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The Three-Second Trick to Impress on Every Business Phone Call

business phone call

We sound much more confident if we lead with our first and last name and then ask for the person. Yes, it’s a subtle move and takes up one percent of phone calls. Still, a proper introduction sets the tone.   

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Job Interview Etiquette: 4 Important Tips Backed by Science

interview etiquette

Most people have a fairly good idea of the right job interview etiquette.

But is there any prep you’re missing? We don’t just mean run-of-the-mill, common or garden variety advice. We’re talking about advice backed by science. Here are four data-backed interview tips to help you land the job of your dreams…   

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Job Interview Fails: Surprising Stories and Weird Trends [Infographic]

job interview fails

If you’re stressed out over an upcoming job or internship interview, take a look at this infographic from Talener.

By highlighting job interview fails, surprising stories and weird trends it brings some levity to an otherwise weighty subject…   

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Job Interview Follow-Up: You Can Learn How to Do It Better

job interview follow-up

You know how to research companies, how to tweak your resume and even how to answer tough interview questions, but do you really know how to follow-up after the interview? If you’ve been invited to interview, it means the company is already interested in you. You will either seal the deal or blow the show. What can you do to woo the employer and land the job?   

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Job Interview Essentials: 7 Items You Must Bring to Every Interview

job interview essentials

A part of your job interview preparation should always include choosing carefully what you bring and packing the day before. You don’t want to haphazardly end up throwing anything in sight into your bag and forgetting a key item. Here are seven job interview essentials you must bring to ace any interview.   

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Your First Real Job: 7 Ways to Nail the Job Interview

first real job offer

Interviewing is never a completely comfortable experience. In fact, looking for that first real job can be particularly stressful.

To help you prepare for your next job interview, and to stand above the competition, here are some tips that will help you get your first real job.   

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