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Personal Branding Strategy: 10 Steps Toward a New You [Infographic]

personal branding strategy

What do many of those who achieve professional success today have in common?

They’ve developed a dynamic personal branding strategy. One that consistently communicates their true value to the world.   

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Job-Hopping: The Pros and Cons of a New Economic Reality [Infographic]


The modern workforce has come to expect a certain amount of job-hopping. But is that a good thing?

Before you decide to plan your career around multiple jobs, consider the pros and cons of changing jobs often…   

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The Social Job Search: Social Media Tips for Job Seekers [Infographic]

social job search

Social networking has become career networking. In order to stay ahead of the game, prospective social media job seekers need to stay informed.

This infographic from Tutors Umbrella gives you the scoop on the social media job search today…   

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Get Organized! How to Streamline Your Life and Work [Infographic]

get organized

We’re happy to present this infographic from Greatist.

Here, you’ll find tips to get organized and streamline your life. After a quick read, you’ll conquer the chaos!   

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7 Job Interview Body Language Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) [Infographic]

job interview body language

The very first impression you will make on any interviewer occurs before you answer a single question or even open your mouth. The evaluation begins the moment you open the door. You know that your appearance is a factor, but the way you carry yourself, your interview body language, can be just as significant.   

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Beyond the Basics: An In-Depth Cover Letter Guide [Infographic]

cover letter guide

Today’s infographic from UNC Student Affairs serves as a comprehensive guide to cover letters.

The information provided goes beyond format and structure to provide helpful advice on the most effective content…   

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