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Unqualified? Today’s Politics Teaches Us You Can Still Get Hired


Remember, just because you’re unqualified, doesn’t mean you can’t get the job. It just takes a little convincing. Today’s politics has taught us that.

So here are lessons we can all learn from The White House’s recent hiring decisions…   

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LinkedIn Performance: 7 Things You Should Be Doing (But Aren’t)

boosting linkedin performance

LinkedIn isn’t just an online resume, it is a social network and an online portfolio.

So isn’t it time to stop lurking and draw attention to your profile by actually boosting LinkedIn performance?   

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Job Search 101: Use Every Source Available to Uncover Job Opportunities

new job opportunities

Recruiters are branching out and trying new ways to attract candidates. From featuring pictures of employees having fun on the job to a-day-in-the-life interviews, companies are luring candidates by advertising new job opportunities in many places besides the job boards.

Why would a recruiter go the extra mile to post jobs in other places?   

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Data Science: The One Skill that Ensures Future Success

data science

What if there was one skill set you could acquire that would help you secure a new job across every industry and in almost any occupation? What if companies are screaming for employees with talent in this field and it doesn’t (yet) require a four-year degree.

That skill set: data science.   

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You Career Depends on Your Decisions: Be Careful What You Post Online

post online

Parents, students, politicians…take note. Anything you post online could cost you your future!

Whether it is tarnishing your credibility, losing a job, or rescinded admissions into college… there are consequences to what you post on social media sites…   

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The Talent Grab: How the Best Companies Fill Jobs in 2017

fill jobs

When you understand the different ways companies fill jobs, you can reverse engineer your job search and land a new job faster…really!

Invest more time where there is less competition…   

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