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What You Need to Eliminate from a Good Cover Letter

good cover letter

A good cover letter spotlights a candidate’s strengths and how he or she would fit into an organization. Unfortunately, too many applicants fail to write a good cover letter, which generally can be attributed to these three reasons:

Not including enough information.
Including too much information.
Not including the right kind of information.   

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When Should College Students Start Job Hunting?

college students start job hunting

Senior year of college is an exciting and busy time, and it goes by fast. There is so much to do, and so little time to get it done. So when should college students start job hunting?

Early! Earlier than you think.   

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The Most Common Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself?

common interview question

You might dread it, but the “tell me more about yourself” question is more than the most common interview question. It is a critical moment of every job interview.

It’s also an opportunity to shine…   

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Should You Include Short-Term Jobs on Your Resume?

short-term jobs

In the current economic climate, it’s not unusual for people to take multiple part-time, contract, freelance or temporary jobs.

But should you include all those short-term jobs on your resume?   

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Trending Interview Question: How Can We Help You Succeed?

trending interview question

Staff retention is a major concern for managers and human resources professionals. The process of interviewing candidates for an open position and onboarding new staff members is a long and costly one. Institutional knowledge is a valuable commodity that employers want to retain. One trending interview question aimed at teasing out responses about candidate’s management preferences is: “How can we help you succeed?”   

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Three Factors That Negatively Impact Career Success

hurt career success

You come into work each day and do exactly what’s asked of you. Sometimes you even volunteer to work late so a project can be completed on time. Yet for some reason, you’re not working your way up the ladder as quickly as you’d hoped.

This is because there are other factors that go into career success besides effort…   

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