent study declared verbal communication the top skill employers value in recent college grads.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways qualified candidates rise to the top during a job interview.   

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7 Job Interview Body Language Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) [Infographic]

job interview body language

The very first impression you will make on any interviewer occurs before you answer a single question or even open your mouth. The evaluation begins the moment you open the door. You know that your appearance is a factor, but the way you carry yourself, your interview body language, can be just as significant.   

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The Most Common Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself?

common interview question

You might dread it, but the “tell me more about yourself” question is more than the most common interview question. It is a critical moment of every job interview.

It’s also an opportunity to shine…   

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Trending Interview Question: How Can We Help You Succeed?

trending interview question

Staff retention is a major concern for managers and human resources professionals. The process of interviewing candidates for an open position and onboarding new staff members is a long and costly one. Institutional knowledge is a valuable commodity that employers want to retain. One trending interview question aimed at teasing out responses about candidate’s management preferences is: “How can we help you succeed?”   

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Should I Disclose Vacation Plans During the Job Interview?

vacation plans

So, you have vacation plans in place for the holidays and you’re also actively interviewing for jobs. Or maybe you’re looking for a summer internship next year, but also planning on spending three weeks in Europe.

Do you need to tell potential employers upfront about your plans?    

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