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“Mom, I’m Home!” 5 Success Tips for Moving Back Home

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As our newest college graduates look for work, they do so knowing that many have predicted that the Class of 2014 will fare much better than graduates of the recent past. NACE, for example, has said that employers intend to increase hiring of graduates by 7.8% in 2014.

Yet many of those who have fulfilled dreams that began as they entered college four years ago – the dream where earning a diploma was the golden ticket that guaranteed entrance to the workforce – have no choice: They’re going to move back home with their parents…   

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16 Pieces of Excellent Career Advice from Commencement Speeches


It’s almost May, and the class of 2014 soon will be donning their caps and gowns. Commencement speeches are a final rite of passage for graduating seniors anxiously awaiting the next step in their lives. The wisdom imparted in the speeches isn’t applicable to students, but instead to graduates, as young professionals. And sometimes the advice is so good, we should all pay attention.

Thanks to a terrific list of commencement speeches from Graduation Wisdom, I gathered the best commencement quotes for a fulfilling and productive career.   

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If I Could Turn Back Time: Career Advice for the Graduating Me

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As the next crop of fresh new graduates get ready to launch themselves into the world, I thought about the words of wisdom I would impart to help them navigate their early career. (Hopefully, they would be listening, too!)

So if I could provide time travel career advice to not only my former self, but also to these new grads, here’s what I would tell them…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 18: Visit Your Career Center

#60Day 18 of 60

On day 18 of the #60Day Challenge – where we focus on one 60-minute task every day for 60 days, all in an effort to help you become far more employable just two months from now – we visit a wholly under-utilized resource…

Your school’s career center.   

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Does Your GPA Really Matter to Recruiters?


Does your GPA matter to recruiters?

I would stress that it’s not GPA that’s important, but the work that goes into it. That is, students should not strive for a GPA as the number in and of itself, but strive to do good work and learn something. It’s the work that results in students increasing knowledge, building skills and gaining a broader perspective on the world around them. And this level knowledge will reveal itself in the job interview…   

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5 Tips to Get the Most from Your College Career Center

Get the Most from Your Career Center

I often hear recent college graduates complain that their career services center didn’t get them a job.

What many students don’t understand is that it’s not the career development centers’ duty to get them a job. The center is not a placement organization. Career services professionals provide students with the tools to figure out what they want to do professionally and how to best market themselves for the job search.

Here are five tips to using your college career center:   

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