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Want to Make Better LinkedIn Connections? Get Personal

Get Personal

Nearly every day, I receive (and send) many connection requests through LinkedIn. And I continue to be surprised that the large majority of those who wish to connect fail to personalize the message!

Now, let me first explain first that I don’t normally get too upset with this. I’m fully aware that LinkedIn mobile apps don’t let the user provide any personalization…   

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How to Handle 7 Common “What If…” Career Questions

What if Why Not Lets Go

No matter who you are or what you do, you’ve likely had a “what if…” moment about your career.

Especially if you’re a Millennial, this can be a tense time in your career where things can feel a little shaky. You may be worried about finding a job you like, or maybe even finding a job at all…   

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How to Apply for a Job “Best” Rather than “Fast”


A new job posting goes up. We feel the need to apply, right now!

There’s often a balance of both excitement and panic when I talk to a client living this scenario. They’re eager to apply to what seems like a really great opportunity, while at the same time, they realize their resume is not where they’d like it to be. More often than not: all they hear is the clock ticking…   

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Nervous Networker? Here’s 20 Confidence Building Conversation Starters

Nervous Networker

Due to networking nerves, do you find yourself avoiding professional events? Do you feel anxiety thinking about asking for informational meetings?

You aren’t alone. So to help you build the confidence need to show up at that next networking event, here are 20 conversation starters…   

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5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Personal Brand

5 Personal Brand Killers

Understandably, many young careerists focus first on building a successful brand.

However, it is just as important to understand what can negatively affect your brand, and how to avoid killing all the hard work you’ve put in so far…   

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Finally: A Strategy for Making Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

The Right LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn may be the best thing to happen to employers and job seekers since the dawn of time… but how well is it working for you? How many of your connections are turning into mutually beneficial relationships? Job leads? Job interviews? If you answered “not enough!” to any of those questions, I think I know the answer — and the reason why LinkedIn might be falling short of your expectations: You do not have enough of the right connections! For LinkedIn to really help, you must have a specific strategy to proactively connect with the right people. This means going   

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