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Terrible Career Advice for New Grads: Beware These 10 Bad Tips

terrible graduation advice

We’re over half way through May. That means college graduations are in full throttle and there is a good chance you know someone who is about to leave the safety of school and start living in the real world. Of course, there are many gems of wisdom you can give new grads.

On the other hand, people tend to give terrible career advice far too often…   

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5 Common Work Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

work mistakes

To uncover some common work mistakes you might not even know you’re making, we talked with Dana Brownlee from Professionalism Matters.

She gave us five things to look out for so you can maintain your top-notch work cred…   

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Career Networking Events: The Five Types Always Worth Your Time

career networking events

Despite the awkwardness that usually comes with these career networking events, there’s an excess of events to choose from in every city. In fact, from happy hours to bowling matches to workshops, more networking events network pop up every day.

So how do you decide which events are worth your time?   

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Career Network Building: How to Avoid Being Invisible at Work

career network building

Having worked almost 30 years in the technology business, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing and inspiring people. It is easy for me to see that my network has gotten me to where I am today.

There was a time, however, that I really didn’t understand the importance of career network building…   

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7 Pieces of Bad Career Advice No Longer Relevant in Today’s Job Market

bad career advice

Career paths are not so linear today. Unfortunately, some people still hold onto outdated, bad career advice.

So if you hear any of these old-school career advice tips when you’re trying to find the right job — you might be better off ignoring them.   

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How to Ace Your Next Telephone Interview and Make a Great First Impression

telephone interview

As a stellar would-be employee, you want to sail through the interview process. But before you think that all you need is a knockout résumé and a killer outfit, think again.

Nowadays, there’s a step before the in-person interview: the telephone interview…   

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