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9 Old-School Job Search Tips You Can’t Ignore Today

Old School

We recently came across a post on YouTern written by Dawn Rasmussen way back in 2011… well before we relied on social media so heavily for personal branding, establishing expertise and, ultimately, finding a job or internship.

And it occurred to us: every single suggestion Dawn made way back then still works today…   

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What Soft Skills are Listed Most on LinkedIn? [Infographic]

LinkedIn Skills on the Rise

So what skills are job seekers listing in LinkedIn profiles faster than any others?

With the world’s emphasis on social and digital – not to mention gaming and mobile – you may guess that technical skills would top the list. And you might be surprised to see skills like CPR, Zumba instruction and barista among the most listed… yet there they are…   

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How Much Has the Job Search Changed in 20 Years? [Infographic]


How much has the job search changed in the last 20 years?

One word: “unrecognizable.”

This infographic from BCL Legal Recruitment shows exactly how someone that last job searched in 1994 wouldn’t even recognize the job hunt best practices used during 2014…   

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The Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your LinkedIn Network [Infographic]

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

You have a LinkedIn profile that you’ve grown proud of so – like many young careerists – you may now be asking yourself… Now what?

Sit around until recruiters find you? Wait for an old buddy from college to seek you out? No, not you… because you have this infographic from Top Dog Social Media.   

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Writing the Modern Resume [Infographic]


In the Social Age, writing an impactful resume has never been more important, or more difficult. Layout, font choice, content customized to the job description, demonstrating achievement… so much goes into getting it right.

Thankfully, this infographic from is going to help you write a resume that captures the attention of recruiters… and lands you the job interview!   

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What Are the Top Jobs and Skills of the Future? [Infographic]


As a young professional contemplating your career, you might have several concerns about the world of work. Specifically, wouldn’t it be nice to know which sectors and industries will employ the most people and what will the top jobs will be five to 10 years from now?

Well, thanks to this infographic from Ayers, we have the answers to those questions… and a few more…   

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