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Going Up? Follow This “Get Promoted” Checklist


Now that you’ve changed your mindset toward getting a promotion, you’re probably thinking okay—now what?

What steps can I take right now to start positioning myself for a bump up the ladder? How can I assure that when a job I am supremely qualified for opens up, I won’t be passed over?   

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The Impact of Bad Bosses in the Workplace [Infographic]

Bad Bosses

Bad bosses can mean the difference between finding our work meaningful and just putting in just enough time to keep our jobs. In fact, as shown in this infographic from Officevibe, those with terrible bosses tend to be far less productive than their motivated, mentored counterparts.

If you already feel you are held back by your bad boss… read on!   

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How to Turn Networking Tasks Into Habits That Pays Off


To turn career critical to-do items into a habit, we have to train ourselves to take action each day until it becomes second nature. And in order for it to be truly successful, networking is one of those job search daily to-do items that need to become a habit.

Use these tips to help you create this new habit that pays off not only during your job search, but throughout your career,,,   

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Is An Accelerated Master’s Program Right for You?

Accelerated Masters Degree

Many of us follow a similar educational path: An undergraduate degree, work for a few years, and return to school for a master’s degree.

Of course, some students immediately transition from college to graduate school. However, the conventional wisdom has always been that graduate school is most useful once you have a few years of work experience under your belt…   

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10 Life Lessons for the Recently Employed

Life Lessons for Recent Grads

In the years I’ve been in business, I have hired a lot of new graduates. So after I recently read Jack Welch’s LinkedIn piece on new grads, I was compelled to write a candid open letter to them as well.

Here’s what I would (and do) tell new grads when they walk into Red Branch Media with soul-crushing loans and a desire to change the world with their knowledge…   

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How Job Seekers Can Handle Rejection Like a Pro

Handling Rejection Like a Pro

Cue the disappointment. Strike up the “boo-hoo” band. You didn’t get the job – and you’re pissed.

Sometimes you’ll have every right to be; at other times you may have been in over your head. But no matter the case, it’s always upsetting to go through the application and interview process only to lose something you cared about to someone else…   

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