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All in One Place: The Best Job Interview Preparation Tips [Infographic]


Are you nervous about an upcoming job interview? Need a quick read full of advice on how to ace that interview?

This infographic by Interview Preparation Services, which is full of useful preparation tips, may be just what you’re looking for…   

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A 4 Step Method for Mastering the 21st Century Job Search [Infographic]


Want to know exactly how the job search has changed over the last few year? Want to know how to set yourself apart from your job hunting competition?

Check out this infographic, and discover the four step method for mastering the 21st Century job search!

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#InternPro Recap: “The Value Proposition: What Skills Are You Selling?”


Have you figured out what your most marketable skills are? Do you know how to sell those skills and who the best buyers may be?

Answering these questions helps you figure out your value proposition (what you are really, really good at) and who to sell it to (who will pay you to do that)…   

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2016 Job Market Report: The State of Hiring in the US [Infographic]


So what does hiring in 2016 really look like? How many employers plan to increase headcount this year?

How will the workplace continue to evolve? What skills do employers look for in new team members? What will be expected, even more than in the past, of employers?   

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The Value Proposition: What Skills Are You Selling (And Who’s Buying)?

#InternPro Chat Twitter

Figuring out your value proposition (what you are really, really good at) and who to sell it to (who will pay you to do that) is one of the major steps to take for young careerists…

And the #InternPro community is here to help!   

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41 Inspiring Elevator Pitches: Are You Ready to Write Yours?

Elevator Pitch

If you were given 30 seconds (or less!) to sell yourself, what would you say?

There are so many details of your story you’d like to share, yet so little time to do it. The key: choose your words wisely so that your pitch packs the biggest punch possible…   

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