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How Does the Job Market Really Look Right Now? [Infographic]

job market

One of the keys to a successful job search today? Remain informed about recent trends in the job market, including hiring and job availability.

This is true not just in your chosen field, but in general terms regarding the current economy.   

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Best Resume Words: Are Your Choices Working for You? [Infographic]

best resume words

A word is a powerful thing. This is particularly true when we think about the best resume words (and the worst).

Your resume is often your first impression with potential employers. The words you use can go a long way toward making that first impression a positive one… or not.   

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12 Closet Staples to Help You Dress Professionally [Infographic]

dress professionally

We’re sure everyone has heard the expression, “Dress for Success” – a way of reminding us that to succeed in the workplace, we must dress professionally.

Yet for many young pros, dressing well seems like a major hassle and a prohibitive expense…   

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5-Minute Resume Tricks That Will Get You Noticed [Infographic]

resume tricks

Every time you submit an application, your resume competes with 250 other resumes from candidates seeking the same position.

So getting noticed, and getting noticed fast, is the key to a successful job search…   

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How to Make Difficult Decisions in Your Life and Career [Infographic]

difficult decisions

Throughout your life, the difficult decisions you make will shape your future. Ultimately, they set you up for success or failure.

So before you make these life-altering choices, evaluate your decision-making process.   

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Job Search Lessons Learned from Politics [Infographic]

job search lessons

As we approach our next big election in the US, running for political office seems a lot like searching for a job. After all, like a politician, your goal is to sell yourself to the right people and get “elected” into a new job.

So this is a good time to ask: “What job search lessons can be learned from politics?”   

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