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Interview Language: Be Careful What You Say and How You Say it

interview language

If you’re not acing your job interviews, the words you use could be part of the problem. Fortunately, your interview language is fairly easy to fix.

Here are eight words to eliminate from the language you use during your job interviews… and why.   

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10 Powerful Headhunter Interview Tips That Will Help You Land the Job

headhunter interview tips

Every interview is different. But there are standard questions and interview tips that come up during most interviews.

We looked at advice from five different headhunters. Then we broke what they had to say down to these 10 headhunter interview tips that will help you land the job…   

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4 Post-Interview Actions That Will Help You Land the Job

post-interview actions

Regardless of how great your interview goes, you’re going to worry about the outcome. After all, you and the employer must consider many variables.

Luckily, there are four post-interview actions you can take not long after you leave the interview chair to help alleviate the uncertainty.   

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Last Minute Job Interview? Here are 7 Preparation Tips that Stop the Panic

last minute job interview

You’re looking for a job and get a call from a potential employer asking for an interview – tomorrow. The natural instinct is to drop everything and make it happen. Despite the feeling of panic over a last minute job interview, this instinct is absolutely right.

And with a 24-hour period, you have plenty of time to properly prepare…   

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How to Answer 30 Common Interview Questions with Just 3 Stories

common interview questions

If you look for advice on how to prepare for a job interview, you are likely to find a lot of lists.

What you won’t find is an explanation of what the job interviewer is really looking for when they ask those common interview questions…   

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7 Job Interview Questions that Ask: “Did I Get the Job?”

last job interview questions

What are the last job interview questions you should ask? The ones that ask: “Did I get the job?” Everyone tells you to ask for the job, but few people will tell you how. Many job seekers take a passive approach and just don’t bother asking. Trouble us, there are not many situations where a passive approach works well. In fact, it is often interpreted in a lack of interest in the job. Without becoming uncomfortable or too pushy, here are seven ways to ask one of the most important job interview questions: 1. Direct Approach “I’d really like to work for   

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