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Why Do Recruiters Ask Those Dumb Questions? [Infographic]

Why Do Recruiters Ask Those Questions

During a job interview, you are quite likely to hear a question that comes out of nowhere… that makes no sense, whatsoever.

And yet – as shown in this infographic from Sample Questionnaire – there’s a method to the madness…   

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Internships: A Great Way to Gain Web Design and Development Experience

Web Careers

In the Social Age, nearly every business, not-for-profit, community group and government needs their own website; perhaps several. In their personal lives, people create websites for branding, blogging and sharing their personal interests.

Which makes web design and Web development in-demand fields…   

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Employers and Candidates: Different Views of Today’s Job Search [Infographic]

The job search has changed so much in the last five years or so: social media, personal branding, and the influence of LinkedIn, for example. Throughout all those changes, though, employers and candidates seem to be chasing the same goal: introducing a good employee to a good company.

And yet there are some ways, it seems, that job seekers and employers will never agree…   

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Where Will Your Career Progress Fastest? [Infographic]

Career Progression

Which companies offer the best chance for promotion? Which industries or sectors might mean your career will advance sooner?

Great questions… and ones that many young careerists overlook as they continue their education and begin their professional lives…   

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Student Edition: How to Find a Job You Love [Infographic]

Glassdoor Find a Job You Love

No matter who we are, or what our goals may be, we all seek that one special relationship in life.

And no matter how hard it may become, we won’t stop until we find… the job we love.   

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7 Helpful Tips for Creating a Dream Career

Dream Career

In order to have a fulfilling professional life, choosing a career you’ll enjoy and that will keep you motivated – is critically important.

But how do you find a role that suits your passions, skills and interests? How do you know if the job or career you choose is really right for you?   

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