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Is the Formal Cover Letter Even a Thing Anymore?

formal cover letter

You may be asking yourself if you really need to take the time to create a formal cover letter? The answer comes down to the type of job that you may be applying for. And, of course, where you are in your career currently.

Here are the two scenarios when using a formal cover letter is the right thing to do…   

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How to Effectively Handle Inappropriate Interview Questions

inappropriate interview questions

How should you tactfully deal with being asked an inappropriate job interview question, while maintaining your privacy and making a positive impression?

There are some key ways you can prepare for an interview and tackle even the more difficult interview questions…   

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Exaggerating Skills: The Dos and Don’ts of Elaborating on Your Resume

exaggerating skills

In some ways, exaggerating skills is a big no-no. However, there are certain aspects of your professional history that can and should be exaggerated a bit.

We’ve laid out clearly the dos and don’ts of exaggerating skills on your resume to help guide you through the writing process…   

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How to Overcome Your Job-Hopping Past and Get Hired


Don’t let a sketchy resume hold you back from your dream job.

The more you focus on what you can do for your new company, the more likely an employer will give you a chance to prove your worth – job-hopping or no job-hopping.   

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Job Search Networking: The Social Approach to Finding Your Next Job

job search networking

As you seek new job opportunities and apply to job postings you find online, you will find yourself clicking and submitting your resume into a variety of online application systems.

But did you also know that during that time many people found new jobs through simple job search networking?   

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Gain an Advantage: Learn to Craft the Perfect Resume Summary

perfect resume summary

After posting an open position, hiring managers don’t have time to review every resume that’s submitted. You can gain an advantage by learning to craft the perfect resume summary. Your summary statement is a brief paragraph placed at the top of a resume (but after your contact information) that states your qualifications for the job.    

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