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All in One Place: The Best Job Interview Preparation Tips [Infographic]


Are you nervous about an upcoming job interview? Need a quick read full of advice on how to ace that interview?

This infographic by Interview Preparation Services, which is full of useful preparation tips, may be just what you’re looking for…   

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5 Ways to Overcome Lack of Experience in a Job Interview


When you have little job experience, answering questions about your qualifications is challenging. But there are effective ways to handle the challenge.

First, understand a lack of job experience doesn’t mean an applicant isn’t qualified for the job…   

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Job Interview Challenge: What to Do When the Trail Goes Cold


The job hunt is full of many frustrating delays…

Even if you blast through the basic frustrations such as finding the right job, writing a compelling resume and crafting an effective cover letter, you can still get hung up on someone else’s schedule: the busy HR manager.   

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Updated for 2016: Job Interview Do’s and Dont’s [Infographic]

Job Interview Do and Dont

The “do’s and don’ts” posts have been around as long as YouTern has been here to help (okay, maybe longer), but this one is different…

It is accompanies by actual data that shows exactly how many candidates, to their credit, are doing the do’s – and how many, much to the dread of employers, are guilty of the don’ts…   

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For a Successful Job Interview: Manage Your Nerves!


You’ve done everything right, and it worked! You’ve landed a job interview for the perfect job for the perfect employer.

YIKES! A job interview! If you are like the vast majority of people, while you are thrilled and excited at this opportunity, you are also terrified…   

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10 Questions to Help You Decide: Is This the Right Job for Me?


You get a call from the perfect company for the perfect job. But before you get too carried away with interview prep, it’s important to understand that your ultimate goal in the interview is NOT to get the job.

Instead your goal is to figure out if you WANT the job….   

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