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Boost Your LinkedIn Presence with a Media Rich Profile

media rich profile

Company websites and commercials contain customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and visual proof of their products. You can too!

Here’s how to build a media rich profile on LinkedIn…   

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Networking: The Slow but Steady Path to Your Next Job

next job

You’ve heard the saying “slow but steady wins the race”. Well, networking is a slow but steady process. It may not feel like the fastest route to your next job, but it is certainly the most effective. Networking requires you have some patience as you reconnect with friends and build new relationships.   

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Tapping the Job Search Power of an Employee Referral

employee referral

Are you tired of your application falling into a black hole? Want a better way to communicate with a potential employer and secure an interview?

Then you need to earn an employee referral!   

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What You Need to Know About a Modern Job Search

modern job search

Jobvite, a recruiting platform, has released their “2018 Job Seeker Nation Study.” This study contains information about what job seekers want and what they did to secure a new job.

Let’s take a close look at the data, and see what it might mean to your job search…   

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Digital Housekeeping: How to Clean Up Your Online Presence

digital housekeeping

It’s time to do some digital housekeeping!

After all, future employer will look at your social media profiles. And the information from your social media could sway their decision…

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Show, Don’t Tell: How to Clearly Demonstrate Skills During a Job Search

demonstrate skills

Showing a picture is better than trying to explain something- at least most of the time. It’s easy to tell someone you can do the job, but when you demonstrate skills, you paint a picture that shows your value.   

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