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How to Get Hired in Our Digital World [Infographic]

Getting Hired in the Digital World

This is not your father’s job search.

The more connected we become, and the more employers work toward fixing what has been for decades a broken hiring system, the more recruiting changes. Now, even those who thought social media was merely a fad realize: getting hired in the Social Age will never be the same…   

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5 Proven Ways to Feel Empowered During a Job Interview

Take Control of the Job Interview

Eureka! You’ve finally landed an interview, did all the research on the target company, and are now sitting in the hot seat, being grilled about your background from a panel of prospective bosses.

Who exactly is control here? The employer? Wrong… You BOTH are in control.   

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12 Tips on How to Hunt for Your Dream Job

How to Hunt for a Job Online

Sometimes we make the job search too complicated. Sometimes, we just need to break things down in easy steps. Maybe 12 easy steps, like has done in their infographic: “12 Tips on How to Hunt for a Job.”

Here are just three of the tips sure to help your job search…   

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The So Simple Rules for Following Up After a Job Interview

should I follow up

One of the most perplexing subjects for job seekers: how and when to follow-up after a job interview.

Everyone knows they should follow-up (although truth be told, few actually do). But how? When? At what point to you go from a quality candidate to a creepy stalker?   

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These 7 Resume Cliches Make Recruiters Want to Scream

Frustrated Recruiter

To a recruiter, chances are your resume looks, feels and sounds just like every other resume.

Why? Because almost resume written contains these seven cliches that make recruiters want to scream! Take a look, and then see how many of these need to be removed from your resume…   

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6 Game-Changing Trends in Today’s Job Search [Infographic]

6 Game-Changing Job Search Trends

Have you built a professional presence on social media? Do you have a personal website to display your passion and expertise? Do you frequently use mobile devices to keep up with your job search, potential employers and personal branding?

This infographic by job hunting and career management site CareerShift shares information on the impact of these compelling job search trends, and much more…   

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