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#60Day Challenge, Day 22: Know Which Skills You Need

#60Day 22 of 60 Which Skills Do You Need

The #60Day is a two-month marathon where you, over the course of two months, spend 60 minutes each day completing a task that will put you in a much greater position to get hired. Today, Day 22 of the challenge, our focus goes to a valuable (yet hardly-ever-used) job search strategy: the skills required assessment.   

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Rockin’ Resume [Infographic]


Your resume, despite all the flaws that come with a hiring system that depends on them, remains a key component of a successful job search. And yet not many of us are aware of the “ground rules” that come with writing a resume.

This infographic from our friends at provides answers to some of those “do and ‘don’t” questions, and will help you begin the challenge of writing a rockin’ resume…

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#60Day Challenge, Day 21: Celebrate Wins; Reset Expectations

#60Day 21 of 60 Celebrate Wins Reset Expectations

Day 21 of the #60Day Challenge – a quest designed to help you become far more employable by spending just 60 minutes per day for 60 days – has us thinking not about the job search, but our own expectations around the job search… Over and over, we hear how frustrating the job search has become. Today has been no exception. Mondays can be like that. What am I doing wrong? Why does it take so long to find work, or even get an interview? Why – when just a few short years ago all you needed to get a   

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Should Students and Millennials Be on LinkedIn? [Infographic]


Should you – the student, recent graduate and young professional – be on LinkedIn? Is the social/professional network worth the investment of your time?

The numbers in this infographic by scream “yes!”…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 20: Make LinkedIn Say “Hire Me!”

#60Day 20 of 60

As we said yesterday, everyone needs a “Hire Me” story – that compelling tale that seals the deal with a potential employer.

Today, you are going to differentiate yourself from every other candidate by integrating your Hire Me story into your LinkedIn summary…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 19: Create Your “Hire Me” Story

#60Day 19 of 60

In today’s marketplace, everyone needs a “Hire Me” story – a short, compelling tale that (once they have gotten to know you a little bit and know that you can do the job they are trying to fill) that compels the recruiter to say:

“She gets it… I need her on my team!”   

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