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Job Search Failure: 7 Reasons No One is Hiring You

job search failure

As I was clearing out my email yesterday, I was hit over and over again with reoccurring themes of “stuck in a rut”, “unable to find a job”, “no one wants to hire me” job search failure sob stories. If any of these shoes fit, get a new pair quickly. Better yet, share this with people you know. You may even need to highlight the areas they need to fix.   

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The Career Fast Track: 8 Ways to Drive Your Career Forward

career fast track

Getting stuck in a rut or falling asleep at the wheel are hazards drivers face, but they are also a danger to your career.

If you’re spinning your wheels on the career fast track, you’re not going anywhere…   

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Job Search Success: Pay More Attention to Good Cultural Fit

good cultural fit

You’ve found a job that interests you, so you research things like salary and benefits.

But what you really want to know is far more complicated: Are you a good cultural fit?   

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How LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Saves Time for Job Seekers

open candidates

Tired of your regular job and ready for a change?

Then you need to know about LinkedIn’s Open Candidates function…   

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4 Reasons You Must Have Strong LinkedIn Recommendations

strong linkedin recommendations

We live in a networked world in which relationships and reputations matter. Strong LinkedIn recommendations validate your reputation based on the endorsements from people who have seen your work in action.   

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Write Better Emails and Communicate Better with These 7 Tips

write better

Your writing and communication style is the first impression you make.

So it’s time to polish your skills and craft write better emails and communicate better in general…   

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