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How Body Language Can Help Ace Your Job Interview [Infographic]

body language

To get ready for a job interview, we practice our elevator pitch. We practice answering the most likely questions the interviewer will ask. And we practice asking the questions we’ll throw at the employer.

We practice everything, it seems, except… our body language.   

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The 3 Hardest Job Interview Questions for Young Pros

hardest job interview questions

Your first job interviews can be nerve-wracking. After all, there are hundreds of potential interview questions you might be asked.

But there are three that most young pros consider to be among the hardest job interview questions to answer…   

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Job Interview Tips: 4 Ways to Win Bonus Points

job interview tips

Do you expect your next job interview to essentially be an interrogation? You know, where the interviewer drills you for all the answers they want to hear?

If your answer is yes, here are four job interview tips to you win bonus points with your interviewer…   

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You’ve Received an Emailed Job Interview Invitation… Now What?

job interview invitation

As an active job seeker, you look forward to getting that job interview invitation in your email inbox. And then, from either an employer or a recruiter… there it is!

So now what? How do you properly and professionally respond?   

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3 Ways to Turn a Phone Interview Into a Job Interview

phone interview

The phone interview is an opportunity to prove that you’re a good fit. But it’s no guarantee that you’ll make it through to a more substantial interview unless you’re both a good fit for the job description and the company’s culture.

How can you prove to the interviewer that you deserve an in-person opportunity?    

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How to Negotiate Salary During the Job Interview

negotiate salary

One of the most challenging questions during your interview is when the employer asks for salary requirements. Yes, it’s time to negotiate salary.

It can be extremely stressful when you are face to face with your potential boss who will be paying you for the foreseeable future…   

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