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11 Young Bosses Tell You How to Impress Your New Millennial Boss

new millennial boss

What if your new boss comes from the Millennial generation? We asked the members of the Young Entrepreneurial Council (YEC) this question:

How can a new team member thoroughly impress their new Millennial boss?   

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The Most Commonly Misused Career Tool: A Professional Headshot

professional headshot

Everyone spends so much time worrying about their resume, cover letter, interview prep, online personal branding, and numerous other job search tools. But many people forget the most commonly misused career tool of them all: a timeless professional headshot. Because in the end, a selfie taken on your smartphone that represents who you are now, won’t grow and continue to represent your brand. We asked several members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to relate their experiences with a timeless professional headshot. Here’s what they had to say: Think About Your Personal Brand Have you ever noticed how some professionals will   

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15 Experts Tell Us Exactly What to Look for When Seeking a Mentor


We know we learn through books and from professors. We gain knowledge through experience, both good and bad. But where do we go for been-there-done-that advice that will shorten learning curves, accelerate growth and allow us to avoid costly career mistakes? The answer, for many, is a mentor.   

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12 Tips for Negotiating the Salary You Want and Deserve


At some stage in everyone’s career, the time comes to get to the next level. After all, you’ve worked hard, focused on measurable results — and now you deserve a raise in pay.

However, working within your employer’s existing budget and around an archaic annual performance review can prove difficult. So how to prove to an employer that raise you deserve? How do you negotiate for the salary you want? To answer that question, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question?   

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11 New Critical Skills Every Marketing Candidates Must Possess

critical skills

As a candidate for that marketing job you really want, what’s most important when it comes to cutting through the noise? How do you show you’re the best one for the job? To gain their insight, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question: When hiring for a marketing role, what newer skills or competencies are now critical? Yes, we know not everyone is looking for a job in marketing. But at some point, we’re all marketers and sellers… even if we’re just selling ourselves! Plus, some of this advice is so good it applies to nearly   

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Wantrepreneurs: Here’s How to Really Achieve Entrepreneurial Success


Entrepreneurship used to be great. It used to be something that select people could pull off, but today, that’s different.

Over the years, entrepreneurs have achieved some kind of “rock star” status, attracting wantrepreneurs by the truckload…   

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