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The Top Habits of Healthy, Happy and Productive People [Infographic]

Top Habits of Happy Productive People

Other than some of the devout trolls you may have met on social media, who doesn’t want to be healthy, happy and more productive?

Most of us, though, aren’t aware that these three characteristics – health, happiness and productivity – are closely tied to together…   

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12 Pervasive Myths About Millennials (and How to Beat Them)


As Millennials become the majority generation in the workforce, perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper, learn more about members of Gen Y as individuals, and bury – once and for all – the over-hyped stereotypes.

To help take us that direction, our sister site, Switch and Shift, asked members of YEC which Millennial myth has created the biggest obstacles for them, and how to beat those barriers…   

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Here’s Exactly Why You Aren’t Getting Hired [Infographic]

Why Arent You Getting Hired

You worked so hard on your resume. Your online presence is impeccable. But the phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook; you just can’t seem to land a job interview. Why?

This infographic from Bullhorn gives us some insight into what, in the eyes of a recruiter, may be stopping you from getting your next gig. From job hopping, to long-term unemployment – even your age – can have an impact on how you are perceived by employers…   

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How to Build a Career Around What You Care Most About

Sweet Spot

When you truly enjoy your job, it starts to feel less like work and more like you’re having fun while making some cash.

But how do you find what niche puts you in this position? And then how do you put yourself in a position where your passion becomes your work?   

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This is Exactly How You Sell YOU to Employers


Here’s a trend that just won’t go away: job seekers unable to communicate their top skill sets and value. When it matters most, they are unable to answer this important question:

“What do you bring to the table that’s unique, and why would we benefit from hiring you?”   

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How Will You Make the Next 30 Days Matter?

30 Days

On Facebook and Twitter, I’ve seen a bunch of my peeps already planning their 2015 New Year Resolutions. Instead of making the best use out of the last month of the year, they are busy planning for the things they could-might-maybe accomplish next year.

It’s only December 1st – and they’ve already thrown in the towel on 2014!   

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