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How to Answer the World’s Most Difficult Interview Questions

difficult interview questions

What can you do to feel confident and empowered during your upcoming job interview? The answer, it turns out, is simple.

You must learn about the types of difficult interview questions you can anticipate having to answer during your job search…   

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Job Interview First Impressions: 10 Tips to Take You to the Top [Infographic]

job interview first impressions

Attempting to make that all-important good first impression at a job interview can be intimidating, yes. After all, the job interview first impressions you make are the starting point for not just your next job, but also your career.

Here’s how to do it right…   

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The 3 Most Difficult Job Interview Questions for Young Professionals

difficult job interview questions

You’re eager to make a good impression, but you may not feel like you have much experience, either at interviewing or in your professional field. Most important, you may not yet have all the answers for difficult job interview questions.

But with a little preparation, you can be your best in any interview….   

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10 Ways to Know That You Just Had a Really Great Job Interview

great job interview

So how can you tell a great job interview from a bad one?

Although you usually have some feeling about how you did, truth is you really don’t know how you did or even if the interview went well until you get the good-news call…   

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Post-Interview Waiting: The Real Reasons Why Employers Take So Long to Respond

post-interview waiting

The reason for a long post-interview waiting period has little to do with you. Or it could have everything to do with you.

Here’s are just some the reasons an employer takes so long to respond…   

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Value Blockers: What’s Keeping You from Getting Hired?

value blockers

We all know what it feels like immediately after a job interview. The nagging doubts start to creep in even when you think you’ve done well. Why did I say that? I forgot to talk about that! Maybe I misunderstood that question. Faced with the chance to score a goal, sometimes we shoot wide!

What value blockers get in the way of being our best and showing our true value to an employer?   

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