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Should Self-Employment Be First Choice for Millennials?

self empoloyment

Twenty-somethings are also applauded for open-mindedness, forward thinking and self-expression. Along with liberal views, new perspectives and cultural confidence, the kids of Gen Y are future leaders who seek outlets for their creative talents and opportunities for professional establishment.

Even if that means not working for someone else…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 23: Know Which Skills You Have… Now

#60Day 23 of 60 Which Skills Do You Have

Yesterday on the #60Day Challenge, we spent time leveraging a powerful job search tool: a skills required assessment. Today, we compare the skills you have now to those you’ve determined are necessary for success in your career choice. Perhaps most important: we discover which skills you still need to obtain in order to be considered a top-tier candidate.   

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Bored No More: 7 Proven Ways to Challenge Yourself at Work

Stay Challenged at Work

When I start to feel like I’m stagnating, doing just the bare minimum, I know I can’t allow myself to fall into the black hole of boredom. I must get my adrenaline pumping again. But how?

To help stop the daydreaming and get excited again about knocking out the day’s challenges, we spoke to a wide array of experts for the best, most practical ways to do so:   

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5 Tips to Help Millennials Become Leaders in the Workplace


Only 13 percent of employers say they do an excellent job developing leaders at all levels.

As a millennial, this leadership development issue presents you with an opportunity. According to Psychology Today, more than 40 percent of millennials expect to be in a management position within two years of landing a job. It’s time to show your boss how you can be a leader and create positive change in the workplace.

Here are some ways to acquire leadership characteristics and become the positive change your boss has been seeking:   

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Where Results Mean Rewards: Why You Should Work at a Meritocracy

Why You Should Work for a Meritocracy

What are you looking for in your first job? A good salary? A big, established company to beef up your résumé? A relaxed work environment? Or are you willing to put in the hard work to get ahead as quickly as possible?

If the latter fits you, then you should be looking for a company that is a “meritocracy”…   

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24 LinkedIn Endorsements Employers Would Actually Care About

LinkedIn Endorsements

There’s no such thing as a skills gap.

That’s the contention from Paul Krugman, columnist for The New York Times. He rejects the idea that employers can’t find people with the “right” set of skills.

It’s one thing to DO financial analysis but equally important HOW you do financial analysis. Are you dependable? Easy to work with? Considerate of others?

That’s why we should add these 24 “endorsements” to LinkedIn profiles that would make you a better candidate.   

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