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The Best Strategies for Beating Job Interview Nerves [Infographic]

How to Beat Job Interview Nerves

You have a job interview coming up in a couple days… and it is already causing anxiety?

You’re not alone. Worries such as being unprepared, arriving late and making a bad first impression result in 96% of job seekers having difficulty getting to sleep the night before a job interview. Worse yet, these worries quickly become our worst enemy…   

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Stop Being Nervous in Job Interviews… Here’s Why

Nervous job interview

Being nervous during interviews happens to most people. Why? Because we tend to focus too much on what the outcome might be (read: I won’t get the job) that we forget to be in the moment. And that feeds our nervousness. But what we are really doing is becoming our very own saboteur. When you are so distracted by outcomes and not investing your energy into the conversation taking place at that instant, then THAT is actually where you lose control and fail. Instead, try to think about an interview in these terms: Imagine that the interviewer is a celebrity   

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Why Your Generic Branding is Killing Your Job Search

Clear Focus

The issue with the generic self-introduction so common on social media: No one ever knows how he might define fast-learning. And no one ever knows what kind of problems he solved. Yes, employers definitely need people to solve problems, but in today’s job market…

To be impressed, job seekers must provide context, social proof and, most important, focus.    

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5 Ways to Land That “Out of Your League” Internship

Out of Your League

Many college students can relate to Lauren’s internship search. You find an internship that sounds like a dream come true… but become intimidated. Perhaps the fear of rejection kicks in. Do you stand a chance? Should you even apply?

For Lauren, and those college students like Lauren, here are five tips for landing an internship that you might think is out of your league…   

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Are You Prepared for These Job Interview Trends?

Job Interview Trends

Just as many aspects of the job search have changed in the last few years, so have job interviews. For job seekers, that means keeping up with the latest trends and techniques recruiters are using to choose the very best candidates. Here are three of the trends – from the new to old methods making a comeback – that you may run into in the very near future: Situational Job Interviews The situational job interview has been the hottest of trends, and at many companies its use is reaching commonplace status. In a situational job interview the candidate is asked   

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3 Outrageous Job Interview Tactics That Really Work

Unique man with businesspeople

Before every job interview, we’re told to be “professional.” But what does that mean, exactly?

To me, “professional” means capable, consistent, and qualified. It does not mean being a cardboard clone of every other applicant being interviewed that day – which I see far too often…   

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