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3 Old-School Career Myths Exposed (Do You Really Want a Job?)

job myths

If you’re reading this post on YouTern, there’s a more than an even chance you’re ambitious. If you weren’t, you’d probably spend your time on instead. Since you’re here, you’re eager for useful advice on building your career. First stop: awesome, resume-building internships. Next up: the coolest, resume-building job you can land. Here’s the thing, though – and I hope this doesn’t freak you out too much… You may want to rethink that whole plan. You may not want a real job after all; you may not even want to build your resume. A caveat: I’m the last person   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 26: Strengths and Weaknesses

#60Day Day 26 of 60

You now have a clear idea of your personal strengths and weaknesses.

This is a critical step for any job seeker. Fact is, very few are this self-aware. They go in guns-a-blazin’ thinking they are hot sh*t – and, instead, find out they are a hot mess. They have no clue how their strengths will help solve the problem faced by the employer; they have no idea how badly their weaknesses will negatively impact their candidacy…   

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How to Choose the Right Job Right Now [Infographic]


The possibility exists that one of the stereotypes about Gen Y professionals – the one where we want to start our careers at our dream job rather than working our way up to it – may be true… at least a little. When searching for our first few jobs out of college, including that seemingly elusive first position, maybe we should focus more on issues such as potential for growth, flexibility, style of management and the work environment? Instead of chasing after our version of that dream job our entire careers, maybe we should focus more on finding a role   

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How to Put a Positive Attitude to Work in Your Job Search

Positive Attitude and Job Search

Job search, not unlike moving to a new town alone, is often disconcerting… even frightening. For many, attempts to find work can turn confidence into insecurity, and shift calmness into anger and patience into pushiness.

Fortunately, many have found ways to positively channel this anxiety and energy. They have propelled their search—and with it, their attitude—forward…   

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The 5 Things Job Seekers MUST Know About LinkedIn

5 Things to Know About LinkedIn

You’ve created your LinkedIn profile, crafted a compelling headline and updated all of your past experience and education… so you’re all set to go. Recruiters will just start magically calling, right? Wrong.

If you wait around for recruiters to find you – and don’t actually DO something with your LinkedIn account – then you’re missing out. And before you do that… before you set out to land that dream job… there are five things you MUST know about LinkedIn…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 25: Add to Your “Yes!” Skills

#60Day 25 of 60 Skill Learning Plan

With the skills that received a “yes” answer on Days 22 and 23 of the challenge accounted for, we now move on to the next stage of our “Skills Required Assessment”: those skills employers are looking for… and you cant’ say with confidence that you’ve developed… yet. Today, we begin to tackle the “maybe” and “no” answers from your list.

To get started, take out your skills required list. Line by line, ask yourself three questions…   

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