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3 Simple Steps to Connecting with Alumni on LinkedIn

Dear College Students

Now that your LinkedIn profile is up and in tip top shape, it’s time to think about how, as a college student, you are going to connect with other LinkedIn members.

It’s time to develop your professional network…   

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5 Ways to Start Your Career While Still in College

Career college

Kicking off your career in college is essential to your success after graduation. College students who do internships, brand themselves, and gain real world experience are more likely to land jobs after college than those who don’t do anything to advance their careers.

There are so many different things you can do to launch your career as a college student…   

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A Young Professional’s Biggest Asset: Alumni Mentors

alumni network

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics: 70 percent of jobs are found through networking.

A great way to amp up your networking efforts? Take advantage of your alumni networks and enlist the career support of alumni mentors.   

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How Do You Work Around a Lack of Work Experience?

Entry Level Job Seeker

If you’re a new or recent grad, the lack of experience may seem to disqualify you for many jobs.

However, I’ve seen numerous success stories with clients who have overcome this dilemma, and I want to share some strategies about how you can do that, too…   

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Reap The Benefits of an Internship During the School Year


Want in on a little secret? I’m going to show you how you can gain more internship experience than ever imagined. Many college students think they can only complete internships during the summer because they’re often told that’s the best time to gain experience. Sure, while summer internships are ideal for many college students, most of them are missing out on great opportunities throughout the rest of the year. Internships that take place during the fall or spring semesters of your school year can be a great way for you to gain experience while taking classes. While you may think you   

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11 Tips for Getting a Great Job Even With a Low GPA


In speaking with a prospective client – an imminent grad, the topic of GPA came up. He mentioned his was not awful, but knew it probably wasn’t going to get him among the short list of candidates.

Maybe you are in the same boat? Maybe your resume isn’t going to help you get an interview?   

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