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Winning Over the Boss: A Simple System for Workplace Negotiations

workplace negotiations

Want a raise? Want to work more from home? Know you could handle more responsibility if given a chance? But don’t know how how to win workplace negotiations?   

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Millennial Career Myths: What to Really Expect After College

Millennial Career Myths

According to a new study conducted by Accenture, the expectations of young professionals’ as they enter the working world don’t always align with reality.

Some of those expectations, it’s fair to say, are approaching status as “Millennial career myths.”   

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10 Workplace Perks Important to Millennials

workplace perks

Every company on the planet seems to be concerned about attracting and retaining young talent.

But few of those companies or teams ever go to the young talent themselves to ask what is important to them. So we did that for them…   

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Does Multitasking Actually Make You More Productive?


We’re all used to multitasking. It’s become part of our social fiber and workplace reality.

After all, in today’s hectic world, how could anyone get done what needs to be done without dividing our focus?    

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44 Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity [Infographic]

boost workplace productivity

The workplace is a hectic, fast-paced world. Especially for young professionals, it can be hard to keep up.

So, in an effort keep up, we continually try to work smarter. And to work faster, we resort to work styles now proven to be ineffective, like multi-tasking.   

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Blogging: Your Best Personal Brand Builder

best personal brand

How do you build a brand that demonstrates your value proposition? How do you showcase your subject matter expertise, experience and passion?

To me, the answer is simple: the best personal brand builder out there is… blogging.   

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