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How Proper Use of Work Breaks Greatly Increases Productivity [Infographic]

work breaks and productivity

Feeling overwhelmed? Like you have far too muc to do and too little time to do it? Don’t sweat it. Take a break. This may not sound like good advice, but the truth is, taking a work break during the day can actually increase productivity.

You just need to learn how to manage your time with breaks in mind…   

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Career Choices: Follow the Right Road to the Work You Love

career choices

Work doesn’t necessarily have to feel like work, especially if you’re involved in something that you enjoy doing for a living. Your career choice is a major decision that will inevitably impact the direction of your life in a positive or negative way.

It all depends on you choosing a job that fits your needs and interests…   

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Graduating Soon? 12 Young Entrepreneurs Share Powerful Career Prep Secrets

career prep secrets

So you’re in your very last semester of college. This is the time to enjoy life, right? Finally, pay more attention to your social calendar? To have more fun?

Well, yes… but it’s also time to launch into career mode with a few career prep secrets…   

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Positive Work Attitude: The Greatest Way to Make a Powerful Impression

positive work attitude

Having a positive work attitude is not just about being curious. It’s also about creating a rapport that works in both directions. You may have differing opinions, but those opinions are respected and working relationships are improved.   

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Changing Career Paths Made Easy: A Simple Six Step Guide

changing career paths

Changing career paths is one of the most challenging moves one can make. There are a lot of obstacles in the way changing career paths.

So from beginning to end, it needs to be carefully undertaken in order to be achieved.   

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Job Transition: What to Do When You Know It’s Time to Go

job transition

I have always found that the decision to quit your job often seems more painful than the doing it. It’s easy to spend days, weeks, and even months convincing yourself it’s the right time for a job transition.

But is it the right move?   

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