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7 Questions to Ask When Facing Tough Career Choices

questions before career change

We’re told the professional decisions we make during our 20-something years set the foundation of our entire adult life.

No pressure, right?

One of those “no pressure” decisions will likely be: which type of job to pursue: the one that promises security or the one that promises experience? The higher-paid jpb… or the one with fast growth opportunity?   

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#60Day Challenge, Day Two: Stalk New Mentors

#60Day 2 of 60

We all know that one person we really want to meet; someone who works for a brand we admire, a blogger or someone we know from a past internship or volunteer job. Whoever it is, your career would benefit by having that person in your corner.

Today, you are going to reach out to that person… by becoming a world-class stalker.   

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YouTern’s #60Day Career Challenge: Will You Join Us?


Starting with tonight’s #InternPro chat on Twitter, YouTern is laying down a challenge:

In 60 days, become 100% ready to turn your dream career – or the next step in your career plan – into real-world reality.

It all starts tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT on #InternPro Chat. Roll up your sleeves. Put your work gloves on. Get ready to hustle – and be prepared to turn your career dreams into real world reality!   

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It is Time: “Follow Your Passion” Must Retire as Career Advice


In my experience, success requires a minimum amount of brains, energy, and ambition. You need a plan that makes sense on paper. And you need luck. Passion is optional.

- Scott Adams

I agree with the Scott Adams. You don’t need to follow your passion to find your first job after college, and flourish in it. So you don’t know your ultimate passion. What are other ways to find fulfillment at work?   

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Advice for a Past Intern: The 10 Things I Wish I Knew Back Then


I read a few posts recently, with poignant advice, the gist of which covered “Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew In College.”

(If I was the author, however, I’d include a good hangover cure! Just sayin’…)

The subject got me thinking about questions I get from interns, and some of the good advice that would them become more successful in their internships…   

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Accomplishments Matter Most: Do You Have a Career Success Story?

career advancement

To advance in your career, you must make notable accomplishments at work. To earn your place in the upper levels, you must do more than just putting in the hours. Results matter most.

You must deserve it.

You have to figure out what you can accomplish, do it, keep track, and perhaps most importantly… be able to tell your success story!   

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