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Are You Really Career Ready? [Infographic]

career ready

What does “career ready” really mean?

What competencies must you master to step into your first real role after college and make a difference?

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What Are the Best Cities for New Grads?

best cities for new grads

If you’re a recent college grad or are going to graduate soon, you’re about to be faced with a choice. After all, now that you finally have your degree, you need to move somewhere and start your career.

Where should you go? What are the best cities for new grads? There are a lot of factors to consider…   

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Freelance Work: The Key to Closing the Experience Gap


It’s no secret that work experience is more than essential for any recent graduate job seeker. After all, with the competition in the job market at an all time high, a recent college graduate with little to no work experience will more than likely not be considered for entry level position after graduation. Nowadays, the so called “entry level” positions require at least 2 years of experience, sometimes more! And yet, while the demand for internships has never been higher, the supply seems to be dwindling. There simply isn’t enough internships to go around. So, how does a college student gain experience   

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Young Pros: Are You Surrounding Yourself with Genius?


When it comes to your career, what would happen if we surrounded ourselves with those who challenge us to be better?

We can. And many successful young professionals are already using reference groups – mentors, influencers, and other forms of genius – to define themselves, shape their goals, and gauge their progress…   

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#InternPro Recap: “What Should College Students Do NOW for a Great Career LATER?”


“I’m not a college senior yet… I have plenty of time to worry about my career. Right now, I’m focused on having fun!”

At YouTern, we hear this, or something like it, far too often. The fact is that the world we used to live in, where all you needed to get a great job was a college degree, is gone.   

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10 Lessons Learned From the First Jobs of Successful Entrepreneurs


Sure, we hear stories of recent grads jumping into six-figure jobs right out of school. But chances are those dream jobs aren’t their first jobs!

So we asked ten very successful members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question: What was your first job and what did you learn from it?   

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