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9 Critical Skills Not on Your Resume (Yet)


How many times have you heard something like this in a rejection letter: “While your qualifications were impressive, this round of candidates was excellent.”

Against such competition, how do you win? What do you need on your resume to jump up into the “excellent” level?   

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It Would Be So Nice… if Dr. Seuss Gave Career Advice

Imagine if you can,
And if you can’t no one can,
What might happen if Dr. Seuss,
Helped build your career plan…

“Dr. Seuss, I am so far behind my peers, who seem to know what they want to do after graduation. How do I decide what career is right for me?”   

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You Finally Got Hired and The Gig Sucks… Now What?

Your Job Sucks

This job sucks!

It happens to everyone at some point in their career. You find a position that looks great on paper… has an exciting title… the description was full of responsibilities that looked engaging and fun. But in real life the job is everything but what you were sold, or expected…   

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What Does Your Job Hunt Have in Common with Super Bowl Commercials?

Super Bowl Job Search

About this time every year, big brands bring together the best minds in advertising. Their mission: to create one television commercial good enough to air during the Super Bowl of advertising: the Super Bowl.

To ensure they make the “Best of…” lists that appear on Monday, advertisers plug in as many pop references and celebrities as possible. After months of effort, the spots are presented to the “judges” on the world’s stage, 30 seconds (and $4.5 million) at a time…   

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It’s 2015: Do You Know the 5 NEW Job Search Basics?

The New Basics

“In this economy, what’s the one thing I need to do to stand out?”

As I speak on campuses around the country, that is the question I get more often than any other. And often, the answer expected is “finish your education” or “follow your passion.” But those well-worn cliches are never part of my answer…   

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The Power of New Year Realizations (Not Resolutions)

New Year

The start of a new year motivates many of us to make a fresh start… a deliberate attempt to change and improve our lives – and careers. And, of course, this leads to the creation of a new set of New Year’s resolutions.

Before you jump in and start making your list for 2014, I’d like to suggest a different approach…   

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