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What Are the Top 5 Job Interview Mistakes?


Sometimes we learn from our mistakes… sometimes we learn from the mistakes of others.

You can rise above your job search competition by learning the top 5 job interview mistakes we see them making right now…   

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Is Your Personal Branding Just Glorified Spamming?


Do yourself (and those recipients of your personal branding spam) a favor: take the time to determine what makes you unique, hireable and desirable. Also, take the time to discover the reasons why your job search isn’t going well.

Not sure how to begin? Do this…   

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YouTern’s #60Day Career Challenge: Will You Join Us?


Starting with tonight’s #InternPro chat on Twitter, YouTern is laying down a challenge:

In 60 days, become 100% ready to turn your dream career – or the next step in your career plan – into real-world reality.

It all starts tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT on #InternPro Chat. Roll up your sleeves. Put your work gloves on. Get ready to hustle – and be prepared to turn your career dreams into real world reality!   

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Your Resume is a Career Killer: Here’s the Real Reason Why

Context and Content

We hear it all the time…

“The economy still sucks. I’ve sent 50 applications and haven’t gotten one call.”

In many industries and some locations in the US, it is true: the economy still sucks. However, the cold-hard truth is that if you’ve sent 50+ applications and have generated no interest in you as a potential employee… something else sucks more than the economy…   

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Ten Aspects of Mentorship You Didn’t Know (But Should)

Yoda Mentorship

If you are a college student, recent graduate or young professional perhaps you’ve become aware that mentorship – and curating mentor relationships – has become a critical element in your career development.   

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Find the Best Fit: Follow The Five C’s of Internship Search

new career ahead

Congratulations… you’ve learned that securing an internship is vitally important to your career development, and are ready to take action.

However, how to obtain an internship that’s a good fit for you may be a bit unclear.

Incorporate the “Five C’s” of an Internship Search – and bring into focus what’s most important to your career.   

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