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12 Networking Tips for Young Careerists Ready to Be Taken Seriously

Networking Tips for the Young Careerist

Building a personal brand that resonates with employers and customers is hard. While in or just out of school, it can often seem impossible. So our friends at YEC asked some of their members this question:

“What’s advice would you give a young careerist or entrepreneur who wants to build a network but is having trouble being taken seriously?”   

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Can 8 Hours of Effort Lead to a Shiny New Job? [Infographic]

Can 8 Hours of Effort Lead to a New Job

If you knew that eight hours from now you could be much closer to a brand new job… how long would it take you to get started?

According to this infographic created by, by making the right changes to your jobs search tools and strategy, you can be much more employable with just 8 hours of effort…   

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Key to Career Success: Knowing What You Do Really Well

Focus on Good

There are many reasons you may struggle with being taking credit for what you do really, really well.

Maybe you were taught it isn’t polite to brag when you were a kid. Perhaps it is because most feedback related to performance is based on corrective action; improving what you can work on instead of acknowledging what you’re good at…   

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The 5 Job Seekers You Don’t Want to Become [Infographic]

The 5 Job Seekers You Don

Job searching is difficult at best. And the longer we’re looking for work, the more frustrated – and perhaps desperate – we become.

We can rationalize asking before giving. We start talking in cliches instead of clearly stating our value proposition. And somehow, the bad kind of stalking becomes okay…   

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10 Ways to Connect Directly with Hiring Managers

Meet the Hiring Manager

The best way to advance your job search is to talk to the people making the big decisions: the hiring manager.

In fact, to greatly improve your job search results, the number of conversations with these decision makers is the ultimate metric you should be tracking. Not job leads found. Not new connections on social media. Not applications sent.   

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5 Ways to Turn Your Internship or Temp Job Into a Long-Term Gig

Internship to job

This summer you gained valuable work experience that will pad your resume for life after graduation. But for now, your summer internship is almost over… or maybe that temp contract is about to expire.

This is no time to develop short-timers disease, however; after all, internship and temp jobs can jumpstart your career after graduation…   

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