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Employee or Entrepreneur: Which Path is Better for You? [Infographic]

Be Your Own Boss

So many of us have been focused on becoming employable… and securing a traditional job. But what if employment isn’t the best option for you? What if becoming your own boss is a better option for you?

This infographic from takes a close look at entrepreneurship as a career option…   

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In-Demand College Degrees of the 21st Century [Infographic]


What are the hottest degrees of this century? What majors are in high demand?

From cyber security to game design to nanotechnology, this infographic from provides some great insight into the careers many experts believe will be the big winners of the 21st Century…   

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7 Places to Find Forensic Psychology Jobs

Forensic Pyschology Careers

From watching television shows like “Criminal Minds,” you may assume forensic psychologists go head-to-head with criminals out on the streets; every day anticipating their next move.

In reality, forensic psychologists work mostly behind the scenes or on the witness stand, providing psychological services to support the court and criminal justice systems…   

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Real-World Advice about Cybersecurity Internships

Cybersecurity Internships

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest fields on the planet.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the number of information security jobs will grow by 37 percent through 2022. According to the Wall Street Journal, demand for cybersecurity personnel is growing 3.5 times faster than other IT fields…   

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So You’re Graduating? Now What? [Infographic]


To help celebrate all the recent and upcoming graduation ceremonies, today we present this amazing infographic by Mint, Quicken and our good friend, Jenny Blake titled, “You’re Graduating… Now What?”

Based on Jenny’s classic book, Life After College, the infographic serves as a roadmap for just about everything you need to know now that you are (finally) a college graduate…   

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How Grad School Internships Lead to a Great Job

Grad School Internships

Grad school is a busy time – and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re attending class full time, working on research projects, and trying to squeeze in an internship.

By working smart, though, you can get the job preparation power of internships – hands-on experience, networking, mentorship and job offers – without taking energy away from school…   

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