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How Successful People Work Less and Get More Done [Infographic]

work less

At the start of your career you’re the eager beaver. You’re working hard and also staying late. After all, you’re willing to do whatever it takes.

But what of it didn’t have to be so hard?    

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This is How Today’s Best Professionals Approach Their Career Path

career path

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive. As millennials start to take over the workforce, more and more people are getting a college education. What’s more, the gig economy is expanding and forever changing how people work and how companies hire.

So how does one even start to plan their career strategy?   

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10 Self-Motivation Tips to Help You Work Harder [Infographic]


Sometimes, staying motivated can seem like it requires a superhuman effort. But it doesn’t have to.

Self-motivation is often simply a matter of cultivating the proper mindset, as shown in this infographic from Bellvue Students…   

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How to Write a Compelling Resume Cover Letter [Infographic]

resume cover letter

Despite all the technology available, many still believe the biggest key to job search success is a killer resume. What we tend to forget, however, is that for many companies, your resume is often not the first thing read by HR. That distinction falls to the resume cover letter.

And if your cover letter isn’t as powerful as your resume itself, your job search may not get very far…   

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14 Books on Every Ambitious Young Professional’s Reading List

Jared Brown

Take a look at some of the classics of the business world that should be on the reading list of every ambitious entrepreneur.   

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How Happy Employees Can Lead to a Happy Company (Infographic)

happy employees

Whatever steps a company makes toward increasing employee morale, whether it’s flexible scheduling, rewards programs, or office perks, can only increase overall company performance. A highly motivated and enthusiastic workforce will go above the call of duty to meet targets and will happily collaborate to work towards a common goal. A miserable and apathetic workforce will take unexplained sick days and show no willingness to co-operate.   

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