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Creative Cover Letters: How to Stand Out Without Getting Thrown Out

creative cover letters

Utilizing creative cover letters can be tricky. They’re tricky because they have no real rules (like the Wild West of the Career World).

A lot of people, especially recent graduates, often feel tempted to write unique cover letters to show off their personality…   

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Making the Grade: The ABCs of an Effective Cover Letter

effective cover letter

Cover letters are the bane of existence for many job seekers. It’s unclear if anyone reads them or what employers even expect from them, and the rules are always changing.

Used properly, however, an effective cover letter can be a huge asset to your job search…   

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Time to Dump the Traditional Cover Letter: Top 7 Cover Letter Tips for 2017 [Infographic]

top cover letter tips

Maybe it’s time to dump the traditional cover letter?

Here are seven cover letter tips that will help you create the perfect contemporary intro, to you…   

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Getting it Right: Your Professional Cover Letter Can’t be Boring

professional cover letter

The cover letter doesn’t have to be boring! But how do you find the perfect balance of being professional and interesting with this important document?

Read on for five tips that will help you create the perfectly professional cover letter…   

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What You Need to Eliminate from a Good Cover Letter

good cover letter

A good cover letter spotlights a candidate’s strengths and how he or she would fit into an organization. Unfortunately, too many applicants fail to write a good cover letter, which generally can be attributed to these three reasons:

Not including enough information.
Including too much information.
Not including the right kind of information.   

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Beyond the Basics: An In-Depth Cover Letter Guide [Infographic]

cover letter guide

Today’s infographic from UNC Student Affairs serves as a comprehensive guide to cover letters.

The information provided goes beyond format and structure to provide helpful advice on the most effective content…   

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