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3 Ways to Ensure You Ace Your Next Job Interview

job interview

Welcome to your first summer in the real world. You’re officially a young professional beginning your job search. And quite likely, you are preparing for a job interview!

Stand out in your interview by mastering your first impression, showing you’ve done your research and by following these three proven steps to acing your job interview!   

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The No. 1 Job Interview Mistake (Worse Than Being Late)

job interview mistake

No, it’s not OK if you arrive late. No, it’s not OK if you dress poorly. Those mistakes are bad, no doubt.

But the #1 job interview mistake, in my opinion, is…   

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How to Handle Your First High-Stakes Job Interview

high-stakes job interview

Most of us have been through at least one job or internship interview.

So when you finally get to a more high-stakes job interview (like that first real job after graduation) that you’re really excited about… what if you freeze?   

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Top Job Interview Tips from Recruiters: Revealed! [Infographic]

top job interview tips

How can you possibly sift through all the job interview advice available out there? How do you cull the good from the bad, the relevant from the obscure, and still get to bed in time to wake up ready to conquer the world?

No worries… a quick glance at this infographic from is all you need!    

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Job Interview Follow Up: When is The Right Time?

job interview follow up

You planned your interview outfit down to the smallest detail. You aced all of the questions. And you wrote the perfect thank you note.

So, how long do you wait before beginning the job interview follow up?   

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9 Things You Must Know About the Recruiting Process

recruiting process

Wouldn’t you love to know what human resource professionals are really thinking during the recruiting process?

Now you can. Get the inside scoop on the 9 things that really matter to HR…   

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