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Graduating in Debt? Here’s How to Manage Student Loan and Credit Card Payments

Student Loan

So, you’re a new college grad — and many adventures lie ahead! Also dead ahead: reality. For instance: once those paychecks from your first real job start rolling in, it’ll be time to make those student loan payments. A tall order, indeed — with the average college grad finishing school with student loan debt to the tune of $35,000+. As if that weren’t enough, many college grads are also staring at heaps of credit card debt they amassed in the process of trying to make ends meet during years of being a broke student. If that sounds like you, you’re   

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5 Ways to Build Your Career While Still in College

College Career

The days are getting shorter, and the leaves have begun to change colors and fall. You’ve wrapped up that summer job, said goodbye to your family and are heading back to college. Don’t let the excitement of seeing your friends and beginning classes distract you from an important task: building your resume. While the economy is recovering from the 2008 recession and unemployment rates are improving, for recent graduates (ages 20-24), the situation can still be quite frustrating.  The unemployment rate for recent grads is at about 5%, but 45% are underemployed, working in low-skilled and low-paying roles. Follow these   

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4 Common College Essay Words Rarely Used in the Workplace

Emoji 101

Thankfully, as many recent graduates have learned, it’s OK to drop the fancy talk and sound more… human!

Along with “before and after” examples, here are four classic college essay words that should never find their way into a business-focused document…   

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6 Steps to LinkedIn Success for College Students

Success steps

I believe colleges should be teaching courses on LinkedIn and make them mandatory…for every student.

Why? Because sources like estimate as high as 96% of recruiters search for and contact employers by using LinkedIn.   

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7 Job Interview Tips for When Your GPA is Just Average


We focus a lot on GPA in school. But in the real world, here’s the reality: After you get your first job, your GPA will likely never come up again.

Getting that first job with a less-than-stellar GPA, though, can be tough…   

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The 4 Mistakes Made by Too Many New Job Seekers

th (8)

People do funny things when trying to cope with the terrifying prospect of an extended job search. And our team of writers at Resume to Interviews have seen it all.

We routinely hear of clients taking a full year to land their first full-time job… and many of them make all the same mistakes that all their struggling friends made during their job search…   

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