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8 Things All College Students Should Do Before Graduation

before college graduation

We all leave college thinking we’re ready to take on the world. We can’t help it sometimes; big milestones like college graduation naturally come with big expectations.

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College Scholarships Demystified: Get the Help You Need [Infographic]

college scholarships

How do you get your piece of the nearly 50 billion dollars awarded to eligible students through college scholarships?

This infographic from FluidReview helps answer that question…   

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Dear College Grad: Beware Taking the Beaten Path

college grad beware the beaten path

Let’s face it: Life is full of rules, especially for current students and the recent college grad.

However, as you look toward the rest of your life you must be willing to challenge some of those rules…   

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THIS is How You Write a Personal Branding Statement

personal branding statement

A personal branding statement is like answering a very open-ended essay questions.

They’re meant to give an applicant the liberty to explain who they are and why they see themselves fit to be a part of a certain job, internship, or university…   

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Are You Really Career Ready? [Infographic]

career ready

What does “career ready” really mean?

What competencies must you master to step into your first real role after college and make a difference?

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What Are the Best Cities for New Grads?

best cities for new grads

If you’re a recent college grad or are going to graduate soon, you’re about to be faced with a choice. After all, now that you finally have your degree, you need to move somewhere and start your career.

Where should you go? What are the best cities for new grads? There are a lot of factors to consider…   

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