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The Job Search Questions We’re Too Afraid to Ask (But Should)

#InternPro Chat job search questions

Searching for a job is not an easy process. We don’t where to go to ask our job search questions.

Sometimes, we don’t even know if we should ask. We fear not sounding like we know what we’re doing or maybe don’t have a plan…   

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How Do I Leave the Ranks of the Underemployed?

#InternPro Chat Leaving Underemployed Status

A continuing trend for recent college graduates and young professionals is underemployment. With large amounts of debt, many young professionals are often forced to take jobs that they’re overqualified for.

And for many, even though our economy has improved, leaving the ‘I’ll take anything’ mindset behind is not as easy as you’d expect.   

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#InternPro Recap: Real World 102: What Life Hasn’t Taught You Yet

#InternPro Chat Real World 102

Have you ever taken a class called “Real World 102”?  Probably not. And it’s just as well. No matter how educated we are, it seems like we’re always learning something from the school of hard knocks. But how do we learn about the real world? Is it through experience? Is it through mentors and mentees? And how can we translate our new real world knowledge into marketable skills for the career world? The #InternPro community set out to answer these questions about the School of Hard Knocks, and many more, Monday night. To see what was said, check out the full recap   

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Real World 102: What Life Hasn’t Taught You Yet

#InternPro chat real world 102

Last week on #InternPro we talked about what college doesn’t teach us about the real world. Tonight we’re going one step further… At 9pm ET, #InternPro talks about what the real world hasn’t taught us yet about the real world. You know, that stuff we all wish we knew a long time ago… but seems to come from trying new things, making mistakes and though experience. Because no matter how educated we are, it seems like we learn a lot from the School of Hard Knocks. Here’s what we will be asking members of the community… In your post-college life, what has   

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Real World Ready? What College Didn’t Teach You About Your Career

#InternPro Chat real world 101

Did you ever attend a class called ‘Real World 101’? Perhaps a better question: When you left college, were you real world ready?

If you’re like many members of the #InternPro community, the answer to that may be: “Um, not ready at all.”   

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#InternPro Recap: How Savvy Young Pros Leverage Self-Learning

#InternPro Chat leverage self-learning

No more pencils, no more books. The graduation cap and gown are gone, so the learning is done, right? WRONG… it’s now time to leverage self-learning!

Savvy young professionals are discovering that learning is not done once you get a diploma…   

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