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5 Epic Fails from the Worst Job Interviews Ever

Epic Fail

Failing to bring copies of your résumé? Forgetting the recruiter’s name? Needing a do-over when answering the “Why should I hire you? question?

Not great perfect, but not epic job interview fails like these from the worst interviews ever…   

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25 Questions to Ask During Your Next Job Interview

Magic 8 Ball

There’s lots of advice out there about what to ask when the recruiter says, “Have any questions for me?”

The trouble is, most of that advice is starting OKto sound generic… and recruiters are tired of getting asked the same questions over and over again. Even worse: when a candidate asks a question that has nothing to do with that job or company… or even the goals of the applicant…   

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Blow Recruiters Away By Asking These 7 Job Interview Questions

blown away

What is the one mistake way too many job hunters make as they head into a job interview?

They assume the interview process is a one-sided conversation. The most successful job seekers, however, aren’t just prepared to answer tricky questions…. they have some questions of their own up their sleeve…   

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What’s the Most Important Minute of Your Job Interview?


The most important interview minute? It could be the final closing and asking for the job… that’s absolutely critical. (Nope.) Or is it the first minute once the interview starts? (Nope.)

The most important interview minute is…   

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21 Ways to Make Your Next Job Interview the Best Ever [Infographic]

21 Secrets to Nailing a Job Interview

Getting a job interview these days is tough. So you must make the most of each opportunity!

But how? Where do you start? How do you really impress? And how do you end the interview process in a way that says “Hire me!”?   

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3 Job Interview Killers You Didn’t See Coming


Ever left an interview feeling like you nailed it only to never be invited back for a second interview? Never see a job offer? You were probably confused or upset. Maybe both.

There could have been a valid reason. But what if it wasn’t those things? What if you killed your interview with mistakes you weren’t even aware of? Here are three surprising interview missteps that might cost you the job…   

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