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Cover Letter TMI: How Much Is Too Much?


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said we need to go there?

Leave out irrelevant details that cause the recruiter to doubt your qualifications. Your cover letter is your opportunity to grab a recruiter’s attention. It is the hook that gets an employer to read your resume and invite you for an interview.

Lets take a look at what doesn’t work in a cover letter and should be excluded:   

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Bad Career Advice: “Do This… It Will Look Good on Your Resume”

Bad Career Advice

Every internship or job we get as college kids means something for our resume. It means that we can flush out the old and begin with the new.

But the cliche of taking on a project just because it “looks good on a resume” to me simply has to go. There has to be something better.

Am I really working as a part-time landscaper during the summer to have it “look good on a resume”? Absolutely not.   

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The Other “F” Word: How to Explain Why You Got Fired


Being fired from a job can happen to anyone and occur for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you had a personality conflict with your immediate supervisor and your supervisor prevailed. Perhaps the job description was completely different from the one given to you during the interview and it was absolutely the wrong fit. Don’t obsess over it. You are not alone. Here are 6 effective ways to address the issue with a prospective employer…   

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Not Always Famous: 5 Celebrities’ Weird First Jobs

Jon Stewart Puppet

Many of us have worked jobs that we aren’t exactly proud of before starting our actual career. And the celebrities that you know and love are no different. They all had to start somewhere, and that place isn’t always the most dignified.

That’s why I put together a list of the weirdest jobs of celebrities before they were celebrities. As you’ll see, even famous celebrities had to start somewhere, just like you. Maybe you aren’t taming lions or puppeteering to pay your bills, but at least you know that sometimes it takes awhile to find your true calling.   

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Does Gen Y Job-hopping Benefit Employers Too?

It used to be that employees would stay at jobs for years and years and years and then they’d die. Or retire. Or whatever came first.

But today, that’s not the case.

Because it’s so expensive, the cost of turnover makes employers nervous. I, however, don’t think it’s bad. On the contrary, I think it’s wonderful that workers these days want to experience new things and expand their skill sets.

When it comes to Generation Y and turnover, there are a few questions that need to be addressed:   

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12 Thrilling Ways to Quit Your Job

The idea of leaving your job may be on the tip of your tongue or in the far-out recesses of your brain, but it’s always there.

That’s both the beauty and the beast of at-will employment: you can leave whenever you decide to.

So which type of quit are you considering? Which might you actually act on? Check out these dozen ways to quit your job:   

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