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‘Twas the Night Before (an Intern’s) Christmas


‘Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the house,
My computer wasn’t stirring, not even its mouse.
My resume was uploaded, into YouTern with care.
For the spring and summer internships I soon would find there.   

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Pop Culture Career Philosophy: “Go That Way… Really Fast”

Dave Ellis

I have but one philosophy in life: “One can quote an appropriate movie line to fit pretty much any situation.”

From blockbusters to low-budget “B-movies” nobody should spend too much time on, I find pearls of wisdom that perfectly fit real-life – and share them freely. I call it “pop-culture philosophy”…   

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Job Search Tune-Up: Are You Ready for an Employer Test Drive?


Would you buy a car based only on what the sticker says? On what the salesperson tells you?

No, you wouldn’t! While relying on your experience to guide your decision, you would take into consideration every single thing that’s important to you before you made an offer. For recruiters trying to find just the right person to fill a job opening… the process of selecting the best candidate works the same way.    

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What Advice Would Steve Jobs Give to Today’s Interns?

When talking internship advice the other day, I remembered an interesting post by Carmine Gallo in Entrepreneur called, “Steve Jobs and the 7 Rules for Success”. In that piece, Gallo provided a synopsis of the seven rules Jobs lived by during his run as an entrepreneurial magician.

And then I thought: what if Jobs (an intern himself early in his career) presented these same seven rules for success to those just starting their summer internships?   

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Interns: It’s Time to Make Your Own Way in the Workplace


In days gone by, after your internship you would not only how to make good coffee, you would be worthy of a top spot as a barista at any Starbucks.

But that’s the internship stereotype of the past, when an internship was often regarded as a peon position… a person on whom to dump your unwanted tedious projects and your errands. Now, I say “of the past” because in recent years interns have made strides into becoming recognized as valuable contributors and resources well above and beyond their coffee-making, photocopying, and filing skills…   

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Informational Interviews: Still Powerful, Still Ignored

Informational interviews

I just arranged an interview for you at a fantastic company in the industry you’re looking to work. I should mention, though: the employer does not have a job to offer you.

At this point in your job search, it may seem odd to interview where a position doesn’t even exist. What do you stand to gain? Why should you go if you should not ask for, nor will you likely be offered, a job?   

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