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7 Ways to Present Yourself as the Best Candidate for the Job

best candidate for the job

A job search is a sales job. Your “product” is yourself. So your success depends on your ability to present yourself as the best candidate for the job you want.

So try to put yourself in the shoes of the employer or recruiter. Then use these seven ways to differentiate yourself as the best candidate…   

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How to Beat the Blues on Your Way to Job Search Success

job search success

It’s easy to get discouraged after working at a job search for a length of time with no apparent success. Job search success will come; it always does. But it never seems to come soon enough.

Here are some tips to help you beat the job search blues and keep your spirits up for the long haul…   

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New Graduates: 10 Steps to Help You Navigate Your First Job Search

first job search

Just graduated college? Ready to start your first job search? Put some extra effort in planning your first job hunt!

The first steps: researching where you want to work and, just as important, starting the professional network that will support your career for many, many years…   

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Google Job Search Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Better Results

google job search

Did you know that Google can be a powerful partner in your job search? It’s true. 

And some of the most successful job hunters use a Google job search to help them find potential employers, research those employers (financial stability, competitors, etc.), and separate the good opportunities from the not-so-good ones.   

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Job Search Progress: 6 Ways Keep Moving Forward Everyday

job search progress

Sometimes achieving job search progress feels like trying to run a marathon through waist-deep water. In other words, extremely difficult!

So how do you continue to make progress on your job search? Just follow these 6 simple steps…   

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The Stealth Job Search: How to Fly Under the Radar While Finding a New Job

stealth job search

A stealth job search can help you protect your job and your income. Employers, not surprisingly, tend to view a job-seeking employee as “disloyal,” not focused on their work, and a threat to company secrets, customer lists, etc.

So maintaining a low profile is the smart thing to do, even though it makes your job search a bit trickier…   

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