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The Perfect Resume: Get it Right to Get the Job [Infographic]

perfect resume infographic

We all work hard to write the perfect resume. We write, edit, share, edit some more, rewrite and rewrite again.

But we never seem to get it quite right…   

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How Do I Leave the Ranks of the Underemployed?

#InternPro Chat Leaving Underemployed Status

A continuing trend for recent college graduates and young professionals is underemployment. With large amounts of debt, many young professionals are often forced to take jobs that they’re overqualified for.

And for many, even though our economy has improved, leaving the ‘I’ll take anything’ mindset behind is not as easy as you’d expect.   

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44 Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity [Infographic]

boost workplace productivity

The workplace is a hectic, fast-paced world. Especially for young professionals, it can be hard to keep up.

So, in an effort keep up, we continually try to work smarter. And to work faster, we resort to work styles now proven to be ineffective, like multi-tasking.   

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#InternPro Recap: Real World 102: What Life Hasn’t Taught You Yet

#InternPro Chat Real World 102

Have you ever taken a class called “Real World 102”?  Probably not. And it’s just as well. No matter how educated we are, it seems like we’re always learning something from the school of hard knocks. But how do we learn about the real world? Is it through experience? Is it through mentors and mentees? And how can we translate our new real world knowledge into marketable skills for the career world? The #InternPro community set out to answer these questions about the School of Hard Knocks, and many more, Monday night. To see what was said, check out the full recap   

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How to Tell a Good Internship Opportunity from the Bad

internship opportunity

If you’ve visited online job boards lately, you’ve probably noticed most companies have high expectations. Nowadays, it’s practically required that you already have some professional experience before landing an entry-level job after graduation. A popular way to gain valuable experience is to complete a quality internship. But to compete well in today’s marketplace you need multiple internships.   

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6 Workplace Rules That Will Drive You Crazy [Infographic]

crazy workplace rules

Have you ever been in a professional environment where the established workplace rules make you shake your head and ask “WTH???”

This happens all too often. And yet at the risk of alienating the workforce, companies that achieve a certain level of success tend to implement more and more rules…   

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