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Online Profiles and Today’s Employers: Who’s Looking at You, Kid? [Infographic]

Online profiles

This brief infographic from CareerBuilder shows how many employers are checking you out by major industry.

More important, it shows just how vital it is to have quality online profiles.    

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Multitasking Tips: How to Do Work Multiple Tasks and Do Good Work [Infographic]

multitasking tips

Some will tell you the age of multitasking is over. That we should all focus on doing one thing well before taking on something else. Well, apparently the employers didn’t get that memo; multitasking in the workplace is alive and well.

So maybe some good multitasking tips would help?   

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2017 Career Outlook: Your Future Begins Now [Infographic]

2017 career outlook

This infographic, from The Execu|search Group, compiles data from surveys completed in the last quarter of 2016.

Take a look to learn more about hiring trends in 2017. We think you’ll agree: this is a very good time to launch your career!    

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The Work and Life Habits of Highly Successful People [Infographic]

highly successful people

Ever wonder what makes highly successful people so special? They possess intelligence and drive, certainly.

But are they really smarter and more driven than you? Or maybe just more disciplined?   

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Startup Checklist: Are You Ready to Go from Employee to Entrepreneur? [Infographic]

startup checklist

You think of yourself as a free spirit. You go your own way, do your own thing. It’s time to start your own business and show the world who you really are. Or is it?

Before you quit your job to embark on that entrepreneurial venture, look at this startup checklist from The Founder Institute…   

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Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Get Paid What You’re Worth [Infographic]

salary negotiation tips

Finally, your job search is over. Your dream job awaits! Now comes the hard part: getting paid what you’re worth.

Which is where some solid salary negotiation tips come in handy…   

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