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Mock Job Interview: How Job Seekers Prepare for Success

mock job interview

One of the most valuable steps a job seeker can do to prepare for an interview? Conduct a mock job interview. Why? Well, Benjamin Franklin probably said it best:

“By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.”   

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Win Job Interviews: Learn How to Play the Q & A Game

win job interviews

There’s too much at stake to call the job search a game… but there is a way to win job interviews.

And that starts with unraveling the mystery in each question, developing answers that showcase your accomplishments, and convince the interviewer you are the perfect person for the job.   

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5 Little Lies That Will Help You Win Job Interviews

little lies win job inteviews

We’ve all been warned at some point: “Never lie in a job interview!” But some half-truths, exaggerations, or little lies will actually help you win job interviews.

About never lying Peter Harris, editor in chief of online job board Workopolis, says it’s “simply not realistic.”   

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Interview Better: Build Relationships with Hiring Managers

build relationships with hiring managers

In the story of interviewing for a job, sometimes the hiring manager can become the villain.

After all, if you’ve been on interview after interview. And sometimes it seems like they’re listing the perfect job for you over and over again only to pull it out from under your feet…   

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HR Fail: 7 Lame Reasons You Never Get a Call Back

hr fail no call back

I receive emails almost daily from frustrated job seekers asking me what they should do when they don’t receive any follow up from potential employers after a job interview. Frustrated, mad, disappointed, offended, tired… can you relate to any of those feelings? Those sentiments often fill my inbox, along with the question, “What is happening when HR doesn’t call me back?”   

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6 Tough Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

tough job interview questions

You’ve managed to land an interview. And while congratulations may be in order… now the hard work really begins.

While the process can be long and nerve-wracking (these are questions that potentially alter your future, after all) there are some questions you can bet on being asked…   

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