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LinkedIn Benefits: How to Convince Your Boss it’s Not a Waste of Time

linkedin benefits

I’m thinking I should start a LinkedIn group called something like “My Boss Hates LinkedIn.” 

I’m speaking to those of you who have found ways to be more effective in your job using LinkedIn benefits, but perhaps your boss doesn’t support your efforts…   

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The New LinkedIn Habit for 2018 That Will Pay Big Dividends

new linkedin habit

I’ve decided to add my two cents about a new LinkedIn habit…

Always look at a person’s LinkedIn profile before you have a phone or job interview, informational interview, meeting, or phone call.   

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When It’s Time to Give Someone the LinkedIn Network Boot

linkedin network boot

Why should you give someone the LinkedIn network boot?

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but here are a few situations that might prompt you to take action…   

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In 15 Minutes a Day: A LinkedIn Routine that Gets Results

linkedin routine

“I only have 15 minutes each day. How can I can establish a solid LinkedIn routine that gets real results?”

This LinkedIn routine is quick, easy, and is sure to help you grow an impressive network that will lead to career success…   

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LinkedIn Profile Views: Where Are Yours Coming From (And Why Does it Matter)?

profile views

You get profile views (like potential customers stopping into your store) each and every day.

So why not take these visits seriously? Then engage in a conversation with at least some of your visitors?   

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How to Get LinkedIn Profile Views from the Right People

linkedin profile views

People on LinkedIn are consistently interested in learning how they can get LinkedIn profile views from the right people.

First, it’s important to identify what the “right” people would look like—in other words, determine who you actually want to meet…   

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