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44 Ways to Make Your Workday More Rewarding

44 Simple Ways to Find Joy at Work

Especially on Monday mornings, it can be hard to find joy at work. Sometimes, even though we aren’t thoroughly unhappy with our job or career choices, we need a little pick-me-up… a little something to help us become more positive, and productive.

To our rescue: this infographic from Officevibe, which outlines 44 simple daily activities we can perform to help make our workday a more rewarding experience…   

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Got a Job Interview? How Today’s Young Careerists Dress for Success

Look the Part Dressing for Success

The call just came… you have a job interview! You’re so excited you tell everyone who will listen. You text your best friends and email your closest mentor. You call your mother and significant other.

And right after all the congratulations, invariably someone is going to ask: “What are you going to wear?”   

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Top Recruiters Reveal Their Top Job Interview Tips [Infographic]

Top Recruiters Reveal Their Top Job Interview Tips

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of different career advice out there. Even we at YouTern are occasionally (well, okay… often) confused by all the contradictory advice from career centers, blogs, so-called “experts” and especially those workforce veterans who seem to think they know everything there is to know about finding a job in 2014: our parents.

Before you decide to take Dad’s advice and go door-to-door at the office park with the copies of your resume you got from Kinko’s (because that’s what worked for him in 1984!) take a look at this infographic from the largest employment site in the United Kingdom, Reed…   

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In 3 Words: 100 Pieces of Bite Size Career Advice

Just 3 Words

Sometimes, we tend to over-complicate things. Often, the best career and life advice, from the best mentors, comes in bite size, easy-to-digest pieces.

Maybe just three words. And no more…   

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30 Ways to Build the Perfect Personal Brand [Infographic]

30 Ways to Build a Personal Brand

For the young careerist fighting the economy, stiff competition, and a bit of self-doubt, presenting a strong personal brand is a must. Done well, your brand becomes a huge asset to your career. Done poorly, or wrapped in a cloud of me-too sameness, your brand becomes yet another obstacle to overcome. Here, in what could be our favorite infographic of all time, graphic designer Yu Sheng Teo of ReferralCandy presents 30 ways to present a strong personal brand, courtesy of 37 experts life Jeff Bullas, Chris Brogan and Kim Garst. Inspired by a post by Navid Moazzez, Yu Sheng does   

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The 10 Most Critical Work Skills in 2020 [Infographic]


Drivers of change are all around us. A globally connected world, the ability to scale a brand based on a social media post, cross cultural conversations and a new reliance on digital communication all mean we need to evolve past our industrial age educations and mindsets about work. Welcome to the Social Age. As a result, the skills we will be expected to wield just a few years from now – as shown in this marvelous infographic from – may look far different than they do now. How skilled are you at social intelligence? How’s your new media literacy?   

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