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Ask These 3 Questions to Learn from Career Mistakes Made

Career Mistakes Made

Within 2 years of graduating college I had managed to have 3 different jobs that had nothing to do with each other (to be precise: marketing, nannying, and law).

Worse yet: in changing jobs, I did everything you’re definitely not supposed to do…   

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More Than Money: 5 Things to Consider Before Taking the Job

More than Money

When looking for a new job, it’s easy to jump at the first offer or a high paycheck. However, money is certainly not everything when it comes to your everyday employment, and there are several aspects you should consider. Your job is something that affects your life every day. You don’t want to take an employment decision lightly. Here are 5 benefits that you should give weight to when considering a job or internship offer:   

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12 Ways a Young Professional Can Really Impress the Boss

Impress the boss

You got the job. You’re starting today. And you want to hit the ground running… a great first impression is a must! To help you do just that, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question:

“What is the one out-of-the-box thing a young team member can do to impress you the most?”   

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12 Ways Millennials Will Forever Impact the Workplace

Millennial Impact on Culture

It is said that in just a few short years, Millennials will hold a large majority in the workforce. But what does that mean, exactly? What will change when working digital natives outnumber the Boomer and GenXers?

Specifically: How will Millennials directly, and forever, impact the workplace and company culture?   

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Why Young Professionals Must Learn to Focus on NOW

under30ceo pic

We Millennials want immediate gratification. Instant results.

It’s this mentality of immediacy that results in many of us being stressed and frustrated when we don’t see results early on in our careers. This can then lead us to questioning our chosen career path and if it’s really the best fit…   

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12 Top Tips for Getting Hired After Graduation

get hired recent grads

Perhaps you are a December grad. Or maybe you’re looking ahead to May 2015 and graduation. You may even be one of the 2014 graduates who discovered that finding work post-graduation is far more difficult than anyone could imagine.

To help grads in either of those three scenarios, here are 12 tips to help you stand out in the job search and make yourself memorable to potential employers…   

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