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4 Ways to Get the Most Value Out of Your Summer Internship

summer internship

We asked former Simply Hired interns to share their thoughts about how they got the most value out of their summer internship.

They came up with four key takeaways, which we share here…   

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Contacting Companies After Applying for the Job: Good Idea or Bad Strategy?

contacting companies

After applying for a job you really want, you might wonder what you can do to increase your chances of being noticed by the hiring manager. The good news is you can do more than just wait around and hope after sending your resume.

In many cases, contacting companies is considered a good idea, as long as you follow a few basic rules and don’t show you’re overeager.   

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Making the Grade: The ABCs of an Effective Cover Letter

effective cover letter

Cover letters are the bane of existence for many job seekers. It’s unclear if anyone reads them or what employers even expect from them, and the rules are always changing.

Used properly, however, an effective cover letter can be a huge asset to your job search…   

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Bad Interview Answer? Yes, You Can Recover and Still Win the Job

bad interview answer

How did this happen? You spent so much time preparing, had your suit dry-cleaned, rehearsed your interview answers with a friend. And still, you’ve just given a bad interview answer.

You might think it is over, but it’s not too late! Here’s how to recover from a bad interview answer…   

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Interview Language: Be Careful What You Say and How You Say it

interview language

If you’re not acing your job interviews, the words you use could be part of the problem. Fortunately, your interview language is fairly easy to fix.

Here are eight words to eliminate from the language you use during your job interviews… and why.   

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10 Powerful Headhunter Interview Tips That Will Help You Land the Job

headhunter interview tips

Every interview is different. But there are standard questions and interview tips that come up during most interviews.

We looked at advice from five different headhunters. Then we broke what they had to say down to these 10 headhunter interview tips that will help you land the job…   

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