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12 Ways to Turn a Summer Internship into a Job Offer


If you’re just starting your internship this summer, or you’ve been at it for about a month now, what do you hope the outcome of this internship to be? Have you considered turning your internship into something bigger? Like a j-o-b?

So you can turn your summer internship into a job offer, consider these proven tips that will make your employer say, “Hey, let’s talk about keeping you on…”   

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7 Signs Your Internship Isn’t Going to Work Out This Time

Internship Not Working Out

Today’s workforce practically requires every college student to gain professional experience before landing an entry-level job. And one of the best options for college students to gain that experience: internships.

But what if that internship is less than satisfactory? What if what looked good on paper, isn’t so good in real life?   

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12 Proven Ways to Turn Your Internship into a Job Offer

Internship to Job

Your internship is a great way to gain experience, develop skills and greatly improve your chances of getting catching a recruiter’s attention. Even better, many internships lead to a job offer; I had three internships during my college career, and the last one turned into my first full-time job!

This is how I went from intern to employee – see if these tips work for you, too…   

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7 Ways Internships Are Way Different than Classroom Learning


As many begin their internships and dive into the work, they quickly discover that their expectations were a little off.

From what you must wear, to the demonstration of your work ethic, and all the way to how deadlines are perceived in the workplace… they are surprised how different the internship learning environment is from that you’ve become used to in the classroom.

Here are some ways your internship varies from what you’ve experienced at college…   

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Why Internships Remain Vital to Early Career Success


A Forbes article by J. Maureen Henderson argues internships aren’t worth the effort. Henderson explains the work performed during an internship doesn’t provide useful skills, are too expensive, and chances are they won’t even land you a job.

Want to know why internships are worth it? Nearly 74 percent of employers prefer candidates with work experience…   

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Is Internship Experience Even More Important Than Your Degree?


As many students head home for summer, they are faced with an age-old decision: what will they do with their free time?

Most will take on a summer job, while others may stay on campus to attend summer classes. Others, according to a recent study, will do the best possible thing for their careers: they will begin a summer internship.   

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