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Video Interviews Are Here! Are You Ready for Your Close-Up?

video interviews

Virtual interviews for job candidates are becoming part of modern recruitment. They’re certainly one of the most popular contemporary recruiting trends.

In fact, more than half of all employers using video interviews to screen candidates before meeting them in person…   

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7 Job Interview Questions that Ask: “Did I Get the Job?”

last job interview questions

What are the last job interview questions you should ask? The ones that ask: “Did I get the job?” Everyone tells you to ask for the job, but few people will tell you how. Many job seekers take a passive approach and just don’t bother asking. Trouble us, there are not many situations where a passive approach works well. In fact, it is often interpreted in a lack of interest in the job. Without becoming uncomfortable or too pushy, here are seven ways to ask one of the most important job interview questions: 1. Direct Approach “I’d really like to work for   

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5 Ways to Show Leadership Skills in a Job Interview

leadership skills

when applying for positions with top companies and organizations, what is one of the most important things you can do as a candidate? That’s right…

Show the interviewer that you are able to lead a group of people to success.   

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Come Prepared to Ace Your Next Critical Job Interview!

critical job interview

Even the best resume can’t make up for sub-par interviewing skills. Confidence, communication, and ability to articulate your value are all key to moving toward the job offer, and preparation is the key to success.    

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Cliche Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Like a Pro

cliche interview questions

It would be nice if job interview questions merely involved being asked about your favorite foods and movies, with the interviewer saying, “I love Happy Feet too! Let me show you to your desk.”

Anything would be better than answering the cliche interview questions interviewers have been asking since clipboards were invented…   

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The Introvert’s Guide to a Confident Job Interview [Infographic]

confident job interview

For those who see themselves as shy and introverted, a confident job interview performance may seem impossible. Not that being an introvert means you lack confidence. It just means you’re not comfortable in group situations. Selling yourself to others feels like an insurmountable obstacle.   

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