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Job Interview Confidence: A Method to the Madness

job interview confidence

There’s a famous saying: “Act as if ye have faith, and faith shall be granted to you.” You could say the same about job interview confidence.

We all know we should exhibit confidence in job interviews, even when we’re not feeling confident. After all, it may mean the difference between getting hired or not..,   

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Professional Writing: To Stand Out, Sometimes it’s Hip to Be Square

professional writing

Plenty has been written to help you craft the perfect resume, cover letter or other job search documents. You can find a hundred articles to teach you all about keywords, experience sections, and achievement lists. This advice, if it’s solid, does gives you a leg up on the competition. Professional writing, however, is about more than using the proper format and pleasing the applicant tracking system.   

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How to Be Proactive About Student Debt Even BEFORE Graduation

student debt

Student debt is a growing concern in America. Many young people feel like they are forced to start their lives under an oppressive burden. It’s important to know you don’t have to wait until you graduate to begin taking steps to ease that burden.   

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4 Reasons Digital Natives are Born Ready to Compete Globally

digital natives

Millennials are the first generation with full access to the ever-expanding, global business community.

Technologies from social media and online networking, to video-teleconferencing and virtual collaboration tools, give young professionals an advantage that previous generations did not so readily enjoy: a job search without geographical limits.   

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