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The 2 Minute Millennial: 3 Pieces of Career Advice for GenZ

Advice for Gen Z

If you could go back in time and give yourself three pieces of advice that would make your future self a raving success, what would they be?

In this episode of The 2 Minute Millennial, I provide three pieces of advice to the up-and-comers in generation Z – advice I might give the younger version of myself…   

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The 7 Best Podcasts for Finding Your Passion


Browsing quotes on the Internet can be inspirational, but in finding your passion, it’s just not enough. Here’s a life hack I wish someone had told me earlier in the game; one that helps me find real motivation: Listen to podcasts!

With thousands of podcasts to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to seven that cover great advice on self-discovery.   

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When a Raise is Off The Table: 5 Things to Ask for Instead


raise is ideal, right? You’ve been working your butt off, and yeah, you could always use a little extra cash. But here’s the deal…

Sometimes your employer can’t afford to give you a raise. Sometimes your employer is just like you, trying to make ends meet…   

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The Biggest Career Challenge Millennials Will Face


This is not your parent’s career. You know, the one where they stay in the same job and retire with the gold watch.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that most high schoolers today are going to have 10 to 15 jobs in their lifetime. Personally, I think that is a really low number; with Millennials, I think we’re talking 20 to 30 jobs!   

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4 Ways to Build Valuable Career Skills This Summer

Summer Students

Summer means you’re one step closer to graduation, and entering a competitive job market. So now is the time to differentiate yourself by gaining the special skills that will help you stand out from your peers and get the job you want when you graduate.

Here are four ways to build valuable career skills this summer…   

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6 Ways to Ensure Your Personal Brand Really Reflects You

Branding the Real You

when it comes to personal branding, I hope you are not getting the impression that cultivating a strong professional persona – one that sets you on a course to career success – means bidding farewell to the identity that makes you… you.

On the contrary, the best career advice simply helps you become your best you…   

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