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The Two Job Interview Techniques You Must Master

Job Interview Focus Confidence

In the human resources and career development worlds, the acronyms “STAR” and “CAR” get thrown around a lot. And for good reason: both are highly effective techniques for demonstrating a job seeker’s aptitude for working well in challenging situations. So you can master these proven job interview (and personal branding) techniques, let’s take a look at both STAR and CAR: When to Use Them Both methods can be used during behavioral interviews, meaning interviews that focus on how a candidate acted in certain employment situations. The logic behind this comes down to a common recruiting phrase, “The past predicts the   

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The One Job Interview Question That Blows Recruiters Away

The One Job Interview Question

Simple. Straightforward. Non-specific. Not particularly exciting.

And yet this is the one question that blows recruiters away during a job interview…   

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The Single Best Way to Answer Every Job Interview Question


A few words on paper can transform our careers, too. Because stories, which already work great on cover letters and reference letters, can help you nail a job interview, too.

Before your next interview, walk into the room with three things: a smile, pen and paper, and three success stories…   

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How to Keep Calm and Beat Down Job Interview Jitters

Beat Job Interview Jitters

No doubt: job interviews can be stressful. We think we must be perfect; that even one mistake can cost us the job we so badly want, or need. How do identify what sets us down the path of anxiety? How do we maintain the right balance of calm, confidence and passion to thoroughly impress the employer? This infographic from Essay Tigers shows us the primary causes for our nervousness before and during a job interview. More important, they show us exactly how, with preparation and practice, to set the negativity and anxiety aside and deliver a positive performance!       

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40 Common Reasons Recruiters May Reject You

Reason Recruiters Will Reject

Do you know what messages your words and body language send? What your style of dress and written communication say to others? How your online presence affects your perceived personal brand?

We often live inside our own heads so much, we forget that in every interaction we are being evaluated…   

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How to Make the “Greatest Weakness” Question a Strength


Too often, a job interview includes annoying interview questions… and none is worse, or more common, than: “What’s your greatest weakness?”

So, since some form of the greatest weakness question will likely be aimed your way as you sit in the interview hot seat, you should be more than prepared to make this odd question a bona fide strength.   

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