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10 Things Employers Want to See in Your Online Profile Images

online profile images

That’s right: your online profile images on social media can make a great first impression, or underwhelm the very person you’re trying to impress.

So the more attention you pay to your online profile images, the better chance you have to impress!   

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10 Great Employers Expectations of Every Top Tier Job Seeker

employer expectations

Applying for a new job? Be sure to take into account employer expectations.

Prospective employers seek the right candidates to improve their company. Your job is to show them that’s you…   

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Facebook Recruiting: How Job Seekers Get Noticed on Social Media

facebook recruiting

If you use Facebook to stay in touch with your friends and family, now there are new reasons to use it for your career and job search! According to Statista, 44% of US Facebook users report checking Facebook several times per day, far greater than the 10% of US LinkedIn users who sign in about once a day. More users logging in more frequently is exactly why recruiters have been turning to Facebook recruiting.   

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5 Simple Steps to a Dramatically Improved Job Search

improved job search

Are you in need of an improved job search? No one ever said a job search was easy. Honestly, it may be one of the toughest projects you work on! Would it help if I said that looking for a job is like running your own business? Both require vision, time management, a good product or service, a clearly defined message, salesmanship, and confidence! Oh, they require a plan too. It is quite difficult for one person to master all these skills. Yet, everyday new businesses are started and while many fail, there are many that thrive and reach amazing heights.

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Job Search Failure: 7 Reasons No One is Hiring You

job search failure

As I was clearing out my email yesterday, I was hit over and over again with reoccurring themes of “stuck in a rut”, “unable to find a job”, “no one wants to hire me” job search failure sob stories. If any of these shoes fit, get a new pair quickly. Better yet, share this with people you know. You may even need to highlight the areas they need to fix.   

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The Career Fast Track: 8 Ways to Drive Your Career Forward

career fast track

Getting stuck in a rut or falling asleep at the wheel are hazards drivers face, but they are also a danger to your career.

If you’re spinning your wheels on the career fast track, you’re not going anywhere…   

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