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Social Media Job Search: The Job Hunting Equalizer [Infographic]

social media job search

The internet has become an essential job-seeking resource. In fact, today less than 5 percent of all employers ignore using social media for hiring.

So a social media job search has, for many, become the job hunting equalizer…


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The Only Internship Guide You’ll Ever Need [Infographic]

internship guide

With the job market being what it is, a lot goes into finding the right internship.

But no matter what kind of internship you choose, you could use an internship guide to help you make the right choice for you…   

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How to Answer Challenging Job Interview Questions [Infographic]

challenging job interview questions

You know how to prepare for a job interview. You’ve got that part down.

But are you ready to answer the really challenging job interview questions?   

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40 Tips to Help Ace Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

next job interview

Employers invite you to interviews all the time. So, why aren’t they calling you back? Perhaps your interview skills need a little refresher before your next job interview.

Good news: this infographic from AlexaJobs has you covered!   

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Conducting Informational Interviews to Advance Your Career [Infographic]

conducting informational interviews

Job interviews don’t scare you anymore. But acing the job interview isn’t enough if you aren’t prepared for the job they offer.

For that, you need think about conducting informational interviews of your own…   

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17 Ways to Ensure an Impressive Interview [Infographic]

impressive interview

This infographic by enworld serves as a cheat sheet for all of the most essential job interview advice. These 17 tips will help you hone your interview skills, setting you up to thoroughly impress the interviewer.

And an impressive interview is the first step to landing the job…   

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