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Traditional Resumes: Soon To Be a Thing of the Past?


There was a time when a piece of a paper with all your past experience was the key to opening the door.

With some big companies opting for new approaches in their recruitment strategies, however; traditional resumes might be going the way of the CD-Rom…   

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How to Find and Score a Secret Job that Isn’t Even Listed

secret job

Searching for the perfect job takes a ton of effor. At the same time, staying motivated while you work to land the career of your dreams can drive even the most patient person crazy.

But what if you could score a secret job that wasn’t even listed yet?   

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6 Things Every Single Successful Job Seeker Eventually Does

every successful job seeker

There is something every successful job seeker must do while looking for a new job that will make the process easier.

You have to treat your job hunt like another job…   

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How to Complete an Effective Resume Update in Under 10 Minutes

resume update

If you’re not actively searching for a new gig, a resume update can seem like just another pointless task to add to your never-ending to-do list.

But even if you aren’t looking for a new job, there are perks that come with a resume update…   

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Freelance Jobs: 9 Unconventional Web Sites to Find Your Next Gig

freelance jobs

Anyone who seeking freelance jobs knows that being able to find consistent, quality work is pretty darn essential to, you know, not having to pull a Fantine from Les Mis. But finding freelance jobs can be hard, which is why good resources are always needed.

Luckily, now freelancers can find work because of a because of the many gig websites available…   

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15 Simple Side Hustles You Can Begin Today and Start Earning Money Tomorrow

side hustles

The thought of launching side hustles or starting a small businesses sounds a little intimidating. So it’s easy to run for the hills when you start making a mental list of all of these considerations. But don’t fear, friends!

If you have dreams of side hustles, there are plenty of routes you can take that don’t require a full business plan upfront.   

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