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Internships: The 400 Hour Job Interview

400 hour job interview

Internships are no longer about temporary summer help at the office. Instead, they’ve become proving grounds for future employees. Think of it as an extended interview. In this case, a 400 hour interview!   

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How to Tell a Good Internship Opportunity from the Bad

internship opportunity

If you’ve visited online job boards lately, you’ve probably noticed most companies have high expectations. Nowadays, it’s practically required that you already have some professional experience before landing an entry-level job after graduation. A popular way to gain valuable experience is to complete a quality internship. But to compete well in today’s marketplace you need multiple internships.   

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Start Right: Develop a Solid Internship Success Plan

internship success plan

In today’s fast-changing world of work, your professional career will include many new positions. So for interns, it’s never too early to learn how to get any new job off to a strong start. And the best way to do that? A solid internship success plan.   

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Internship or Freelance Position: Which is Best for Your Career?

freelance position

Before you near the end of your college years and join the workforce, you’ll likely find many types of temporary opportunities available. In fact, you may need to choose: internship or freelance position. Of course, both internships and freelance opportunities have their benefits. Either of these trial jobs can be the turning points that put you solidly above your competitors when seeking full-time positions. But which path is right for you and your career? The Difference Between an Internship and a Freelance Position Before we dive in, it’s important to note that there is some overlap between interns and freelancers, depending   

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5 Questions You Must Ask After Every Interview

Job Interview Questions

Your job or internship interview is going off without a hitch. But just when you think the interview is over and you have this one in the bag, your interviewer asks:

“So do you have any questions for me about the position?”   

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5 Career Perks for Completing Post-Graduate Internships

college graduate internships

Many college seniors expect to have a full-time job waiting for them after graduation. And a brand new car. And keys to a top-floor apartment with a view.


But if you’re planning to graduate this semester, get ready for a major reality check…   

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