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How to Create and Manage an Outstanding Online Reputation

Create and Manage Your Online Reputation

How does the world see you? How does your “personal brand” differ from your reputation? What changes do you need to make in your online presence?

Maintaining control of how you are perceived is easier than you might expect…   

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5 Job Search Rules You Must Be Willing to Break


When asking a career counselor or mentor for career advice, they’ll tell you a number of things about the job search that probably made sense at one time.

However, if you’re talking to someone who hasn’t been actively involved with the job market in the past several years, their advice might prove not only ineffective, it may be bad for your career…   

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Does Your Resume Say What You DID? Or Can DO?

Paying attention

I recently attended a webinar hosted by well-intended career advisors; the title (and I’m paraphrasing here): “the resume for the well-rounded student.”

Unfortunately, at a time when current students, soon-to-be graduates and recent grads need all the high-quality counsel they can get, the advice in that webinar likely wouldn’t help anyone find work – ever…   

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10 Tips for Starting Your New Gig Off On the Right Foot [Infographic]

Starting Off on the Right Foor

You worked harder than you could have ever imagined to get that new internship or job. Now that you’re ready for your first day, the only thing left to do: impress!

That is why we really like this infographic from Socialcast. Here you’ll find ten tops for starting your new gig off on the right foot, as ten mistakes to avoid as you work hard to earn the trust of your new colleagues…   

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How Freelance Work Can Make Your Resume Shine

freelance writer

As a result of the fluctuating job market and the need to earn income, many job seekers have come to rely on freelancing; from writing to web design to marketing, freelancers have been able to work globally and independently through various online workplace platforms.

And many freelance professionals have used the valuable experience gained to bring them back to the traditional job market – with more confidence, a better skill set, and a better resume…   

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All Trick No Treat: Beware These 10 Creepy Career Moments


As young careerists are navigating their way into the workforce, it seems many – perhaps just happy to have a job or internship – are prone to ignoring some very scary red flags served up by monster-like employers.

The fact is that as we progress through the hiring process, recruiters and hiring managers are prone to saying what we want to hear in candy-coated tones…   

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