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Job Rejection: 3 Hard Lessons Learned from a Failed Job Search

job rejection

One of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced was not getting the job I wanted. I interviewed with a major publishing company and received the dreaded e-mail that it decided to move forward with another candidate.

That job rejection was especially hard to swallow because I thought I had done everything right…   

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How to Discuss Negative Job Experiences During an Interview

negative job experiences

When discussing your reasons for seeking new employment, speaking negatively about your previous roles will signify a red flag for the interview team.

So you have to find a way to frame these negative job experiences. After all, this is your opportunity to start fresh. Use this advice to refresh and reframe those negative job experiences.   

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The 3 Most Difficult Job Interview Questions for Young Professionals

difficult job interview questions

You’re eager to make a good impression, but you may not feel like you have much experience, either at interviewing or in your professional field. Most important, you may not yet have all the answers for difficult job interview questions.

But with a little preparation, you can be your best in any interview….   

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The Door Opener: How to Use Your Email Subject Line as a Mini-Resume

email subject line

To a recruiter or hiring manager you are an unknown correspondent, so your email subject line can make the difference between a careful reading of your message and instant deletion.

With e-mail, the subject Line is your attention grabber because it acts as your headline and your advertising pitch.    

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Critical Interview Question: “How Does this Role Contribute to the Success of the Company?”

critical interview question

There’s one critical interview question you can ask that will help you ace any interview. It’s a simple question. Straightforward. Non-specific. Not particularly exciting. But that’s also why this question is powerful.

“How does this role contribute to the success of the company?”

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The Panel Job Interview: Success is Yours with These 6 Tips

panel job interview

The panel job interview is becoming the standard for many corporations that need to interview a large number of applicants with maximum fairness and objectivity. While efficient, the process can be extremely intimidating for applicants.

After all, instead of needing to impress just one person, they will soon face a whole group of interviewers…   

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