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Weird Job Interview Questions and What They Actually Mean

weird job interview questions

Interviewers often ask weird interview questions to ascertain a candidate’s abilities and personality. In fact, it’s because of their obscure nature that these questions force you to think on your feet. That’s why weird interview questions are becoming increasingly common in job interviews. When it comes to odd questions, here are five that really take the cake and what they actually mean.

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Tough Job Interview Question: Why Do You Want This Job?

job interview question

Why do you want this job? This is often the first job interview question. It makes a great ice breaker because it is so open-ended. But you have to be prepared and focused to maximize the opportunity the question presents.   

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Should You Ever Say “No” to a Job Interview Offer?

job interview offer

So, you’ve received an interview offer. Now what?

Of course, the obvious answer is to accept enthusiastically. And then you realize what a full-time job it can actually become to go on interviews…   

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Flip the Script: Important Job Interview Questions You Must Ask

job interview questions

You can prepare for days. But if you don’t think about the job interview questions you’ll bring for the employer, you might not snag the job.

When the hiring manager asks if you have any questions, it’s not just a formality…   

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21 Tips for a Successful Job Interview [Infographic]

successful job interview

An effective job search can be an extremely complex and stressful endeavor. At some point, it must include a successful job interview.

After all, there’s no other way to get a job…   

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6 Must Do’s Before Walking Into Every Job Interview

pre job interview must dos

I’m often asked to share the most effective ways to answer interview questions, calm nerves, and appear composed going into meet-and-greets and interviews. My answer: It’s the little things. Here are six pre-interview rules every candidate should follow.   

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