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The Single Most Powerful Question to Ask After the Interview

job interview question

One of the most common pieces of advice I’ve heard from recruiters and advisers: at the end of an interview, candidates should ask about any concerns or reservations the interviewers might have about hiring them, like this:

“After our conversation today, what concerns do you have about my ability to this job here at ?”

And I understand the purpose: If the recruiter does have concerns this is an excellent chance to address them on-the-spot…   

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The 10 Most Critical Work Skills in 2020 [Infographic]


Drivers of change are all around us. A globally connected world, the ability to scale a brand based on a social media post, cross cultural conversations and a new reliance on digital communication all mean we need to evolve past our industrial age educations and mindsets about work. Welcome to the Social Age. As a result, the skills we will be expected to wield just a few years from now – as shown in this marvelous infographic from – may look far different than they do now. How skilled are you at social intelligence? How’s your new media literacy?   

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What Are the 12 Best Jobs in 2014? [Infographic]


Are you coming face-to-face with an important career decision? Do you know what career path you want to go down?

According to our friends at Job Cluster, there are 12 professions that you must keep an eye on going forward in 2014. After all, these professions have grown by at least 7% from 2010-2013.    

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The Best (and Worst) College Majors for Summer 2014


So much goes into choosing a major. Our passions and aptitudes, input from parents and mentors, and career options once you’ve earned that degree such as: Which majors do employers look for most? For my career choice, will it be difficult to find a job? Within my career field, where are the most jobs located?

For the answers to the career side of the decision-making process, we present this terrific infographic from H&R Block…   

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The LinkedIn Versus Resume Quarrel: Is There a Clear Winner?

LinkedIn versus Resume

At a recent social event, I was sharing “So what do you do?” pleasantries with a new friend. After hearing  about my line of work (crafting quality resumes), he went on to tell me how unfamiliar he was with the concept of updating a resume. So far in his career, he had never really had to utilize a resume… Recruiters had always found him on LinkedIn, where an initial inquiry led to a conversation, that led to an interview, that led to a job offer. All the while, the resume was merely a formality in the qualifying process. So is   

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These 16 Former Interns Now Rule the World [Infographic]


Companies are now beginning to realize that a strong intern can be the key to their company blooming into a large scale competitor — especially in the tech industry. We are seeing businesses begin to allow interns to actually get their hands dirty and excel doing real work.

What’s the catch, though? Why now?

To better understand this shift in intern treatment, we bring you an excellent infographic from our friends at Who Is Hosting This. This graphic shows how the most powerful figures in business went from intern to CEO, why companies are dishing out more cash for interns and the results.

What are you doing to take yourself from intern, to CEO?   

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