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3 Reasons a Branded Personal Website Will Get You Hired


Ask the self-employed and solopreneurs for advice on how to get your next gig and you’ll hear the same thing, over and over:

“You need a website to land clients”

Now ask yourself: If I am in a job search, doesn’t this same logic apply to me? Or is a killer resume and LinkedIn profile all you need?   

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YouTern’s Top Career Posts of 2013


Here at YouTern, we are honored to have the opportunity to share so many great posts with our community. We’re especially proud to support young careerists who leverage this knowledge and go on to blow away the job search competition and begin an amazing early career.

With that in mind, we put together our Top 5 posts from 2013… and we’re sharing them now as the year comes to a close. Enjoy!   

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5 Ways Blogging Hurts Your Personal Brand

Blogging vs Branding

There has been a lot of talk about how everyone in a job search (or are otherwise currently obsessed with their personal brand) should be blogging.

I call “Bullsh*t”.

Not for the reasons cited by most opponents of the everyone-must-blog argument, however…   

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4 Ways Blogging Helps Build a Better Career


Since competition for entry-level and even mid-level jobs is very high, it’s important for young professionals to stand out to prospective employers in any way they can. One way to do this: start a blog.

As a blogger, you are in control of the content – and ultimately your online reputation and presence. Here are four more ways blogging can help your career, right now…   

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Job Search 101: The Top 5 Social Sites for Young Careerists

Social Media Job Search

If you’re just getting started building a personal brand and haven’t yet jumped into social media, or if you’re not yet using social media in your job search, it is time to get started.

Right now.

Because now, more than ever, recruiters rely on social media to round out and expedite their candidate search…   

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Online Presence: A Powerful Punch for Your Job Search


Hands down, LinkedIn has helped me get more interviews. After I got LinkedIn up and running, I decided to take it a step further and see what Twitter had to offer. I used to use Twitter sporadically since 2009 and never really thought it could be useful for anything more than personal use.

I was SO wrong.

After using Twitter in a professional capacity, I ended up receiving more job offers, interviews, and assistance to find a job than I ever did when I used to just apply to online job boards. I couldn’t believe the outcome. Here is why you need an online presence during your next job hunt:   

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