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Career Blunders: 4 Ways to Be a Terrible Intern


Your internship has the possibility to give you meaningful experiences and important career lessons and connections that change your life entirely. Sounds like too much work to us!

Just go through the motions and follow our guide to gaining absolutely nothing from your internship and, in no time at all, your boss will be saying, “We have an intern?”   

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Companies with the Best Intern Salaries (Some Earn $7K+ per Month!)


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in the United States is $53,046. So it may surprise you to learn that several interns earn much more – $75,000+ assuming they were to work a full year. YouTern partner Glassdoor recently revealed its report of the “25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns.” The report sheds light on how much money some companies pay interns. Perhaps more important, the data underscores the current competitive climate among employers for the best, new talent. San Francisco Bay Area-based employers dominate the list, representing 18 of the top 25 companies. In fact,   

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Find the Best Fit: Follow The Five C’s of Internship Search

new career ahead

Congratulations… you’ve learned that securing an internship is vitally important to your career development, and are ready to take action.

However, how to obtain an internship that’s a good fit for you may be a bit unclear.

Incorporate the “Five C’s” of an Internship Search – and bring into focus what’s most important to your career.   

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Advice for a Past Intern: The 10 Things I Wish I Knew Back Then


I read a few posts recently, with poignant advice, the gist of which covered “Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew In College.”

(If I was the author, however, I’d include a good hangover cure! Just sayin’…)

The subject got me thinking about questions I get from interns, and some of the good advice that would them become more successful in their internships…   

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Internship Prep 101: A Guide for Internship Success


Many students know internships provide real world, hands-on experience before applying for jobs. They know internships help soon-to-be professionals decide if they’ll enjoy working in their chosen major or a particular industry. And, of course, they understand that internships increase the chances of employment after graduation.

If they’ve never interned, though, they may not know how to can gain the most out of their internship experience…   

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In Today’s Job Market, How Many Internships Are Enough?

How Many Internships are Enough

You may already have some professional experience from several internships. Or perhaps you’re exploring internships for the first time… maybe even as a recent graduate. In any case, it’s likely you’re pondering one of the most common internship-related questions…

By the time I look for my first real job, how many internships should I have on my resume?

The simple answer:   

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