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It Was a Zebra! (and 8 More Crazy Excuses for Being Late for Work)


In a recent CareerBuilder study, employers shared some of the most unique excuses they’ve heard from employees who were running late for work. From cats getting stuck in the toilet to supergluing an eye shut, these employers have heard practically every excuse in the book.

Here are nine outrageous excuses employees have used to inform their employer they’d be running late for work:   

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From the Best Bosses Ever: 4 Vital Early-Career Leadership Lessons

best boss

I was 20 years old, just out of undergrad, and sitting among a group Ph.D.’s. My first boss at Bell Labs was an equal-opportunity yeller.

When he shouted at me in my first-ever department meeting, I got up, told him when he wanted to talk, not yell, I’d be in my office and walked out.

Perhaps this was not the best initial career move…   

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What Do Employers Really Care About When Hiring New Grads?


Congratulations! You got accepted to . Your career is set, right? Maybe not.

While a prestigious college name certainly doesn’t hurt your resume, a new Gallup Survey tells us that—in hiring decisions—“only 9 percent of business leaders say the school on a candidate’s diploma is ‘very important.’”

So, this begs the question: What do they care about?   

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10 Work and Life Lessons Learned from Millennials

Every time I see yet another blog or news article bashing the Millennial generation I’m tempted to defend. The reality is, however, they don’t need me in that role. They do just fine by – and for – themselves.

So let me take this in another direction and say, without hesitation, that over the last three years I’ve learned more from young professionals than I have from fellow boomers, business books, blogs and big conferences – all put together…   

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What Makes Us Happy at Work? [Infographic]


As most of us in the US take Independence Day off, maybe this is a good time to think about what makes us want to go back to work every day.

After all, work isn’t just about salary and benefits. In fact, according to research as many as 80% of employees surveyed indicate they stay with their current employers simply because… wait for it…

They like their work!   

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Workplace Introverts Unite! Your Time Has Come…

Introvert Definition

So, you’re described as an “introvert.” That’s kind of like a wallflower, right?

No, you say? Well, that’s pretty much what says…

However, experts like Susan Cain, Lisa Petrilli, and Marti Olsen Laney offer a new definition for introvert…   

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