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Forget LinkedIn: Facebook Is the Best Social Network for Job Seekers

Facebook First Place

I am not a fan of the typical sharing that takes place on Facebook. For career purposes, however, I contend that Facebook is arguably the social place to be.

Yes, LinkedIn seemingly has cornered the professional network niche and Facebook is generally viewed as a personal social network. Upon closer inspection, however, the distinction between personal versus professional information no longer has significance in the world of social media…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 6: Make Facebook Your Career BFF

#60Day 6 of 60

We hear it all the time: “My Facebook account is personal!” Wrong!

Over three-quarters of recruiters confess they use your Facebook account to pre-judge you. A whole bunch more won’t admit it… but they do, too.

So why not use that to your advantage? Why not position yourself as infinitely employable… on your Facebook page?   

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The Twelve Days of Christmas (Social Media Style!)


YouTern is getting into the holiday spirit this week.

Sing along everybody, as we present ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas… Social Media Style!’   

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Boost Your Skill Set: Become a Student of Social Media


I frequently field this question: “How did you become a social media expert?”

The very notion still makes me a bit uncomfortable – I guess I’m not completely over my Delusions of Mediocrity yet. I often have to stifle a retort such as, “I tweet a lot,” because that isn’t really helpful or all that respectful of the asker.

So in this post, let me share some no-nonsense insight into how I think I became rated Top 10 by Forbes for my social influence, and how I’ve gathered much of my expertise and reputation in this field.

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Online Presence: A Powerful Punch for Your Job Search


Hands down, LinkedIn has helped me get more interviews. After I got LinkedIn up and running, I decided to take it a step further and see what Twitter had to offer. I used to use Twitter sporadically since 2009 and never really thought it could be useful for anything more than personal use.

I was SO wrong.

After using Twitter in a professional capacity, I ended up receiving more job offers, interviews, and assistance to find a job than I ever did when I used to just apply to online job boards. I couldn’t believe the outcome. Here is why you need an online presence during your next job hunt:   

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How to Increase Your Online Influence [Infographic]


Recently, we featured a terrific post by Dawn Rasmussen titled “The New Resume: Your Online Content (and Digital Reputation)“.

Since then, many have asked how, once we capture attention to our online presence and content, we keep our audience’s attention on us. After all, in our ultra-competitve job market (not to mention the plethora of available content), keeping the focus on our message and personal brand has never been more difficult…

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