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What Should You Include in an Effective LinkedIn Profile?

effective Linkedin profile

Several times each week, people ask me what to include on an effective LinkedIn Profile. I can’t answer that confidently until I understand what someone plans to accomplish on LinkedIn.

If you’re unsure about whether you should put something on your profile, I suggest you start by asking yourself three questions…   

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Social Proof: What Are They Saying About You Online?

social proof

Whether it’s a hamburger or a computer, we are all looking for objective information (or social proof) to help us make our decisions.

Employers take the same approach when looking for the right candidate…   

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Hidden LinkedIn Features: A Treasure Trove for Success

hidden linkedin Features

Because LinkedIn has made quite a few changes recently, this is a good time to update my hidden LinkedIn features list. When I tell audiences about these features and tools, the reaction is typically… 

“I didn’t know I could do that on LinkedIn!”   

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LinkedIn’s Mobile App: Turn Wasted Time into Network Time


You’re sitting in your car or hanging out in their lobby or waiting room. What is the highest and best use of that few minutes prior to your meeting?

I suggest it’s using LinkedIn’s mobile app to check out the network of the person you’re meeting…   

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The New LinkedIn Profile and How to Make it Work for You

new linkedin profile

Can you believe it? LinkedIn has changed your profile AGAIN!

This is the second change in less than a year. And although the changes aren’t as far reaching as last year’s changes, there are some critical revisions you should make to address these changes…   

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LinkedIn Magic: How to Get to the Top of Search Results

linkedin magic

Is there some kind of LinkedIn magic required to get to the top of search results?

Well, I cannot tell a lie—getting to the top of search does involve some LinkedIn magic. Let me share some helpful tips with you now…   

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