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Job Compensation: More Than Just a Cash Grab [Infographic]

job compensation

Many people think of job compensation in terms of that iconic line from the film, “Jerry McGuire.” You know the line… “Show me the money!” While salary is certainly an important consideration, life is more than just a cash grab. You need to find a delicate balance between fulfilling work and personal growth. Work is a major part of our lives, but it can’t be the only part.   

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The Skype Interview: Here’s Your Guide to Getting it Right [Infographic]

skype interview guide

Various applications, like Skype, have made the face-to-face job interview possible no matter where you are.

But do you know how to thoroughly prepare for a Skype interview?   

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Increase Productivity With a Better Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

increase productivity

Have you ever thought about how getting more sleep might increase productivity?

Science has. And so has your employer.   

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Resume Power: The Fuel That Keeps Your Job Search Running [Infographic]

resume power

A generic resume can stall your job search, even before you get out of the driveway. With hundreds of candidates vying for the same job, submitting the same, tired resume won’t win any races.

To fuel a successful job search, step on the gas. Apply some resume power. And get the checkered flag.   

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Wasted Productivity: The Myth of the 8 Hour Workday [Infographic]

wasted productivity

Did you ever check your Facebook news feed and notice that, according to the time stamps, a surprising number of your friends are posting during the workday? That’s just one example of employees using their companies’ time for something other than work. The 8-hour workday originated during the industrial age. Today, however, employees are spending fewer and fewer hours of the business day actually engaging in traditional work. Does this amount to wasted productivity?    

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Career Secrets: Advice No One is Giving You [Infographic]

career secrets

Career advice comes at you from every direction. Much of it, at least the advice that comes from experts, is actually very useful. But did you ever feel there might be something more? Something that just might put you over the top?

Some undisclosed list of career secrets no one is telling you?   

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