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The Weirdest Job Interview Questions Ever Asked [Infographic]

Weird Interview Questions

You walk into a potential employer and they ask: “How many ping pong balls fit in a school bus?” Think that’s weird? You haven’t seen anything yet…

According to JobsToday, here are six of the weirdest job interview questions ever asked. Just as important, they tell you what those questions really mean and how to answer them…   

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The One Secret to Nailing a Video Job Interview [Infographic]

Nail the Online Job Interview

So you have a video job interview all lined up… perhaps on Skype or a Google Hangout. You’ve researched the company, the position and the recruiter. You know your stuff!

But did you know that body language during your online job interview can determine 80% of the final hiring decision?   

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How to Craft the Perfect Answer to “What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment?”

Interview Question

One of the toughest job interview questions of all time: “What is your greatest accomplishment?”

And yet answering this question in a way sure to impress the recruiter is not all that difficult! Because like your LinkedIn profile and resume should be focused on your accomplishments (preferably quantified), so should your answer to this job interview question!   

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Startup Job Interview? Here’s 6 Questions You Must Ask

Stand out

Have a job interview coming up at a start-up? Not sure how that interview differs from a well-established company? After hiring for my own startups, I’ve learned a lot about what hiring managers look for in a startup setting. And here’s the secret: Interviewing for a startup is as much about making sure you want to work there as making them want you on board. These six questions will not only help you stand out from other candidates – they’ll help you decide if that startup is the right fit for you: “What are the first projects that I will   

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Are These 4 Attitudes Negatively Impacting Your Job Search?


If you’re job-hunting or looking to make a career change, you’ve likely already learned: over time, bad habits and bad attitudes can become barriers between us… and success. Not only does a negative attitude repel human resources managers, but approaching the job hunt with a bad attitude will also limit your options from the start. You’ll be less likely to apply to jobs that might be a great fit; you’ll identify fewer possibilities. We become focused on why we wouldn’t be considered, rather than what might make us an asset to this employer. As you continue your job search, see   

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Ask These 10 Questions at Your Next Informational Interview

Good question

Imagine asking someone for an informational interview… and then having nothing to say?

With these 10 questions at your fingertips, that will never happen to you!   

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