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#60Day Challenge, Day 18: Visit Your Career Center

#60Day 18 of 60

On day 18 of the #60Day Challenge – where we focus on one 60-minute task every day for 60 days, all in an effort to help you become far more employable just two months from now – we visit a wholly under-utilized resource…

Your school’s career center.   

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Does Your GPA Really Matter to Recruiters?


Does your GPA matter to recruiters?

I would stress that it’s not GPA that’s important, but the work that goes into it. That is, students should not strive for a GPA as the number in and of itself, but strive to do good work and learn something. It’s the work that results in students increasing knowledge, building skills and gaining a broader perspective on the world around them. And this level knowledge will reveal itself in the job interview…   

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5 Tips to Get the Most from Your College Career Center

Get the Most from Your Career Center

I often hear recent college graduates complain that their career services center didn’t get them a job.

What many students don’t understand is that it’s not the career development centers’ duty to get them a job. The center is not a placement organization. Career services professionals provide students with the tools to figure out what they want to do professionally and how to best market themselves for the job search.

Here are five tips to using your college career center:   

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Here’s How to Become the Grad Every Employer Wants to Hire

College Grad Everyone Wants to Hire

With nearly half of college-educated workers saying their first job after college was not related to their college major, it can be a little discouraging when it comes to your post-grad job search. However, if you start looking now and learn how to market yourself to employers, you’ll be on your way to landing a job upon graduation.

Employers are eager to hire college grads this year. If you want to be the entry-level candidate they’re looking for, here are some ways to make yourself the perfect person for their company:   

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Which College Clubs Will Help Your Career Most?

college club

At every college, students are surrounded by clubs and organizations they can join. These are not only good for social development, but also look great on your resume.

By all means, join the Ping-Pong team for fun! However, there are some college clubs you should consider joining because they will help you prepare for your career…   

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Spring Ahead! 5 Things to Do Now to Beat Your Career Competition

Spring Break

Spring break may be over for some, this time of year is still a great opportunity to think about your career and organizing your job search… especially if you are graduating soon.

Here are 5 ideas that can help you get your job search on, even while you’re spring breaking (or recovering from spring break!). Commit to doing at least three, and you’ll have job search momentum going into summer break or graduation…   

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