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Out With the Old: The Future of Work is Here Today [Infographic]

Infographic - 11-27-15

What if we told you that the future of work… was already here? That today, employers everywhere are looking for tomorrow’s agile, collaborative employee? Well, that is what’s happening in today’s workplace… right now. Old work cultures, business models and so-called “best practices” are being left behind in favor of innovative, flexible and trust-based work environments. We are truly in an “out with the old” mindset; we are embracing a new workstyle. To see how your personal style may fit into the future of work, take a look at this infographic from our friends at Gist…      

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This Thanksigiving, What Are You Most Grateful For?


Even when our global community is in turmoil, we take the last Thursday in November to celebrate what we – whether ancestors of the original immigrants to the United States or new to this uniquely American tradition – are thankful for. It isn’t always easy, but even on the dark days we can look around and take stock of what makes us feel like there is good in the world… and good work to be done… and we’re just the people to do it. This year, members of the YouTern team were asked to articulate what we’re most thankful for; a   

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Graduating in Debt? Here’s How to Manage Student Loan and Credit Card Payments

Student Loan

So, you’re a new college grad — and many adventures lie ahead! Also dead ahead: reality. For instance: once those paychecks from your first real job start rolling in, it’ll be time to make those student loan payments. A tall order, indeed — with the average college grad finishing school with student loan debt to the tune of $35,000+. As if that weren’t enough, many college grads are also staring at heaps of credit card debt they amassed in the process of trying to make ends meet during years of being a broke student. If that sounds like you, you’re   

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What Are the Most (And Least) Stressful Jobs? [Infographic]

The Most and Least Stressful Jobs

What if we told you that many of today’s least stressful jobs (Biomedical Engineer, Statistician and Web Development, for example) also paid the best?

And what if we also told you that some of the most stressful jobs (Firefighter, Law Enforcement and Real Estate Agent) paid the worst?   

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#InternPro Recap: New Kid on the Block: How to Nail your First 30 Days

#InternPro Chat Twitter

We’ve all been the new kid in the office eager to prove that we have what it takes. Every day a new intern starts the same journey.

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What are The Best Words and Phrases for Your Resume? [Infographic]

INfographic 11-17-15

There’s so much resume advice out there! But how do you know exactly which words you should use, and which you should never use? And how do you know which phrases have the biggest impact on employers and recruiters?

Finally, Business News Daily answers those questions for us…   

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