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The Most Overlooked Job Interview Skill Ever: Personal Selling

You Suck

Most of us cringe when we hear these two words: “Job interview.”

Because job interviews are perhaps the most stressful portion of the job search process, we do everything possible to prepare. We Google every aspect of the interview, look at videos for tips, read every article from every expert, etc. And still, there is a huge chance that you’ll suck at your next interview.    

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5 Ways to Evaluate Your Job Interview Performance

plan b

You’ve had a few interviews… but, so far, no offers. Yes, that could mean the competition was more qualified than you. Or it could mean you need to improve your job interview performance.

To help evaluate past interviews, and to see how you can do better next time, here are five areas you must evaluate…   

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The Perfect Answer to “Why Should We Hire You?”


You prepare for your job interview ahead of time by researching the company, the position, the contacts with whom you will interview and the challenges the company may be experiencing.

You rehearse answers to expected interview questions outlining your accomplishments and the stories behind them. You are ready to knock them dead!

And then it happens…    

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The Top 5 Job Interview Problems… Solved

job interview problems

It’s only natural that job interviews evoke anxiety. After all, you’re put in the spotlight to ultimately answer one question: “Why you?”

But with a little practice, you’ll find it’s not so hard to convince an employer that you’re the best person for the job…   

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Get the Job Interview: 6 Tips for Your 6 Seconds

Your Resume Has 6 Seconds

Yes, recruiters spend an average of six seconds initially reviewing a resume. In the same time it takes you to watch a Vine, a recruiter decides whether you will move forward in the hiring process. Six seconds can change your life. This article shows you six ways to make sure your resume makes the best use of every second… and you get the interview. Be a Really Good Fit for the Job Obvious advice, but this truth is ignored by way too many job seekers. If you’re not qualified for the job… you will not be successful in the traditional application   

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How to Dress (And NOT Dress) for Job Interview Success

Ajilon Dress for Success

Employers have stated they can make hiring decisions within the first few minutes, even seconds, of meeting you… and the way you dress has a lot to do with that!

To learn how you should (and should not!) dress, groom and accessorize for your next job interview, check out this terrific infographic from our friends at Ajilon Professional Staffing…   

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