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Projecting Confidence: How to Look and Sound More Confident [Infographic]

projecting confidence

Projecting confidence is one of the most important things we can do in our careers. In fact, it’s often lauded as being the key to promotions, better jobs, and success.

But confidence can seem elusive, particularly when you’ve got an important job interview, presentation, or event coming up. That’s when you have to “fake it ’til you make it.”   

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11 Signs You’re Stuck in a Career Rut (and How to Get Out) [Infographic]

career rut

The daily grind has become so monotonous that sometimes you can’t remember what day it is. You feel no sense of accomplishment, no excitement, and no enthusiasm. And you feel nothing will change anytime soon.

You, my friend, are definitely in a career rut…   

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#InternPro Chat | The Soft Skills We All Need in Today’s Job Market

soft skills needed

Sure, determining out which skills are most important to your career is a challenge.

But join us for this #InternPro Chat, and we’re sure to shed some light on the soft skills needed to compete well in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing job market…   

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11 Job Interview Mistakes: What Not to Do or Say [Infographic]

interview mistakes

There are some serious job interview mistakes that, once made, ensure someone else will get the job offer. 

In this infographic from Silver Door, you’ll see some of the more common interview mistakes. Take a look…


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12 Time Management Tips to Tame Your Busy Schedule [Infographic]

time management tips

This infographic from Shopify presents 12 time management tips that can change your life. Sure, they are focused on entrepreneurs in this infographic.

But we’re confident this great advice applies to nearly everyone living that hectic version of life…   

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The Science of Personal Branding Online [Infographic]

personal branding online

Putting your best foot forward, even digitally, can help you achieve your career goals. Now, learn the science behind creating a powerful online presence.

Your personal brand is your calling card. Let them know you’re ready to succeed…   

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