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25 Words and Phrases Job Seekers Must Avoid

25 Words and Phrases to Avoid

We all try to write the perfect resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Our goal: wordsmith something that will make us stand out among millions of job and internship seekers.

And yet somehow, those resumes, letters and profiles always seem to sound painfully similar; they drown in groupthink-inspired sameness…   

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30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

linkedin college

I received a question from a member of YouTern’s community, #InternPro:

“What do I put in my LinkedIn profile if I’m only a student? And what do I do there?”

In response, and because I know this isn’t the only person with this question, here are 30 things every student should be doing on LinkedIn right now…   

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Why Recruiters Ask The 5 Toughest Job Interview Questions

Toughest Job Interview Questions

During a job interview, there are five questions you must absolutely be ready to answer.

Why these five? Because recruiters and hiring managers have come to count on them as the best possible way to gauge your confidence, passion, sincerity and knowledge of the role for which you’ve applied as well as the mission of the company…   

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10 Things That Aren’t On Your Resume (But Should Be)

On Your Resume Or No

Many young careerists – even those with a couple internships under their belt – feel as though their resume and LinkedIn profiles are, for lack of a better word, lacking. And sometimes this is true – especially when you’re up against someone with three, five and even ten years of at least semi-relevant experience. In that case, how do you compete?

You compete – and win – by including on your resume the achievements, projects and assignments you may have overlooked, or chose not to put on your resume because they were short-term, campus-only related or “not a real job”…   

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12 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job or Internship

Reasons You Didn

You thought you nailed the interview – and you expected an offer. But the offer never came. The job or internship went to someone else.What went wrong? What happened that made the recruiter choose another candidate?

When trying to understand how we could get so close but come up empty, we tend to over-complicate things. The reality is that if you were a finalist for a job, and didn’t get the offer, the reasons are often quite simple – and fixable…   

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Overworked and Under-Appreciated? 6 Tips to Help You Work Smarter


On the one hand, junior professionals crave responsibility, and want all the experience they can get. On the other hand, as companies strive to do more with fewer resources, it is not uncommon to feel overworked, overwhelmed and under-appreciated.

When you’re starting to feel overloaded, keep these tips in mind for managing projects, priorities and higher-level managers…   

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